Kyy manan together forever (Episode 15)


Fab5 and piya goes to principal office . aryaman moves toward navni and harshad leaves the college in anger an peon comes to navni and tells them that princi called them
Principal office
Princi :good morning
Manik :good morning sir ….. I am sure u haven’t call us to say good morning …… Right
Princi :smart ha…..
Manik :i know
Cabir :sir …. U want chitchat with us
Princi : i called u to tell u that we have 3 new students … I want u to takecare of them ….. And plz i beg u no prank on them plz …… Behave well with them and special order is for u manik
Manik raise his eyebrow

Manik pointing toward himself :me … U mean manik ….. Do u think manik malhotra will ever entertain any other student …… Sir …. U haveAwesome dreams …. I must say…
Princi : u r ordered specially … To take care of her and this is Final
Manik :r u sure sir ….. I mean u r saying na…
Princi gets confuse :yeah …. Tum ko kaya lagta ha mujh to instructions diya ha kisi neManik plays with fingers make round around princi :instructions
Princi : here they r
Fab5 turn and see navni and ayraman . navni was surprised and ayraman and others are calm
Princi :u have to take a good care of them
Manik: sir … Ur mistaken … They can take good care of themselves …. Infact i was thinking that i keep nandini as protection
Nandini looks at him angerly

Princi :now u go …. And remember manik special order for u is to take care of nandini specially … Rest u can deside
Manik :special order 

Princi: leave now
They leave
Princi :i can’t understand these mother ànd son …. She says not to ask any question and he start shooting question whenever he sees me
in morning Princi gets a call its nyonika
Princi :hello Ma’am
Nyo :we have 3 new students …. Ask fab5 and piya yo take care of them specially manik to nandini…. Am i clear
Princi :why ma’am??
Nyo :do not ask any question just do what i say
Nyo cuts the call
Flash back ends
Out side principal office :
Mukti : wow yaar … What a punch I am impressed ….. Seriously
Manik : I thought u r a sweet tiny girl but u r a gangster
Nandini :I am not tiny …. If I’m tiny then u r monster
Manik :why i am monster?

Nandini :do u have short time memory lose
Manik :no
Nandini :then.. if u remember that u make me fell in pool …. U know I dont know swimming….. If I would die then …
Manik :miss tiny …. I was the one who save
Nandini : it was ur mistake
Piya : stop it guys …. Why r u fighting ….. And bhaii Princi gave u special orders
Nandini : dont be formal …. Plz…. I hate formalities
Mukti :ok then … Manik…. Now no special orders
Navya : let’s go to canteen
Nandini : u go … I wanna go to music room ….. I want to play music after a long time
Manik : miss tiny …. First eat something else we wont be able to see u
Nandini was about to to say something
Cabir :plz ….. Yaar let’s go na … Eat something u will get energy to fightAll move toward canteen they order food and share it
Alya :guys I have heard that there is a saying that the one who eat last bite of shared food gets handsome husband and beautiful wife

Mukti : I also heard this
Cabir : who need this ?
Fab4 and piya :manik
Manik:why me?
Cabir :u need it the most
Nandini : yeah monster go for it .. May to by this u get beautiful wife else …
Manik :tiny… Else… What ?
Nandini: else u have no chance
Manik :why I have no chance
Nandini :on what basis u think u have chance
Manik :I am smart , handsome , good looking , I can play gutair well iam the leader of fab5 and only son of malhotra’s … What else is required
Nandini :monster …. A good heart , loyalty , care and love is also required
Manik : I do not need to give u prove ….. In some time u will see it
Nandini : ok fine…. One last question
Manik :ask

Nandini : do u have gf
Manik :no
Nandini :see.. Not even a single girl can bear u how a girl will handle u for life long

Manik :because I am not interested in any girl till now
Nandini : u know what
Manik :no I dont know .. If u tell me then I know na
Nandini:I have a feeling That. There must be a girl who will rule u
Manik : no one can rule Manik Malhotra
Nandini : we will see
Cabir : hogaya tum dono ka
Nandini: what do u mean
Cabir :I think we r here too… But u both do not need any one else…. U were so busy in ur talks that u even does not bother about us

Manik : nothing is like that she ask too many question
Nandini : I ask ….
Piya :cabir bhaii dont u think nandini have already taken control of my bhaii
Cabir : I think …. Yes
Manik :what ??….. Infact shut up
No one can rule me
Aryaman :I think we should sit somewhere else
Piya :u and who
Aryaman :me , u, mukti , druv, alya and navya because they do not give us chance to talk
Cabir : why not me ? I donot want to disturb them
Alya :so guys last bite is still waiting
Druv :yeah but I can’t eat na … I already have a gf

Manik: I donot need too because I also have one
Every one in shock :what
Mukti :I whom u r interested
Manik : shayad hu … Ya nahi … Shayad hone ki koshish kr raha hu ya shayad ho chuka hu
Alya : what u r saying ?? Sorry but I can’t understand
Cabir : that much confusion …
Piya :bhaii I think u should rest … U r not well
Manik :shut up guys …. This is why I haven’t shared it earlier
Cabir :who ??

Manik :same party girl
Nandini :sa far as I know u donot know any thing about her
Manik :yeah …. But I can feel her .. She is different .. Black suits her fair skin and her voice is mesmerizing and her song is just perfect like her soon I will reach her … After all she attended malhotra’s party … Mom must know about her
Nandini : ok then …. I want to play music now ….. And u have or not …. Eat this … May be u get her by eating this .. Who knows
Manik eats the last bite and they move toward music room navya drags cabir to a Empty room
Cabir :what r u doing Navya : answer my question

Cabir :if u tell me ur question olny then I will reply na
Navya : where was malhotra’ s party
Cabir : in delhi
Navya : I will tell u a story
Cabir :ok
Navya : so… A girl attended a party in which she wore black dress with her hairs curled … Some ladies mistook her as host’s would be daughter in law ….. She sang a song and left the party just then
Cabir: nice story but why u told me

Navya : duffer …
Cabir :I am not
Navya : yes u r
Cabir :why
Navya : because if u match this story with manik’s story then it is a complete story
Cabir : can u plz clear it
Navya : nandu is the same girl whom manik talking about
Cabir shock :what
Navya :yes
Cabir :how u know
Navya : we attended a party 3 days back as u did
Cabir : yes
Navya : some ladies mistook her as maasi’s daughter in law as some ladies did with manik
Cabir runs his hand in hairs : yeah right

Navya :she sing a song there and u heard her song
Cabir: yes but
Navya :let me complete … We left party in mid
Cabir :in mid we came .. But the question r u sure
Navya : yeah I am
Cabir :how ?
Navya :because it was Nyonika malhotra’s party and nandini sang ishq e mamnoon song ….. Now u say am I right
Cabir :absolutely……
Cabir start laughing and navya gets confuse
Navya :why r u laughing
Cabir : manik fell for 2 girls till now one party wali nandu and other is pool wali nandu … How funny .. He does not even know what he did …. He indirectly praised nandini to prove nandini wrong
Navya :let’s go and tell them
Cabir : r u mad …. There will be too mush drama and u r telling me to ruin it
Navya : how ??

Cabir : if we tell then manik will denie and nandini will broke our heads …. Let them find it till then we will enjoy ….. We will create circumstances to make them realize
Navya :what’s the plan ??
Cabir pass an evil smile


Credit to: Mehar

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