Kyy manan together forever (Episode 11)


Manbir and mukya left s*xsena mansion

cabir :manik u r changed
Manik :how ????
Piya ?:i was proud that u rmy brother
Mukti :yeah right ? he is changed
Manik:will u plz stop ur drama and tell me what i have done ?
Piya :?u think it is drama…… Iam disappointed (shed fake tears seeing this mukti smile )
Mukti : now everything is drama for u ……… How mean …….. Fab5 is no longer ur priority …… (Fully emotional drama)
Manik apply a sudden break because now its the matter of fab5 (according to mukti )
Manik : ??what do u mean by fab5 is not my priority
Cabir : u cut our nose but thank god none was there except us
Manik ??in frim voice :guys tell me na what i did ?
Piya : my brother i mean the manik malhotra praised a girl and more over he described her with abroad smile and till now lost in her beauty …….
Manik felt embrace
Cabir :i think our bhabi made a magic on u that u still imagine her
manik gets tense and guilt Cabir start laughing :manik look at ur face any one can easily blackmails u by the name of fab 5
Mukya also laughs and manik gets angry

Manik’s eyes were red with angry he stops his car :get out of the car right now
(He said in frim and angry voice )
Trio gets Scared and without wasting a second they leave the car
Manik drove away in fast speed
Trio laugh whole heartly
Cabir :he got angry again …. He fears nothing but to lose us
Mukti :but on a serious note he was disturbed from that bhabi scene
Piya : yeah he smiled after so many days and we snatched it
Cabir : dont worry ….. He will smile again ….. After all she is our neighbour ????
Mukti : but he is angry now …. What will we do now if he won’t come to the party then
Cabir : don’t worry….. He will come for sure
Piya :bhaii how u r so sure about that ????
Cabir with evil smile : he will after all she is the only one who attracted manik till now
Piya and mukti nod happily
Cabir : i will call the driver else we will be late for ur amazing party
Cabir calls the driver he came in some time and they left for malhotra mansion

manik was sitting his mind was full of nandini suddenly he stood up with a jerk
Manik:how can i do this ? How can someone attracts me ? I am not that weak
Manik close his eyes and sees nandini’s face the opens with jerk
Manik : her eyes r hypnotise i should avoid her …. Wait ….. Why should i avoid … She is not that important ….. I should concentrate on my friends …… Manik….. Try to be normal
Manik made up his mind to avoid nandini , cheep up his mood and went back home
manik reached home and found every one ready alya and druv were already there
Alya :manik u will go in these clothes
Manik :yeah cool na
Alya ?: no
Manik : i know
Cabir :we will go…. u come later … I am feeling hungry
Alya : no problem
They leave for murthy mansion

Cabir knock the door navya opens the door
Navya :come in
All come inside, navya show them the way , they sit on sofas abhiman come and introduce themselves , after The introduction they start chatting with each other after some time nandini came down stairs she was wearing white top with red tight with hairs open, she meets everyone happily …. Fab4 and piya likes her
Cabir wisper in piya’s ear : now i know why manik reacted in that way
Piya smiles
Nandini :manik …… Haven’t came
Cabir raise his left eyebrow in suspection
Mukti coughs to sign others to note point , abhi gives her water she takes the water and drinks
Nandini excuse the self and went to kitchen
Door bell rings and navya opens the door and find manik waiting , both come inside manik introduce himself and chatts with abhi
Mukti , alya chatts navya and druv and cabir with ayraman
Manik’s eyes searches for nandini but unable to locate her then he thinks stop it manik….. What r u doing ??? Stay away else she will again hypnotise u
Cabir :nandini
Manik who was look down looks up
Cabir looking toward manik :nandini where r u ???
Manik give him a dwad glare
Mukti :cabir u r asking as if u don’t know
Nandini from kitchen calls navya
Navya went to kitchen and came back with nandini , she sees manik
Nan : hi manik
Manik: hi
Nan : dinner is ready….. Lets have it and then we will play
All left for dinner


Credit to: Moazama Sohail

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  1. Cabir’s game ?
    Is it truth or dare
    He always used to play that na
    It’s going very interesting.
    There will be something in cabir’s game
    Waiting for that…
    Keep it lengthy and update as soon as you can
    Is this nandini is a little bit more modern than in kyy…i feel so

    1. Moazama Sohail

      Cabir plays i never have i ever game not truth and dare

  2. Omg Awsm epi Fabulous MaNan moments!! The Manik malhotra attrats toward nandhu ,,cannu tell me Is Nandhu modern ya traditional ???

    1. Moazama Sohail

      Inbetween neither alya mukti type modern nor very traditional because she came from US with traditional values

  3. u r just superb. thx for another quick update. fabulous

    1. Moazama Sohail


  4. It’s sure truth and dare….nice and cute update….I am loving your ff

    1. Moazama Sohail


  5. Awwww ??

  6. Awsmmmmmmm



    Precap was soooo interstingg

    Coun sooooon

  7. Rohama Maghfoor

    Awsome yaar…

  8. It’s amazing yar….
    Eagerly waiting for next part….

  9. Hey..plz update fast…..
    Iam egarly waiting for your update….. can’t wait more.


  10. Awesome, marvellous episode just loved it…..precap is very exciting. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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