Kyy manan together forever (Episode 13)


Murthy mansion :-
Alarm rings…. nandini wakes up and gets ready in whirt kurta and red tight with hairs losely tied.. she went to navya’s room and tries to wake her up
Navya :nandu let me sleep
Nandini:oh my sleeping beauty ….. Plz Get up else principal will kick us out of college at very frist day
Navya jumps of the bed and rub her eyes to see nandini
Navya : how mean nandu… u got ready
Nandini :u go and get ready ….. I’ll wake Aryaman and then make breakfast we just have 1 hour because we have to find college too
Navya : plz go and wake aryman he take too mush time to get ready

Navya goes to washroom and nandini goes and wakes ayraman and prepares break fast… After the break fast trio left for college

They reach a grand and beautiful building alot of student were already there. Navni and ayraman enters and every one looks at them because it was mid session ….
Ayraman :i just come in a moment… U go inside
Ayraman moves and navni enters the collegeNavni saw two boys starring at them and walks toward nandini
Boy 1: hi girls …. U r new to space i think … I haven’t seen u before
Boy2 : but it is mid session na
Boy 1 forward his hand

Boy1 :i am harshad ….. Harshsd arora.. Nice to met u
Navya: but i don’t feel like nice meeting u
Harshad :akash…. I like the attitude
Akash :small girls but attitude …. OMG
Navya tensed :i am scared
Harshad tease them more

Fab5 comes but at some distance they notice harshad teasing two girls
Manik : what r they doing here?
Cabir : do u know them

Manik :do u have a memory lose ….. They r navya and nandini …. Look
Cabir :how would i know they have back on us
Druv :right ….. Manik how can u say so surely that they r navya nandini
Manik :if u see using ur eyes then…
Alya :manik is right guys…. I saw nandini …. She is hell sacred
Mukti : this time i wont leave him
Mukti was about to move when some one holds her hand . she turn to find ayraman
Ayraman :chill guys
Piya : what kind of brother u r ? Someone is teasing ur sisters and u r telling us to chill …. Like seriously
Ayraman handover his drink to piya
Aryaman: drink it u will feel fresh
Manik angerly :seriously
Aryaman start making video in his moblie
Aryaman :now just enjoy the scene and yeah plz don’t make noise my video will be ruined
Every one give his a disgusting look but ayraman enjoys

Navni is scared because harshad is teasing them… Few people gether around
Harshad was about to touch nandini when she speaks
Nandini with full confidence :lets have a toss if it is heads then i will be first and it tails then navya
Harshad :interesting
Every one is shocked but ayraman pass a big smile ….. Fab5 and piya was unable to understand any thing ayraman :its gonna be fun
Manik :i cant belive u….. U r enjoying seeing ur sisters geting teased
Ayraman :whose sisters ? Who know well ?

Nandini do toss and its heads
Ayraman :game is getting more interesting
Harshad moves toward nandini and gets a hard punch on his face by nandini
Every one is stunned with their mouths open

Cabir :ouch….
he get an other punch in next second with full force by navya…..
Harshad gets angry and about to punch nandini but nandini hold his hand and twist it and navya give another punch to harshad
Nandini in anger:don’t u dare mess with us and any other girl … Else it was just a trailer
Navya :we will show u full movie then
Nandini leaves harsh and goes with navya but the whole college was in shock
Ayraman: so guys… how was the scene
Manik: i can’t belive that she is the same tiny girl i met at night
Alya :druv…. Hold me i am gonna faint
Piya: am i dreaming?
Cabir : guys u saw what i saw just now
Ayraman : i told u guys …. Just enjoy
Mukti :i am impressed …She crossed us in insulting harshad
A peon comes
Peon : fab5 and piya .Princi called u right now

Cabir :first we will meet princi and then we will give u party for navni’s reaction

Credit to: Mehar

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  1. It’s sooooo funny.I was laughing continuously while reading….i think it is a very short ff….so,plz lengthen it…. By the way i hardly comment until the story makes me mad and urs is also in the list..
    Plzzz update soon….

    1. Sorry for short…… I was busy but today i will update long

  2. Yeh mujhe achi nahin laga aryaman ko navya aur nandini ki bai mana dia aur please mujhe batoan yeh piya kaun hain fab 5 ka hisa toh nahin ho sakta hain coz usme toh tumne cabir,manik,alya,mukti aur druv ko dhal diya

    1. Piya is manik’s sister

  3. Haha the Nadu is back with her punch???

    1. Nandu’s punch is soo hard…. Ilove her punch

  4. Superb yar …I was laughing to the core when reading this….

    1. Even i was laughing while writing

  5. its nice . Thank u for the update.but if u can please can u update 2 episodes please

    1. I will try my best

  6. wooowww….awsome…..navni and harshad, what a face-off.

    1. Thanks dear

  7. Awsmmmmmmmm



    Woww lovely navni super punch coun sooooon

  8. wow1 navni ‘s punch was fabulous . loved it mehar . pls update soon.

  9. sujatha muthukannu

    Super, punch by nandu nd navya was super.. Keep writing dear… Nd alya dialogue was amazing…thanks for update
    Plz make the update long

    1. Thanks ….. I will make next update long

  10. Like all times u rock…. Egarly waiting for the next update

    1. Thanks i will update soon

  11. It’s superb yar…..
    keep going……I m waiting for next part…..

  12. Wowwww, awesomeeeeee episode. …loved navni punches…..wowwww. ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thanks and i have already did… It will come in some time

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