Kyy- How life turned when we met our soul episode-5 (first sip of love)

In clz one day dhruv asks nandini to come with him i will introduce to my frnds
Nan: fab5 no no….
D: they r cool not really vat ur thinking.
Nan: plz dhruv it’s k… No need it
D: plz come na… Then get ur frnd along with u, u feel better
Nan: kk… My frnd is cmg frm my home town to join here… After received her i will meet u
D: kkk at vat time
Nan: 4pm

D: i will wait..
Nandini Waiting for her frnd with navya
Nan: hai Darling….( full of joy in her face)
Frnd: hai baby… Hru my doll???
Nan: fne… By the way she is navya nd navya dis is mukti
Navya: hi mutki
Mukti: hi navya….
Nan: cme lets get fill ur application form…
After finishing total needs
Nandini says we r going to meet someone they r famous here…
Mutki: who??
Navya: fab5
Mukti: ho…. Fab5 i know they r quite famous but nandu how dr r frnds to u??
Nan: it’s long story i will u ltr… And tr r bit difficult to handle
Mukti: let’s see
Dhruv waiting fr nandini. Then she comes with navya& mukti
Dhruv greets her.
Nan: she is navya i think u might see her, she is mukti my Darling frm my home town
D: greets them. Lets move to my fab5 place.
Fab4 r sitting nd chatting eith each other.

D: to fab4
She us my frnd nandini guys..( every one shocked )
And her frnds navya nd mukti.
They all sits, nandini and mukti chatting with each other by seeing dis manik gets annoyed and leaves from there.
Abhi: staring at mukti…. atlast he asks that is she racer….????
Mukti: yes iam…
Abhi: i know becoz i hv some ware before
Mukti: i won national women’s racing in my 16years…
Abhi: great… My hobby is also racing….let’s race on someday…
Mukti: sure…. Abhi feels she is different …..
Navya feel boring cabir observs dat and starts conversation..
Cabir: vat is ur major
Navya: pottery
Cabir: ho ho…
Likr dat every one enjoying eachothers company…. Aryaman is also likes nandini company nd he become frnd to nandini
Manik is upset with dat meeting…. Y she is effecting… Dis feeling…. Vat…. Is dis “LOVE”?!?!

Dhruv room: thinking abt nandini. She is beautiful, cute, adorable…… I think i LIKE her…. But i hv to share with her and need to know abt her feelings…
Precap: dhruv tells nandini dat he likes her…nd asks dat her opinion
Nandini: before going to tell any thing…. U need to know abt me….something*****(secret)****

Vat is dat secret… You want to find wait fr next one… Pl leave ur feedbacks frnds… I really need to improve my self
Thnk u
# keep smiling
# luv u all
# take care

Credit to: Joe


  1. Lucky

    Hey joeeeee…. Nice going…. Track is good… Vat secret yaar….. Update as soon as possible plz….

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