Kyy- How life turned when we met our soul (Intro)

Fab5: Manik malhotra, Dhurv vedant, Cabir dhavan, Abhimanyu takkar, Aryaman kurana
Manik:leader of fab5, only heir of malhotra industries.very handsome.
Dhurv:he is very sweet. He is dancing icon of India.
Cabir:he is very funny. Best drummer. He is the one who trains students all over world in very young age.
Abhimanyu: he is too cute. He is the one who always girls want to date. He is only heir of total musical industries in india. He can play any instrument but in fab5 band he plays piano.
Aryaman: he is very sensitive but kabhi nahi dikha the. He is only heir of total hotels in India. In fab5 he plays electric guitar.

Nandini murthy: very Independent, very intelligent, helping natured girl. She is best in music and science.
Navya navali: best friend of nandini. She is good at pottery.
Mukti: best looks, best racer. She want to become racer in international level
Aliya s*xsena: she is fashionable and always want to travel all over world.
So these are main characters in story.
Fab5 and all others study in space academy.

Space academy: it is university with all type arts can be teached.
In dis story how they will met, how they realise about soul and love. What are the different stories of each pairs.

Plz friends tell me if u like the storyline. Leave your feedbacks. I know already so many ffs r therw but manan forever so….. This is for those people who want to entertain with friendship and love….. And i forgot to tell you if u followed bbf from korea it is much reflects dat one.
#Be happy

Credit to: Joe


  1. svenluna

    very very very interesting plot!!! i have read all the fan fics but… pani , kyy 3 and this one is most interesting!!!

  2. prarthna

    Its really cool plz continue and yes plz read my ff kuch khatta meetha pyaar too. Again I love ur intro.

    • Joe

      Thnk u kavya…. I can’t update next one till Wednesday because not accepting the updates upto dat day….. So sry for waiting

  3. Heyyyyy? im from England and I just wanting you to know that I love kaisi yeh yaariaan it is AWSOME. I love what your doing here by mixing the character up I csnt wait for this update and I hope u dont mind someone from england commenting tell me if u do.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.