Kyy manan together forever (Episode 1)


A girl is shown sitting in a dark room, continuously watching a royal purple silk scarf in her hand with teary eyes suddenly some one bang at the door, she open the door, light from outside fell on her she is a young girl nearly 17 years old with sharp and beautiful features , she is nandini , says what happened navya?
The girl who banged the door is none other than navya
Navya : what are you doing in room? Let me remind you we have to go to india , now come fast every one is waiting for you
Saying this navya went down stairs
Nandini kept the scarf in her hanbag and went down stairs

navya along with two young boys and a middle age couple were waiting
1 boy : now we should make a move arayman i will take the luggage and all of u come fast
Arayman: ok abhi u go we are just comming Abhi left after greeting couple
Lady:take care and call regularly ok
Man : piyali let them go na they are not kids now.They will take good care of them selves
Ayraman : yeah chcha chachi we will take care of ourself now can we go otherwise we will be late
Piyali chchi and arav chacha wave them and they trio left

In car
Abhi:i will miss U.S nd chacha and chachi.but i don’t know why i am feeling strange ?
Nandu and navya ask together what do u mean ?
Abhi:look guys we are in u.s since i was of 7years.we all are well settled here.Suddenly one day chacha says that we all have to shift india.isn’t it strange. He have already done with our admission in Mumbai
Nandini: yeah u got a point but i am even more confuse
Navya:what confusion nandu?
Nandini:look guys chcha has done our admission in Mumbai but we r going to delhi instead of Mumbai and that’s week before college Strange
Abhi:sorry guys chacha told me but i forgot to tell u that we are going delhi on a party of malhotra’s.

They were business partner’s of dad so we will stay at their place for 4 days for some party
By the name of dad nandini become upset she unzip her bag and give a look to that scarf on which MANAN was written

she remember her mom saying that this is scarf symbolize our love MANAN means mansi and ansh.nandu ur dad gave that scarf to me when he asked me for marriage
A tear rolled down from her cheek she wipe her tears before anyone could notice and ziped her bag
Soon they reached the airport

Credit to: Moazama Sohail

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  1. interesting…..nice combination of manan…

  2. Rohama Maghfoor

    Intersting story…. Amazing

    1. Moazama Sohail

      Thanks ruhi

      1. Rohama Maghfoor


  3. Awesome, wowwww moazama….it’s really superb. ..interesting plot…keep going….love you loads

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