Kyy- I hate love (prologue)


Hello everyone….. This is tash..(tanishka)… Some of u maybe knowing me coz I m very active in the comment box….
Actually m here to write n ff… Coz I have holidays for few days so thought to write an ff…. This is my first tym… So forgive me if its bad…
N spelling mistakes,, just ignore it… Plzzzz.
Another thing.. This ff will not be a long one…
It ll probably end in 10 or less episodes…
Enough of my crap.. Let begin with the prologue


A boy(1) on phone- “come on guys.. It’s been a year.. Let’s freshen up our memories…”
(Guys there is a grp chat going on..)
Another boy2)- “yes manik ur right.. It’s been a year..” When suddenly another guy interrupts..
Boy(3)- ” yes n I m very happy that after sooooo much of problems we finally completed a year happily..”

Boy(2) – ” is it important for u to interrupt.. Mein Bol Raha tha na druv.”
Druv- ” Haan cabir… Because I also have rights to speak..”
Cabir- ” yah right.. Right to speak!!” ( sarcastically)
Girl1- “shut up now..” “Enough of u guys..”
Girl2- ” ur right Alya. Yeh dono Jahan bhe milte hai.. They start their drama.. They r idiots.”
Alya- ” yeh right mukhti.. Totally idiots..”
Mukhti- ” well leave all that..”
Boy1 (manik)- so all of u in my house.. Sharp 2pm ok! ”
Druv,cabir,mukhti,Alya, together.. “We all r in!!”
Manik-” gr8 then.. Ok guys I have much to do.. So mukhti.. U inform aryaman n abhi to come n cabir take navya with u too…” ” see u guys soon.. Bye”
All- “bye”

Manik takes a mug of filtered coffee n enters his room..
He goes inside n sees a girl cuddling with the pillow on the bed in sleep.( like a girl cuddles with a boy)..
With a big smile on her face.. As if she is dreaming something really good..
Manik with a smile on his face goes near her..
He keep the coffee mug on the side table.
He goes close to her ear n said “good morning my princess”
Listening to that she half opens her eyes. N in a sleepy tone ” good morning love”
Manik smiles listening to that..

Manik opening the cupboard n saying-” Nandu wake up now.. It our one year.. 17th January..”
Nandu still in sleep-” hmm”
Manik-” baby I have kept the coffee on the side table drink it. N get ready coz all r coming in our house… I m putting the dvd on…”
Listening to that Nandu instantly jumped up…
“Manik it our one year… Yehhhhhhh… M sooooo happy.”
Manik-” yeh now get ready.. Here ur clothes..”
Nandu takes the cloth n keeps it beside her.. Takes the mug of coffee in her hand.
“Manik u take so much care of me as if I m ur child..”
Manik-” for me u r my lil baby.. That’s y I call u baby”
Nandu makes a puppy face-” noooo I m not a baby..”
Manik sarcastically-” ohhhh… Now I got u.. U r not a baby… Hmmm u r big enough to take care of a baby..”
Nandu didn’t understand him n said-” yeh I m big enough to take care of a baby”
Manik coming close to her” ok so u want a baby.. Haannn.. ”
Nandu now understood him” manik no… Manik..”
Manik starts tickling her.. They fell on the bed.. Manik is still tickling her…
Nandu can’t control her laugh…

When suddenly there is a knock on the door..
Manan turn around..
Here they r all standing on the door step of the room.
Cabir,mukhti,Alya,druv,aryaman,navya, a line folding there hands..??
Cabir coughs.
Manik n Nandu straighten themselves..
Soo guys this was my prologue.. Hope u guys liked it… Plzzzzzzzzzz if u liked it then plzzzz comment coz if I get a good response then only I ll continue… N any suggestions are welcomed… Plzz if any confusion plz tell me.. I ll solve it…

Guys plzz comment..
Love all of u..
N I hope Praha,Sara,medhavi,n sindhu ll read this… Plz comment..

Credit to: Tash

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  1. Good tash

    1. Tq sunita aunty…. Ur comment Means a lot to me…

  2. TAsh… sweet sis….it’s really Nice…I luvd it…hoping a nice ff from u dear..all the best..luv u..

    1. Thanku so much Praha… Getting comment from writer lyk u means a lot..yes I ll not disappoint u…

  3. Hey its very nice pls continue yaar

    1. Thanks fazi… Yes I ll…

  4. Nice start. Waiting for ur next update. Manik taking care of Nandu Like a lil baby that’s sooooooo cute. Update soon 😀 😉

    1. Thanks mahi… Yes he treats Nandu as a small kid.. Next update tomorrow…tq

  5. Superb start…….
    plz plz plz continue….

    1. Tq kavya… Yah I ll surly continue… I hope u ll comment Lyk this always…

  6. Sindhu_Varma

    Tash it is superb start

    1. Tq sindhu… Tq for reading it… Mean a lot

  7. Reena

    Amazing prologue dear!! I loved all the parts!! Pls update soon dear!

    1. Tq reena… ll try to update soon.. Tq

  8. Very good start? continue the story….l loved it… Tash.

    1. Thanks mashiat….. ll surly continue

  9. hey its very nice
    continue the story

    1. Tq aana… Yeah m continuing.. Already updated the next part..

    2. Tq aana.. M continuing..

  10. It seems to be a very beautiful story tash ?

    1. Tq very much isha???

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