Kyy-How life turned when we met our soul episode-2(first crush)

iam sry guys for any mistakes in episode one….. and first episode is bit similar like kyy old story becoz we need to remember those things….. for happiness manan for always…. anyway this story is having lots of twists and turns……… not having similar story line of old kyy……. so dont upset……
and i think my friends are not forgot me for late update….. so here is second episode
precap: space academy greatness. how nandini & navya saves space student, at last nandini decides to go to space.

nandini &navya are going on cab to clz. while on travelling nandini checks the details about Fab5.
FAB5: fabulous five
aryaman: only heir of kuran’s hotel’s in India
abhimanyu: only heir of Thashan musical industries.
cabir: best drummer, who trains music to students all over world in such young age.
dhruv:dancing icon of India. who is grand son of best international dancer “mahesh vedant” ji
manik: leader of fab5. who is only heir of malhotra industries. he is good at each and every fine arts like music to any sports. his hobby to play music with fab5 as a band. he owns the space.
nandini: they are such a……..
cab driver: clz aagaya..
nandini & navya both goes inside
navya: i need to check the pottery dapartment it is on south side so i will meet you in break time.
nandini: k bye. all the best
navya: wish u the same. bye
then nandini goes to check dancing department but she got confused goes in wrong direction. she hears some music form behind, she follows that someone who’s playing guitar. she mesmerizes by that music. she stayed like a statue for a while. after sometime boy stops music and asks who are you???
nandini:iam nandini murthy. new entry, plz tell me where is the dance department. he shows the path.
nandini:thank you…. and sry….for disturbing u plz continue and what is ur name
boy: me “dhruv”
nandini: nice meeting you dhruv
dhruv: when he hearsdhruv from her voice he got some vibrations
nandini goes to dance department, she practices for a while then here’s some voice from outside department
nandini: again what happened
goes to find, everyone shouts Fab5, Fab5…….
here entry of FAB5
like an angels came from the heaven to earth.
everyone keeps maintain silence when they are approaching closer
nandini: while observing….. she got stunned see dhruv in that group….. ho ho he that dhruv vedant from fab5. but he is dancing icon so how come he plays guitar so well?!!!!!……..
precap: first manik and nandini (manan) fight. how it it will turn??
sry frnds if any mistakes are there plz ignore it………
by seeing that pic of story u can easily understand who’s going to be paired…..
how can manan and dhruvini will pair……??
so keep reading this then u will find out
#stay health
#keep smiling
#luv u all
bye tc

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  1. i cant wait for manan fight….

  2. Awesome yaar

  3. Super yaar….. Both nandini and dhruv feels same ha…. But how manan and dhruvini going to pair is there any double game…… Update daily……

  4. Gud one….. It seems like already soul ka first jalak mil jaye…… He he…. Dis story remembers korean drama bff right not totally but some how…..
    Any way gud wrk keep going on

  5. Awww……
    It’s just great start Joe……
    Keep going……
    Waiting for next part……..

  6. This is exactly based on boys over flowers

  7. seems like m reading story of korean drama boys before flower … same to same…wish it to be different..

  8. Awesome episode joe….loved it…

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