Kyy manan together forever (Episode 18)


Manan walking on road a car comes toward nandini but she does not notice manik pull her on time. Both fell on road nandini is above manik her face is coverd with hairs she tries to get up but manik pulls her again he pins her hairs behind her ears
Nandini :monster we are getting late
Manik leaves her both gets up and compose their selves
Manik: r u blind ….cant u see car coming
Nandini ; stop scolding me …. Nothing happened na
Manik; tum ko darr nahi lagta kaya????
Nandini; no …tum sath ho to darr kesa
Manik raise his eye brow nandini realize what she said
Nandini ; vo vo I mean u save me na … that’s why …lets go na I am hungry how we will go home we donot have mobiles to call some one and I cannt walk now
Manik; tiny u have to walk till that lights from there we can eat something and hire a cab …we donot have other option
Nandini ; ok ..fine
Manik ; can I ask u a question
Nandini ; just ask u donot need permission
Manik; how many years u lived in US
Nandini ; almost 13 years when I was 4 years old
Manik; how many times u came to india
Nan; this is frist time
Man; why
Nan; we want to come but chachi never let us come
Man; when u lost ur parents
Nan; when I was 9 ….they came to india as they came evey year to some malhotra’s for some bussniss they r also relatives to us I think …when my parents came to india they died in an accident …maasi came to us then and she told chachi not to let us come india untill she tell them to send us I overhear their conversation but did not tell anyone about this u r the first person maybe last …now suddenly she called us and we r here
Man; strange

Nan; yeah but true ….
Man; we reached I think first we should go for dinner then home …..what say
Nan; not a bad idea and we have to plan something for cavya too
Man;yeah I have an idea
Nan; what
Man; come first eat some thing then I will tell u
Manan went a hotal they order food for them and discuss random topics
Man; so….this is our first date
Nan; stop flirting
Man;iam not flirting ….just give a look….. just u and me dinner date ….light music …..lights…..full moon night …..stars
Nandini blushes
Man; and u r blushing too
Nan ; I am not blushing
Man ; oh seriously
He gets up from his chair comes toward her forward his hand
Man; may I have a dance with u on this non planed date
Nandini looks at him in surprise
Nan; r u kidding me
Man; well…… no

Nandini gives her hand in his hand they went on stage (khamoshiyan plays in back ground)manik’s left hand inon nandini’s waist and with right hand he held her hand while her other hand is on manik’s arm both dance lost in each others eyes finally he spin her and lean her ……their dance ends they share an eye lock which is broken by claps of people around them they feel embrace and walk toward their table
Nandini; so this was my sorry
Manik;not accepted
Nandini make puppy face; why??
Manik; because I offered u
Nandini ; oh …so this is like that ok I will say sorry tomorrow
Waiter comes and serves the food ….after the dinner the same waiter comes again with a red rose bouquet
W; sir here is ur bill and fortune cookie and bouquet for ma’am
M; thanks for the bill and cookie and why bouquet of ma’am
W; for ur dance
manik; makes a puppy face ; even I dance with her
n; ok u keep the bouquet and gine me bill I will pay
M; why…as a sorry
N ; my sorry is not like that it is just to pay for prank I played on u
M ; as u r new to india and our first dinner so I will pay and u made dinner for us an so score settle and about prank I told u if u impress me by music then no payback for prank
N ;fine
Manik pays the bill
W ; thank you sir for coming and u make a good couple
N; we r not a couple …..just friends
Waiter leaves

