Kyy manan together forever (Episode 2)


At delhi airport
All four came out of airport and suddenly a lady came to them she was wearing a green dress with silver embroidery on it,she left her hairs open with green heels she looks very graceful
Lady:hello beta i am nyonika malhotra welcome to india
All were hell surprised by her gesture but they responsed well
All said together:thanks aunty
Abhi:aunty if you don’t mind may i ask a question
Nyonika:sure u don’t need any permission.U r like my kids

Abhi:yeah sure Abhi:we never came to india then how u can recognize us?
Nyonika with a beautiful smile:like i said u r like my kids so it was easy for me to find my kids. Now letsgo to home u must be tired after all it was along journey
All left the air port in 2 cars
1car:Nyonika on driving seat,nandu on front seat while navya on back

2car: driver on driving seat while abhi and aryaman on back
Soon they reach a very big,beautiful MALHOTRA MANSION DELHI
They came out of their cars and went inside the mansion the servents brought their luggage from car nyonika ordered them to put their luggage on their respective rooms then she said to four of them to go and get fresh and come for dinner and then she again order her maid to show them their rooms
maid shows nandini a room which is the second room of the row,third room is give to navya while on the opposite row frist room which is opposite to empty room is given to arayman, second opposite to nandini is empty while third one is given to abhi All entered their rooms and completely mesmerized by the beauty of room,all room were very big.they came to hall in almost 20 min.Nyonika took them to dinning table and asked them to sit they started the dinner she asked about them frist of all arayman spoke

Arayman:I’m arayman murthy,I’m in 2 year in college in u.s. i love to play keyboards and that’s all
Nyonika: interesting and u
pointing toward nandini
Nandini: I’m nandini murthy.I’m in 1year and i play gutair well I’m also a vocalist .
Navya:I’m navya navali.bestie of nandini,I’m in 1 year and i play drums
Abhi:I’m abhimanyu murthy,i am neurologist work in U.S but now i will work in Mumbai
Nyonika’s mobile ring’s she recive call and get tense.she ends call without saying any thing
Nandini sense her tension and asked is everything alright u look tense

Nyonika:yes of course….. actually not my kids were supposed to come this night but they can’t come due to some emergency in UK with my husband.i am sorry.I through u all will roam around Delhi and have fun but they will come direct in the party. But don’t worry i will make sure that u enjoy the most
Nandini:aunty don’t be upset. It ok, it happens sometimes, may be it is important so don’t worry
Navya: yeah aunty, we will go out with u and meet our childs someother time
Nyonika: ok but please don’t call me aunty u can call me mom,maa nandini:okay we will call you maa but smile now u look beautiful while smiling

All nod in agreement with smile and went for sleep
In nandini’s room

Nandini took her scarf from bag and start talking to her mom
Nandini:mom i miss u so much why did u left me and both bhaii,don’t u miss us,u know what nyonika aunty asked us to call her mom i don’t know but i feel u in her presence she was so worried about her kids they have a happy family,i always consider chacha chachi as my parents.Suddenly she realize that they haven’t call them since they came to india she picks her mobile and ran towards abhi’s room

Credit to: Moazama Sohail

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  1. Very nice episode loved it

  2. Rohama Maghfoor

    OMG. … . Soooo azamiing story

    1. Moazama Sohail

      Thank you so much ruhi

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  4. Awesome, nice …so looks like nyonika has positive role in this story. …very interesting story. …lovely dialogues. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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