Kyy manan together forever (Episode 14)

Manik plays with fingers make round around princi :instructions
Princi : here they r
Fab5 turn and see navni and ayraman . navni was surprised and ayraman and others are calm
Princi :u have to take a good care of them
Manik: sir … Ur mistaken … They can take good care of themselves …. Infact i was thinking that i keep nandini as protection
Nandini looks at him angerly
Princi :now u go …. And remember manik special order for u is to take care of nandini specially … Rest u can deside
Manik :special order ?
Princi: leave now
They leave
Princi :i can’t understand these mother ànd son …. She says notto ask any question and he start shooting question whenever he sees me
in morning Princi gets a call its nyonika
Princi :hello Ma’am
Nyo :we have 3 new students …. Ask fab5 and piya yo take care of them specially manik to nandini…. Am i clear
Princi :why ma’am??
Nyo :do not ask any question just do what i say
Nyo cuts the call ab5 and piya goes to principal office . aryaman moves toward navni and harshad leaves the college in anger an peon comes to navni and tells them that princi called them

Principal office
Princi :good morning
Manik :good morning sir ….. I am sure u haven’t call us to say good morning …… Right
Princi :smart ha…..
Manik :i know
Cabir :sir …. U want chitchat with us
Princi : i called u to tell u that we have 3 new students … I want u to takecare of them ….. And plz i beg u no prank on them plz …… Behave well with them and special order is for u manik
Manik raise his eyebrow
Manik pointing toward himself :me … U mean manik ….. Do u think manik malhotra will ever entertain any other student …… Sir …. U have
Awesome dreams …. I must say…
Princi : u r ordered specially … To take care of her and this is Final
Manik :r u sure sir ….. I mean u r saying na…
Princi gets confuse :yeah …. Tum ko kaya lagta ha mujh to instructions diya ha kisi ne

Credit to: Mehar


  1. Luck

    Very small update….. I egarly wait for your update n dis was so small.
    Plz make it longer

  2. Roma

    Oooooo it was tooooo cute…special orders to THE MANIK MALHOTRA. …wowwww I just loved it…but I think nandini is will take special care of manik…..really interesting track…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.