Kyy- I hate love (episode 9)

Isha dear this episode is dedicated to u as it was ur birthday yesterday.. So gift from my side to u…. Live a long n happy life.. N may I get this chance thousand more times to wish u a very happy b’day… Tq fr commenting always…Next part.. Episode 9..
This is a lil small so fr this sorry….

Next morning… Nandu woke.. Don’t know y but she was not feeling good n happy… She had an unknown feeling which was definitely not good….
She still got ready n went college….

In college she met navya and Aryaman… Trio decided to go n meet the fab5 in their jamming room as usual..
They went inside the jamming room but didn’t find fab5..
They walked out…
While walking through the corridors… They saw fab5 coming out of the principal’s office….
They walked towards them…

Navya-” cabir y were u guys in the principal’s room?”

Navya-” what happened?? Say na??””

Aryaman-” mukhti what happened?”

Aryaman-” y r u guys quit?”

Navya-” come on… Wth is wrong???”

Nandu-” shh…… Guys.. Guys.. Wait…”
She observes Manik… He is sad.. His face doesn’t have the mesmerising smile on it…
Nandu-” come all of u… Come to the jamming room”
Navya-” bt y?”
Nandu-” shh.. Jst walk”

They walk into the jamming room…

Manik Sat on the chair…

Nandu sits on her knees in front of him.. She cups his face with both the hands..
His head is bend low
Nandu-” Manik plzz say.. What happened y r u sad?” With a caring tone..
He looks at her….
( Bg music.. Jessie’s land song from ek deewana tha) ( guys this song is the music played it kyy… Plzz listen to this one.. N then tell me in the comment box.. Ur kyy memories will be refreshed)
Nandu-” come on.. Say!”

Everyone else looks at them and smiles…

Manik-” Nandu today we got a call in the principal’s office… U remember I told u that the principal asked us once to go on a tour of india to show our music..?”
Nandu-” yes!”
Manik-” principal told us about that.. N we said that we ll think… Then today he called us to take our decision… N we said……. We said”

Nandu-” u said yes?” Smiling

Manik-” yeah… Bt we took it..on.l.y..”

Nandu-” only fr ur courier? Still smiling..
Manik hesitatingly-” yes”
Nandu-” so u idiot.. Y r u sad?”

Manik-” bcoz…”
Nandu-” uff. Thinking that we must be feeling sad n bad?…. Manik u r such an idiot…. Y would we be sad… Ofcource we ll miss eo.. Nt that doesn’t mean that u all ll leave ur courier… Idiots fab5…( She slaps Manik’s head slowly… ) Manik we all will be so happy to see u guys doing success in life.. N friendship is different but at the same time… U need to do things for urself too na!! So chill… We all are very happy.. Hai na navya?”

Navya had tears in her eyes but a smile on her face too-” yeah.. We ll miss u guys a lot but ll also be veryyyyyyyyyyyy happy” wiping off her tears…

Nandu-” so when ll u guys go?”
Manik-” tomorrow morning!”
Nandu didn’t wanted them to leave so quick.. She was getting tears in her eyes but managed herself…
Nandu-” ok… So how many day…?”
Manik-” we will return on 25th December… Christmas Eve… N musicana will not be without us.. So I told my manager to extend the musicana solo round on 29th…”
Nandu-” gr8 then”
Nandu-” ok.. I ll see u guys.. Gtg.. Have my class..”
She was going out when Manik spoke…
Manik-” Nandu”
Nandu turned….

Manik-” will u miss me?” Sadness was clear on his face….
Nandu-” chaa.. I won’t miss u…” ( she said this as she didn’t wanted to make him sad)
She goes out….

Nandu runs to the washroom…
Locks herself…

Nandu was very shattered from inside.. Even she doesn’t know y… Friend go far.. But she was nt behaving like a friend… She didn’t show that to Manik but she was sad.. She was crying…

Nandu’s P. O. V (Bg music judai.. Plz plug in to enjoy more)

I walked into the washroom… Since morning I had a sad feeling… N I got to know it now y it was it….. I was sad… I don’t know y.. But I didn’t like the news… Yes I was happy for him.. Bt my heart wasn’t… It was crying… I gathered myself…. I told to myself….-” Nandu.. What r u doing.. Y r u sad.. U should be happy fr ur friend.. Y r u sad… They will be very successful after this na… Be happy… N u r crying…”
Jst then my heart spoke-” no I m not happy… I m sad… I said to Manik that I won’t miss him but I ll miss him a lot… I don’t know y this is happening.. I never behaved this way with anyone.. But now y with Manik… We have come very close to eo… Very very close… We r….”
When my mind said-” he is ur best friend ok… He is ur best friend…” I got it… He is my best friend.. N I ll miss my best friend… I wiped off my tears washed my face n stepped out..


In the jamming room

Navya-” ok so should also go.. I even have my class….”
All says bye
Navya was going nt suddenly turned around
Navya-” I ll miss u cabir”
Cabir ran n gave her a hug… ( Bg music.. Kabira)
Cabir-” I ll miss u too”

Navya goes wiping her tears…
Aryaman-” guys.. Best of luck.. We ll miss u.. Rock it..”
Hey goes behind Navya..

In the jamming room all were very sad….
All were sad….
Alya-” don’t know y.. This is very different… This never happened with us before…
These guys r sooo different…. Like no one made soo deep place in our hearts till now.. But they… They instantly made it.. With in a month… We became sooooo close… We all had girls day out… I, mukhti,Nandu,navya…. We enjoyed so much… N u boys had to stay at home… We in so less time came very much close… Till now we took all the opportunities in front of us without even thinking twice but now… Now we jst feel to reject that opportunity n stay with them… ”

Manik-” u r right Alya…”

Druv side hugs Manik…

Day ends in college…
Nandu goes home without meeting fab5 coz if she would meet him then she would cry then n there only…

Navya Aryaman.. Bids goodbye to fab5… Both of them wishes fab 5 luck… Manik wanted to see Nandu nt became sad seeing that she did not come to meet him…

Nandu was now in her home… She was restless.. She didn’t even eat her food… It was midnight… She was jst thinking about today.. What Manik told… She was trying to control herself from missing Manik but her heart was jst not listening to her…

Precap- manan first hug…
Hi hope u all liked it… I want lots and lots of comment today.. N tell me all did u hear that Jessie’s land wala music?? Plzz listen n then comment coz u ll definitely remember kyy after listening to that… So there is a twist in the tale.. What is ur opinion fr that…. Ignore typos,suggestions welcomed,criticism accepted… Plz voice ur opinion in the comment box…. I know I blubber a lot chala bye…

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