Kyy manan together forever (Episode 16)


Cavya talking about MANAN
Navya :what’s the plan
Cabir smile evilly
Cabir : I have a plan …. It will surely work …
Navya :what is ur plan
Cabir tells her something which is mute
Both smile evilly
Navya:ok….its a good plan
Cabir : give me ur contact number I will call u at night then we decide what to do tommarrow…… But for now do not let them talk about it
Navya: OK … Let’s go else they will doubt
Cabir :OK ….. But I think we should get something from canteen as an excuse
Both leave for canteen

Jam room
Manik :so this is fab5 jam room
Naandini :nice
She make a around in room and picks manik’s gutair
Manik :evey thing in this room is allowed except of this gutair….. Its mine
Nandini ?now I will play only this
Manik :u can’t
Nandini: then stop me …. First catch me
She star running and manik follows her
Manik :plz Nandini ….. Give it back … In return i will do what ever u want
Nandini stops raise her eyebrow :any thing
Manik nod in agreement ,
Nandini :promise
Manik :yeah …… Manik malhotra never back off
Nandini :oh so this is like that ….. but i bet one day play same guitar and u will offer me by ur self
Manik: for ur information I never ever lose a bet or accept no as an answer
Nandini: same here ….. Now we have to see who wins
Manik : for the first time I met someone who dares to challange me
Nandini :OK …… Now come to present where u have to do what I say
Manik :what I have to do ???
Nandini :good question…… I am new in Mumbai and I want to explore Mumbai and I want u to do shopping with me and……. And ….. Rest we will decide later …..
Manik: is k ilawa bhi kuch ha
Nandini: this is just a start …. Say agree
Manik : agree
Nandini return gutair to manik :I just bring my bag then we will go
Manik: now
Nandini: any problem
Manik :problem hi problem hai ….. We have classes now
Nandini : I can cover without attending my class….. Can’t u
Manik pulls her and hold her by her waist and play with her hairs : miss tiny…… I can but think its ur first day ….. U will not attend ur classes …… How bad impression on professors …… Remember first impression is last one
Nandini push manik :OK we will leave after classes
Manik: OK tiny let’s go to classes
Both went to jam room everyone was already there
Mukti: thank god u r here ….. We have combine classes from now …. Till musicana which is 2 months away ….. We have to practice as bands as well as partners …because space is host this time …. Plus fab5 and the other winning team will perform on musicana opening night … Partners will be decided by professor raghuv
Manik to Nandini : jao na Mumbai ki sarr karne …. U can cover without attending classes na
Nandini looks at manik with full anger
Cabir : how u came to know

Multi :it is written in notice board with bold letters
Peon comes
Peon : professor is waiting for u in auditoriumAll move toward auditorium
Professor : welcome welcome….. Ur late like always
Cabir :we r here na ……. Late or not does it matter
Pro : why to waist time in argue with u ….. U must have seen notice board ……. Musicana is near register ur bands and I will tell u partners but first let me clear one thing … No exchange in partners and no argue ….. Follow ur directed, no teasing, no class banging and last but most important I beg of u plz plz no pranks in these two monthes
Fab5 :this can’t happen ….
Cabir :no pranks no entertainments
We can’t do this
Manik :OK sir ! We agree
Fab4 give him what-the-hell look
Pro :OK now I will make partners
Cabir u go with…….. Navya
Cabir :sir thanks ….. For the first and last time I agree to u
Pro: no need of ur thanks
Alya u go with druv
Multi u go with mady
Piya u with …
Ayraman : leave her first my turn plz
Pro : u spoke at good time
U go with piya
Manik u go with Nandini
Cabir :wrong decision
Pro :how ??
Cabir : sir … Yeh dono lar lar k ek dosre ko kha jayain gy
Pro :it is already decided…. No objection….. Now leave

All came back to jam room accept of Nandini
Navya :where is nandu
Manik : tiny … She must be enjoying
Manik mobile beep he check its nandini’s msg
Nandini : come out of room… Tahe 10 steps in right and enter in calss …. U have no option as u said u will do what ever I say
Manik excuse him self and went out after some time both came together
Manik :hi
His mobile beeps he reads the msg
Manik :I was thinking we should give party to navni for their punch
His phone beeps angain he reads the msg
Manik : we r not giving party to navni
His mobile beeps again he reads the msg
Manik : i think we should give icecream party
Again phone beeps again reads msg
Manik : icecream party is bad idea
Again phone beeps again reads
Manik :I think we should give toffee party
Every one’s mouth opens with shock
Again phone beeps again reads
Manik :I will bring icecream for all
Again phone beeps again reads
Manik :I will bring icecream only for Nandini
Again phone beeps again reads
Manik : let’s do pranks
Manik :no… tiny u play my gutair
Nandini plays
Every one is confuse but Nandini is trying hard to control her laugh
Nandini stands :enough …. Manik that’s OK …..
Every one revive a notification and it is the same video of manik
Cabir :what is this manik
Piya :this is not bhaii
Alya :druv book a bed in asylum … Manik needs it
Mukti : guys I think he is not in his control
Navya turns to Nandini : nandu it is u na
Nandini : yeah …. Manik what will u say now”no one can control manik malhotra ”
Cabir : in believable …. She took manik’s control in one day only
Manik : u have to pay for this
Nandini : shok se Lena badla
Cabir : we used to play pranks on other ….. Now some one plays pranks on us and we cant do anything
Manik goes to Nandini : its not over yet
Nandini: its just a start monster…. U lost ur bet and I won like always and where it is the matter “I have never taken no as an answer ” it will soon change
Manik : in ur dreams
Alya : Nandini how u did this ??

Flash back :
Nandini msg manik and manik went out …. He went yo the room told by Nandini
Nandini : monster … I can explore Mumbai any time …… U have just a small task now …. I will msg u one by one and u have yo say that to ur friends … OK
Manik : OK
Nandini thinks poor manik ….. But I love to trouble u
Falsh back ends


what will cavya’s plan ??? What will Nandini do now ???? How will manik make Nandini pay for her prank?????

Credit to: Mehar

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