M; calm down …. Don’t tell me u want to punch him even…. for saying this
N; lets go na we r late it is 9 pm
Manik; what about revenge
N; u said u have a plan
M; yeah I have a super plan and I am sure it will definitely work….will u be my partner in plan
N; if u tell me plan only then na…
M; oh han ….so here is the plan
He tells her the plan which is mute then both leave in a cab
M; as plan first navya
Both enter in murthy mansion from window but find none they check every room but find the whole mansion empty
N; where is every one
M; I only came with u na ….how will I know ????
N; I think they r at ur place
M; lets go
N; no ….i just come then we will go
Saying this she went to her room manik follows her
M; so this is ur room ….nice
N ; give me ur land line no
M; why
N;monster I will call there and confirm na that they r at home or went some where
Manik tells her the no she calls a servent picks
N; is any body at home
S; yeah every one except manik sir
N;ur neighours are also there
S; yes but who r u ??
Manik snatch phone from her
M; what r they doing
S; manik sir ….they r watching movie
M ; open back door and donot tell any one about phone or door ….got it
S; yes sir
They ends the call

Manik; so our plane is change from seprate to combine
both leave for malhotra mansion ,enter from back door and sits beside cabir and navya
nandini speaks in low voice in navya’s ear and manik speaks in cabir’s ear
navya to cabir; I think I am missing nandu a lot that I can hear her
cabir ; I think I am missing manik I can hear manik’s voice
manik give signal to the servant and he turn on the lights
cabir shouts; who turn on th lights
he turns and see manik and navya turn to see nandini both cavya screams together
manan give them i-will-kill-u-look
cabir ;navya run
both start running and manan following them rest r confused atlast manan catch
cavya and tie them with chairs as they planed nandini bought smilie balls and both start hitting cavya
cabir; stop it yaar ……
navya ; why r u doing this
man; seriously ……u did not told me that sir want us to lock in music room
nan; navya I did not expect this from u
cavya ; what r u talking ????
nan; how ask u to call us
both spoke together
navya ; peon
cabir ; sir
both look each other

navya ; a peon ask me to call manik to music room I don’t know about nandini
cabir ; sir told me to call nandini and I also don’t know about manik
nan; cabir don’t lie
cabir ; I am not lieing
nan; and navya u too don’t lie
navya ; I am not lieing
nan; cabir if u don’t know about manik then why u took my phone to call manik ….and navya if peon ask u too call manik then why u took his phone to call me
cabir ; smart u understood
navya; actually it was ur plan to make u friends but how u came out
manik; u forgot to lock window behind the poster
nan; why u wanna make us friends we r already
cabir ; actually we thought u will understand each other and then fight less when only we can concentrate on music look in one day u fought in canteen , music room , and in front of princi office is it less
manik ; and u think I very first day we will understand each other
mukti; cabir u did wrong
alya ; yeah I also agree
ayraman ; navya u did this alone I cant belive
druv; yeah u should inform us na ….we to take a part
abhi ; and u all enjoyed the whole drama all alone
piya ; I am surprised u passed 5 hours together and both of u r fine ….i mean I thought nandini would have hitted bhaii so hard that he supposed to be hospitalized
nandini ; he is not that bad ……. Actually it was eventfull time
manik is overwellmed with nandini’s words
alya ; what event full u did
nandini ; when the door is locked we fought then we tried to get another way but fail then I was getting bore iasked him to play music but he made me play then praised me for the music
fab4 almost shouted ; praised
manik hits his head with hand
manik; so what she sings so well
nandini ; I know I sing well but I don’t know how u sing ????
manik; what is so hurry ….u will get to know later
alya ; then what happened
nandini ; then I saw window we came out and manik saved me from car
abhi ; what
nandini ; relax nothing happened then we went to eat and planed for cavya and we r here
navya ; nice story ….. now can we continue our movie
every one start watching movie again manik drag nandini to his room
nandini; what happened now
manik ; u tell me why didn’t u mention dinner date and dance
nandini ; do u want to get teased by ur friends
manik; no and why they will tease me
nandini hits his head ; stupid they reacted that much on praise then think how will they react on dinner and dance plus bouquet scene and I don’t want to get teased any more
manik ; smart
nandini ; I know
she leaves and he smile thinking her


Credit to: Moazama sohail

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