Kyy manan together forever (Episode 19)


Nandini leaves manik’s room and he smiles at her recalling today’s happenings
Nandini comes to navya
Nandini : I am tired so I am going to sleep ….. Bye
Nav: OK … Bye … I will come after some time
Nan : acha
Nandini leaves malhotra mansion
Rest every one enjoys the movie except manik who was busy in his room searching something in his laptop
In nandini’s room she sits on the bed and thinks plan about her sorry suddenly something hits her and she gets up in Excitement and start unpacking a bag
In manik’s room he was doing something in his laptop suddenly a smile appear on his face
Manik : atlast I found ……
It was nandini’s fb account
Manik : may be now I get some information about that handsome
He checks pictures and find a lot of peoples with her .. He saw every picture carefully observing her expressions….. People around her which seems to be her friends
Manik : in his way I can never find any thing about that handsome…. I think I should check friend listHe opens friend list ….. To his surprise he find only few males which were Indian but residents of US and was totally unable to figure out any thing
Manik : what the hell is this ??? Why r u so desperate to know about that handsome …. And what kind of name is this
He kept his laptop on side in frustration and walked into his balcony …. He saw lights of a room in murthy’s mansion r on
Manik thinks : every one is here then who is there
Just then he saw a shadow on curtain which seems to be a girl who was doing something …. Her hairs were tied in a bun
Manik : it must be nandu… Let me call her
He call her in no time she picks
Nandu : hello
Manik : what r u doing at this hour??
Nandu : nothing just sleeping
Manik : seriously
Nandu : yeah
Manik : don’t lie … I know u rdoing some thing
Nandu : yes …. I am doing something …… Plz I am busy ….. See u tommarrow…… Bye
Manik : tiny ….
Before he could speak any thing she cuts the call …
Next day in collage
Nandini is sitting in canteen with navya when manbir , drulya comes an sits besite them
Nandini : where is mukti and piya
Manik : I haven’t seen them from last night
Cabir : actually u both don’t know when u were not home then it happened
Flash back
Manan stuck in music room
All others r at malhotra mansion
Abhi gets a call after the call
Abhi : ayraman …. In morning we have to go to dehradun for some bussniss party it is really important and we need partners too
Piya excitedly : dehradun …… Can I come….. Plz
Abhi : thanks kiddo …… U can come as ayraman’s partner and I still need partner
Piya : Bhai u can take mukti di she also want to go there
Abhi : OK I will ask … Where is she
Piya : in kitchen
Abhi went to kitchen
Abhi : I am going to dehradun for busniss party any one want to join me
Navya :well I am not interested
Mukti :I can come I like to roam in dehradun
Abhi : OK then packs ur bags we r leaving tommarrow 5 am
Flashback ends
Nan : u should have told me na …. I also join
Druv : now leave it ….. Tell me what about ur bans for musicana
Navya : once ayraman comes back we will decide…… I think we should add piya too
Nan: good idea …. When we have to register our bands
Manik : in five days
Nan : OK guys …. I have to go
Alya : wait …. I have an idea …. Why don’t we all live these two days at our place
Navya : good …. Else it is full boring program
Nandu: OK we will come …. Cabir can u tell me the way to library
Cabir : sorry nandini ….. But this is manik’s duty to entertain u
Cavya giggle
Nandini leaves with out saying anything manik follows her
Manik : Nandini
She stops… manik drags her to a corner
Nan : what is this??
Manik : nandu this is how r say sorry ….. By ignoring
Nan: this is not sorry …. Have Patience monster …. Every good thing needs time
Manik comes close to her : OK I will wait till then. Come I will show u the way to library
Nandu : thanks but no thanks I am not going to library I am going home … Come with me
Manik: why home
Nan: we r going to alya’s house so we need some stuff and today’s lectures r also done
Manik : we always have there
Nandu : let’s go na
Manik: OK
Both leave for murthy mansion
Nandini : manik first urs house or mine
Manik : mere q
Nandini : OK first yours
Manik : but why ??
Nandini comes out and dragg manik with her
Manik : Nandini ….. Listen
Nandini stops suddenly and manik keep walking so he hits her
Nandini turns : u ask too many questions ….. It is just matter of 5 mins …… Now just shut up and just follow me
Manik : why would I ??
Nandini : OK
And start walking toward her house manik looks on surprisingly and Nandini turns
Nandini : baad ma mat kehna k sorry nahi bola
Start walking again …Manik runs toward her holds her hand
Manik : OK …. No question
Nandini smiles and dragg him toward backside
Manik is surprise to see the view
His mouth is opened
Manik’s painting is kept in a side with a big bouquet
Manik : wow ….. Beautiful
Nandini : I made it
Manik: seriously ….. Tum ko painting bi aati ha and that’s too perfect
Nandini : yeah …. But it is first time I made someone’s
Manik : when u made it
Nandini : when u called me last night …. I just started
Manik in surprise : u mean u took whole night
Nandini : yeah
And handovers the bouquet of red roses
Nan: sorry …..
Manik : this is just a sorry …… I mean u put too many efforts …… Just for a sorry
Nan: yeah ……am I forgiven
Manik : I already forgive u …… I just wanted to know about ur sorry Nandini hits him
Nandini : and I also want to say thanks for saving my life …… I know its not enough but thanks a lot
Manik : OK …… Let’s settle scores
Nandini : how
Manik : u played my gutair and played prank on me ……. So this is sorry for that
Nandini : OK
Manik : now thanks left …….
He comes close to her holds her by waist ..Hardly any distance left between them .. Nandinis heart beat raise which can clearly hear Manik smiles at her response…. Manik comes near her ears
Manik : I want some thing from u
Nandini nervously: what
Manik : u can’t step back ….. As its my right ……
Nandini : OK….. T… Tell .. M… Me
Manik leaves her
Manik : I will ask on right time
Nandini relifes
Manik : come let’s go get ur stuff
Nandini leaves to get stuff manik looks at his painting and smile reminding her reaction he kept painting and bouquet in his room and leaves



Credit to: Moazama Sohail

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