Kyy manan together forever (Episode 17)


Fab4 along with ayraman ,nandini and piya comes to parking
Cabir take Nandini a side
Cabir : Nandini plz give me ur phone I want to call manik actually raguv sir call u both in music room ….. U go he is waiting there I will call manik and handover ur phone to navya
Nandini gives her phone to cabir and moves toward music room
Inside college
manik was walking in corridor navya came running
Navya shouting :manik…. Manik
Manik turn :why r u shouting …. And what r u doing here whole college left
Navya : stop shooting ur question give me ur mobile … Actually my phone is off due to battery low I have to call nandu
Navya :sir called u in music room urgently hewant to tell u something U go fast sir is waiting , I’ll call nandu to come
She snatch manik’s phone and walks away
Manik : full on dramabazz
Manik went to music room after some time Nandini came
Nandini : where is sir ??
Manik : there (Pointing toward empty chair ) stupid can’t u see he haven’t came yet

Nan: let’s go to his office
Man: OK
Both move to ward door Nandini tries to open but fails manik laughs on her
Manik ??? : the girl who punched a man can’t open a door
Nandini :u try na
Manik tries but fails
Nandini : I think some one locked it
Outside the room cavya pass smirk because they have locked the room and leave
Manik : call some one for help
Nandini: u call why I call???
Manik : I can’t …. Because navya took my phone
Nandini’s opens her mouth , hits her head , manik is confused by her action
Manik : what happens
Nandini : monster ….. We fell in trap .. Navya I swear once I came out of this room no one can save u
Manik is hell confused : trap???
Nandini :cabir told me that she called and to call u he took my phone… Whole college is empty we can’t contant any one because we do not have source
Manik ??: cabir is dead …. For that we have to get ut of here
Nandini : idea ……
Manik :what
Nandini: break the door
Manik : I have even better idea
Nandini: tell me
Manik opens the window and looks down but find none he shout ‘guard’ but no use
Nandini laughs
Nandini:no one will come to help us we have to help our selves as I heard “god help those who help themselves ”
Manik : it is nursery’s story ….. Do u believe in that
Nandini : but our condition is same …. I don’t want to spend night here
Plz break the door
Manik tries hard but fails
Manik : tiny we don’t have other option ….. So we have to stay here by morning
Nandini sits on a table which is the only available thing except of musical instruments
Nandini dozes :manik u r so boring with in 15 mins with u I feel sleepy
Manik: sleep….. I will get piece
Nandini : u r boring but these instruments are not ….. I heard u r a vocalist of fab 5 then entertain me
Manik gets up from the chair moves toward Nandini , pins her to nearby wall and block her way with his hands … Nandini scares by manik’s sudden action , manik come close to her
Manik : enough…. Miss tiny …. I am not ur servent who entertain u ….. What u did to me sometime back …. Now its time to pay back
Nandini : in ur dreams
Saying this she moves her hands to push manik …. But he hold her both hands and Tie them she was touching her chest
Manik : don’t scare ……. U did ur prank in front of ever one… U will see my prank in same way ….. But for now u show me ur talent by playing music
He leaves her
Manik : I give u a chance to save ur self …. If u impressed me by music and able to match my tune then u r free from any prank
Nandini confidently : I bet u u will be speechless
Manik : I like ur confidence ….. Let’s see
Nandini : I will play ur gutair ….. As I love to trouble u
Manik : OK ….. But if u lose u have to pay for too
Nandini : every thing is accepted I will sing my favourite song ….. U r lucky because for only few people I sing this song
Manik : thanks for considering me one of them
She took manik’s gutair and playsShe pays tune and sings
Yeh safar ha k katta nahi
Tanha tanha guzarta nahi
Ishq e mamnoon ha phir bhi
Yeh dil ishq karne se darta nahi
Kin khayalon main khoi rahu
Phir umeedon se jurti chalun
Kash is dill ki ek na suno
Ishq e mamnoon ishq e mamnoon

Phool kaliyon sa yeh man khila
tum se mil k ma khud se mili
Yun late k navya ha safer
Han purana ha pr silsila
Mera arman ho mera janoon
Chal park to ma phir na ruku
Tere pehlu main aa ay sukoon
Ishq e mamnoon ishq e mamnoon

Boond main ek samndar sa ha
Do Dillon main ek samandar sa ha
Ishq bin mangay mil jaay to
Kahin ruthe na muqader mera
Farz ho apne ma khud hi chunu
Phir Jo kehta ha bus won karu
Ishq ka rasata na chunu
Ishq e mamnoon ishq e mamnoon

She finishes her song and looks up and find manik some where lost
Nandini : monster
Manik came out of thoughts
Manik: han
Nandini: how was it ???
Manik : I want to ask u
Nandini: ask na
Manik : how many more shades u have
Nandini: what ???
Manik : in pool u were scared like a kid … In party u were looking awesome….. U were emotional ….. U cook yummy food ….. U match my every step in dance … I mean u dance perfect ….. Then harshad scene …. u hitted harshad which none did before …… U messed with me …… And make me dance on ur tunes …… Cherry on the top u r not scared of me not even a bit …. And now I sing such beautiful song and more over make me praise u
Nandini blushes at the compliment manik move toward her hold her by her waist Nandini is moved by his touch her body shivers and manik feels her nervesness he move closer to her …. Her heart beat raise
Nandini : manik
Manik : oh u called me manik
Nandini tries to free her self but his grip was tight …. He tighted even more
Nandini : we can go out of this room
Manik :how ??
Nandini : if u leave me…… Only then I can show u
Manik : first say sorry for the prank
Nandini : Sorry
Manik : this is how u say sorry Nandini : no…. But I can not do any thing
Manik : so tell ne how u say sorry
Nandini : I only say sorry to chacha , chachi , abhiman, navya and handsome
Manik : handsome
Nandini : forget it ……my sorry is not easy … Its precious
Manik : even my acceptance is much worthly
Nandini : OK leave me na only then u will get my sorry
Manik : my acceptance is also necessary
Nandini : u won’t resist
Manik : challenge???
Nandini : according to record I won challenge ans bets … So u must think
Manik : any thing for u
Nandini : seriously
Manik : no …. My tongue slipped
Nandini : ok tommarrow I wills at sorry …… But now its time to take navya’s and cabir’s class
Manik leaves her Nandini shows manik a poster.. behind which has a window she opens and both leave
Out of the college
Nandini : how we will go home manik
Manik : manik sounds good if u say
Nandini : OK monster
Manik makes faces
Manik : acha … Now we spent some good time time I offer u the most rare thing
Nandini curiously : what
Manik : not now some other time
Nandini hits him and he laughs
Both walk on isolated road a car come from back with high speed toward Nandini ….

Credit to: Moazama Sohail

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