KYY: I HATE U 2 I LOVE YOU (intro)


Hello guys
This is ff based on real life story I am just going to change the characters’ in the story and add some more by myself hope u guys like it
Manik:A guy who is very studious and is straight forward..doesn’t know wat is love ❤ and is always loyal towards his friends….his life changes when nandini comes into his life for once and for all
Nandini:a girl who is very straight forward but doesn’t show wat she actually is in front of others …very talkative only with ppl whom she is well known and hates talking to strangers …..tells everyone tat she hates the word love and love the word hate…
Navya: Best friend of nandini and can solve any problem in the world..she loves nandini to the extent…is like second mom to nandini and even nandini call her mom sometimes ….very caring for her friend
Cabir: A guy who is just full of his own life ..loves his friend Manik like his own brother…both share a great bond with each other….is the one who is responsible for nandini and Manik relationship……shows tat he is open to everyone but is not close to Manik also…..would be in relationship with Navya who will make his life bright
Nandini friends are: Alya and mukti
Manik friends are: Druv..maddy..

Guys this is just a intro …actually a real life story (lobe story)of my friend just telling everyone tat love may happen like this also?…a very weird story ……pls comment and tell me how r the characters?

Credit to: Deepika

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  1. Hiii Deepika…welcm…nd yaa defintly a good start…that too a real story…curiosity to its highest levels….keep updatng….soon plz

    1. Hey Anjali..thanks a ton and will keep the curiosity to the extent always? thank u

  2. Nice…pls continue

    1. Thank you very much

  3. good

    1. Thanks

  4. Real life story??is it your story deepuu????

    1. Ummmm…not really anandi it a story abt my friend?

  5. Mahi13

    Nice intro. More interested in it coz its a real life love story. Eager to know what’ll happen next.

    1. Be patient….and thank u?

  6. Interesting…..
    Plz continue

    1. Thank you

  7. Amazing great start pls continue

    1. Thank u

  8. Sindhu_Varma

    Sure it ur friend’s
    Just asking anyways continue the story

    1. Yeah sindu its my friends story which I was a part of it just made it more interesting tats all

  9. Tash

    Awesome start.. Keep going

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