Kyy- How life turned when we met our soul episode-1 (clz of dreams)

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going into episode

morning 7:30 Nandini murthy is getting ready for first day of clz. She wears her favorite color white crop top and pink jeans. she wants to more simple, chachi calls her to come down, so after getting ready she goes down.(nandini and her chota bhai rishab lives with chacha &chachi in mumbai because ner parents died in car accident when she was 12 years) chacha & chachi both gives blessings for her first day.
she comes directly to some house, then calls Navya. here comes “Navya Naveli”, with pink cute top and black jeans.
navya: cmng….. hi nandu.. gud mrng..

nandini:gud mrng, come na were are getting late.
navya:ha k… let’s go…
Space academy : this is the clz, every student want to graduate here.clz buliding are like touching the sky, most of the people calls as “clz of dreams”. in this every kind of fine arts to each subject specializations are there to study.but not everybody can enter into clz, becoz it is that much of costly for normal people. nandini & navya enters into clz.
navya: what a clz yaar..
nandini: no doubt why pepole call “clz of dreams”
both goes to office room to fill the application forms
peon:what is ur major sujects
nandini:music, dance & science
peon: k here is ur form
navya: my subjects are pottery and music

peon:take ur form, fill the details and submit in counter no.1
nandini & navya: k
both fills the forms and submits to applicant, takes brochures for the departments and route map of clz. then suddenly they here some weird sounds from outside, both goes to see, everybody gathered there and shouts jump….. jump…..
nandini & navya shocked to see that one student wants to jump from the top of building and everyone encouraging him to jump.
nandini: we need to help him,what kind of persons these are….??
navya:but how we can help?!!
nandini: fast, we don’t have a time come lets go to that floor

both goes there and tries to talk to him.
nandini: plz don’t do this, dying is not a solution for any problem
student: this clz is the problem
navya: this is the clz of dreams. everyone wants to study here.
student: for outsiders it is heaven but it is HELL, specially FAB5.they are making my life hell.
then student looses his grip, nandini & navya catchs him and saves.both spoke to that student and says don’t loose hope this bad time will go just think about ur parents what happens will they here about u like this, someone will change them for sure.
nandini &navya comes out of clz, discuss about that situation in clz
nandu: how someone do such things

navya: don’t know yaar…. leave it…
nandu: no… it is not a simple thing. i don’t want to attend that clz.
navya: nandu… it is our dream to attend that clz na… plz..
nandu: now its not… and no more discussions about it….plz
after that incident Authorities of clz decides to control the press and media, they offer the scholarship for nandini & navya.
nandini: chachi i don’t want to attend that clz
chachi: but it is ur dream
chacha: they are offering scholarship. think it once. becoz one situation u cannot decide the whole clz as fault.

nandini: no chacha…. it’s not like that…. yesterday incident is not simple one.
after lot of conversation nandini agree to go clz. she calls navya to come to clz.

precap: dhruv and nandini first meeting. how she mesmerises by dhruv’s music. grand entry of FAB5.

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