Kyy manan together forever (Episode 10)


Nandini left and manik smiles
Nandini came out of malhotra mansion thinking about what happened few minutes before she smiles remembering pool scene she enter her house but still thinking about manik
Navya and abhiman were already there they saw her totally wet and run toward her
Abhi : what happened nandu ???
Aryaman : why r u wet from head to toe
Navya : first change ur clothes then answer any thing it looks terrible

Nandini leaves without uttering a word she changes her colthes and dry her hair just then navya came
Navya in little worry : what happened there ???
Nandini : nothing i just fell in pool
Navya : then how u came out ? I mean u fear of deep water
Nandini : dont worry navya …. He helped me to came out
Navya :who ???
Nandini : our neighbor …. Ok tell me u went to the right house na what happened ??
Navya : nothing yaar there is just an old couple…… They said what will they do in youngsters party
Nandini : what about bhaii Navya : abhi bhaii said that house is empty and aryaman said that their maid said there is just middle age couple which r not here so….. What about u ???
Nandini : well i am good at luck they will come
Navya : how many peoples ???
Nandini : 6
Nav : how many girls how many boys ??
Nan : 1 boy and his sister rest i dont know ….
Nav : their names ????
Nan wes about to speak then she realize that she haven’t asked his name
Nan : i haven’t asked
Nav : what ? Seriously
Nan : yeah
Nav : when will they come ??
Nan : at night na
Nav : time? ?
Nan : i haven’t told him …. I was totally wet and very uncomfortable so i rushed back
Nav : ok u go c
again and tell them time and plz ask about boys and girls ….. So we do arrangements according to that
Nan : ok she leaves
Navya went to kitchen to make list of items required
Nandini rings malhotra mansion and next moment manik opens door
Manik :u again ?
Nan :actually……. I came to ask u… Manik : ask what ??? Nan : what is ur name ??
Man : i am manik malhotra
He forward his hand nandini shakes
Nan: i am nandini murthy
Manik ask her to come inside .. Both walk toward hall . manik offer nandini seat ….. She sits on couch manik also sits on side sofa
Nan: u and ur sister who else is coming ?
Man : me my sister piya and my friends mukti , alya , druv and cabir
Nan : u told me na that u live with ur two friends…. Who ???
Man : tea or coffee
Nan : nothing i am in little hurry so…
Man: have tea or coffee then we will come else we……..
Nan: ok coffee
Manik call his servent and ask for 2 coffees
Man: ok ….. Mukti and cabir lives with us and alya , druv live together…. How many peoples u r??
Nan : i , my friend navya and two bro abhimanyu and aryaman
Man :ohh.. From where u came ?
Nan: US
Man :why ???
The servent serves the coffee
Nan :i don’t know …. Before 1 week we were in US then suddenly chacha asked us to shift mumbai and we did
Nandini gets a call from navya Nav :u forgot us
Nan : no….
Nav : then come back we have to go to market
Nan : ok just coming bye
Manik all the while just starring at nandini
Nan cut the call finished her coffee
Nan : i have to go navya is waiting
Man : yeah i have to go too
Both leave together
Nandini : come by 8pm bye
She leaves manik smile and thinks about her just then his phone rings

Navya was already waiting for her both left for market , abhiman also left to bring drinks

Manik’s phone ring
Manik : now what ? ?
Cabir : u were supposed to be here 1 and half hour before
Manik : coming in 20 min
He leaves in car
Navni buy kitchen items and abhimanbuy drinks and came back for preparations

Manik rings the bell for several time but no response he call everyone but none of them picks the turn to leave and shock to see everyone behind him full of anger… It looks like they r going to kill him
Alya in full angry tune :where u have been ?
Manik makes puppet face : alya i was ready to come just then i fell in pool
Piya ?:bhaii don’t lie
Manik : ok i will tell u but first lets go inside
They sits in hall
Cabir :manik bacha ….. What emergency came
Manik : i was readyto come just then i saw a girl standing at poolside….. no not poolside… At the edge of poolside searching for some one …. She have long hairs , wearing black top and blue pant and i went near her and just spoke who r u and she fell in pool …. She start screaming but still look beautiful even in fear (manik smiles and other raise their eyebrows in suspension) because she does no swimming ….. So i jump and helped her to came out of pool ….. She came to give in invitation for mini party at their places the she went to her house
Cabir : so…. This drama took 1 and 1/2 hour
Manik :no …. Then i changed my clothes and about to leave when she again came
Mukyi and piya together : why??
Manik :to ask my name as we both forgot to ask eachother Druv :guys they forgot to ask name in swimming
Manik 😕 she came to tell me party time and ask about u
Druv ?: me
Alya ? : druv
Druv ?: sorry…. He just said na u so… I thought ..
Manik : why did u call me ? U didn’t told me any thing ?
Cabir :we called u for party a small fab5 party but now we will party at manik’s….. New friend’s place
Piya excited : who is she bhaii ?
Manik : our new. Neighbors
Cabir : then lets go get ready for the party

Credit to: Moazama Sohail

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  1. Ur storyline is soo good…..but manan r soo sweet yar……add some spices in the story…..
    Like manik’s ego, attitude…….fab 5 pranks…..something like this…..
    Plz plz….
    Like kyy……..manik’s ego doesn’t allow him for fell for a girl soo easily……..
    something which make ur story more interesting nd amazing……
    It’s just a suggestion…….
    otherwise ur story is too good……nd I m one of ur regular reader……nd I m really sry…..if u hurt by my words……
    I already told u……it’s just a suggestion…..
    Thanks for this awesome update….

    1. Moazama Sohail

      No … I will add some spices and fun
      Because feeling and acceptance have difference and after all it is manik malhotra how can he accept so easily there will be alot of drama and fun
      Thanks for ur comments u regularly comment i know ….

      1. Okkkk…….
        I m waiting till then…….
        Love u loads dear…..
        Keep going…..

  2. Rohama Maghfoor

    Amazing story moazma… I waiting for next episode

    1. Moazama Sohail

      Thank u ruhi , i thought u fogot me

      1. Rohama Maghfoor

        Noo moazama…. Asa ho he nhi shkta

      2. Moazama Sohail

        Ho sakta nahi ho gaya ha ruhi

      3. Rohama Maghfor

        Nhi g

  3. He is awesome dr

    1. Moazama Sohail

      Yeah …. I agree

  4. Amazing nice…no words to say

    1. Moazama Sohail


  5. Wow wow wo awsm ?

    1. Moazama Sohail


  6. Egarly waiting for the party scenes……awesome yaar…..u your story line is actually very good… I loved it…..

  7. Wowww…….awesome…….hava no words to say…’s just superb….waiting for the next update

  8. hey its nice but add some hatred also.

  9. Awesome episode, keep it up . eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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