Kyy- How life turned when we met our soul episode-4 (what is this feeling)


Precap: manik and nandini fight, dhruv saving nandini from group manik upset abt plan being failed.
Manik thinks i will hamdle her by my own
Next day:
Manik is waiting for nandini in music department thinking abt some nasty things to do…
When nandini comes in white fork top and blue jeans (looking so cute) when manik saw her he couldn’t even think sbt his plan and lost in her cuteness.
When she came near and says you????
M: still lost in thoughts
Nan: you hadn’t enough yesterday y u came here to make my life…..?
M: actually i wanna….tel you

Nan: vat u wanna
M: iam sry…
Nan: with shock ho ho sry… Manik malhotra sry??? …. It’s kk
Next moment manik says bye her and leaves from there
Manik to him self vat is dis i said sry to her… How ?? Y iam feeling like dis ? Y couldn’t move eyes from her… For d first time one girl made me like dis…
For few days….
Manik for all these days still thinking abt nandini and abt dat feeling
In clz some day:
Dhurv goes to practice room of nandini and observers her….
D: nandini lets practice together for one song
They r dancing together. Dhruv simply lost in nandini’s performance. How she moves, her touch each and everything made him feel different &new. He couldn’t move distance from her even after completing song….
Nan: dhruv song is over…
D: cmng out of senses ya….. Ya…..
N: yr superb…. Y people call u as “dancing icon”
D: hey don’t be…. Yr really awesome… Ur moves so adorable…..
Nan: (little blushing) thank you so much…
(Secretly all this video someone shooting)
Manik is in fab5 special room in clz. Someone comes in and shows video to him. Manik gets angry and throw phone away.( person is secret)
Night: manik is couldn’t slept thinking abt nandini how she dance with dhruv…..
Nandini thinking abt dhurv and her performance how they r so perfect with each other when they r dancing…..
Naxt day:
Manik goes to nandini tries to kiss her then nandini: vat is dis manik?… Y ur behaving like dis….
M: me u don’t know (strengthen his grip of her)

Nan: manik it’s hurting me …. Y ur monster all over again…
M: ha…. Iam monster to u… But dhurv is god fr u????
Nan: vat….? Leave me first… And by the way he is my frnd not like u…and she cries goes from dr…
M: vat happened to me. Y iam so protective abt her.. It’s only dhruv na.. Y she is effecting me dat much….
Precap: dhruv tries find out sbt his feeling for nandini at the same time manik is also straggling abt same thing…..

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Then how dhurv and manik will handle dis…? Dhruv going find out the “biggest secret of nandini” wait and follow dis….
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Credit to: Joe

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