Kyy- I hate love (episode 8)

Episode 8 here… So with all ur sooooooo important comments I felt soooooooooooooooooooooooo good… That I ll continue n I hope u guys ll also continue commenting…. Let’s start….
Fab5 with Nandu practiced.. Days are passing… All started practicing for musicana.. The whole collage has another level of energy.. All the jamming rooms r filled with music… Every one r practicing hard… Musicana is coming close…
Fab5 n N2a practiced solo… Fab5 has prepared there band performance… It was some days left for musicana opening performance.. Manik n Nandu also had to prepare their duo performance…

Fab5 are in jamming room..
Manik-” guys I even have to practice with Nandu… So I ll call her n tell to come here for preparing for duo..”
He call Nandu
Manik-” Nandu u forgot about our duo performance”
Nandu-” no nt at all”
Manik-” then come to the jamming room.. We need to practice that too…”
Nandu-” ok!!”

Nandu came to fab5’s jamming room..
When suddenly the principal also comes there..
Manik-” what an unpleasant surprise.. Y r u here me principal”
Principal-” bcoz fab5 with nandini,navya,n Aryaman has to prepare a song on which u ll all have to dance… For the opening act of musicana..”
Manik-” yaar how can we manage all this together..”
Principal-” u r fab5 u can manage everything.. N Haan this all program ll not happen in one day nt ll take a whole 2 weeks.. Musicana ll be for 2 weeks… so u ll get days for ur performances..”
Manik-” still mr principal uk..??”
Principal whispers in Manik’s ears-” plz Manik beta”
Manik smirks
Manik-” ok”
Principal goes.

Nandu-” y is the principal so much afraid of u Manik?”
Manik-” coz after my mom this collage is on my name.. N legally I can anytime fire him.. My manager manages this collage n everything else… My dad is in Pune for business”
Nandu-” oh!!!”

Days passed n Manik n Nandu couldn’t practice for duo round.. As they were all busy in opening act…

It was the opening day of musicana..
All were very excited.. The college was full energetic… Everyone was busy with dresses.. Shoes..
In the boys room all were ready.. The theme was red n black…
All were ready…

While on the other hand girls were shill struggling with there dresses n shoes n accessories… All the girls got ready except Nandu as she was till now helping all the other girls to get ready…
Mukhti-” Nandu we all r going out.. When u r ready then come out! Ok!!”
Nandu-” ok”

All went out…

Nandu at last also almost got ready…

On the other hand Manik was passing from the girls room when he saw Nandu inside it…
He went in..
He saw Nandu wearing a red top.. With a long black skirt which had red colour border n patterns..which was showing lil of her waist.. She was wearing lil high heels of read colour.. Her hair was left open.. She had worn feather red earnings n on the waist she had a silver thin chain.. She was as usual lookin mesmerising… Manik was jst glaring at her.. She didn’t notice Manik as she was turning the other side of Manik…
Manik saw that she was struggling with the chain of the top…
She heard so foot steps..
Nandu-” navya u here??”
No reply
Nandu-” thank god u r here navya.. Plzz come na.. This chain is stuck.. Plz close this..
Manik thought to go out..
NAndu-” navya come on.. What are u doing..”
Manik thought to close the chain..
Manik went near her( imagine the situation of musicana opening night)
He touched her soft back.. Nandu now realised that it’s a mans hands.. She saw into the mirror hung beside them.. She saw Manik…
Manik slides his hands n touches her soft skin.. It sent shivers Down her body…
She closed her eyes..
He took all her hair from the back n puts it on her left shoulder…
He is continuously feeling her soft body.. She is tightly closing her eyes..
Manik slowly closed her chain…
Nandu now realised n turned around…
Manik Was jst looking at her…
Nandu saw Manik.. He was wearing a black blazer with black pants n Red t-shirt…
He was looking absolutely stunning n handsome…
Nandu PoV
Wow… Look at him he looks sooo handsome.. All the girls are crazy fr him bcoz of this only… All will die looking at him.. What expressions… His smile… Oh my god!… Wait Nandu.. U blind head.. What r u thinking… !! Jst focus on college”
Nandu-” Manik u?” She is really embarrassed now..
Manik-” ahh… Forget about me… U say.. U idiot changing ur dress while the gate is wide open..?”
Nandu not daring to look at Manik with shame.. Nandu-” woh sorry.. Actually all went n didn’t close the door n I forgot about that”
Manik-” Nandu it’s ok.. But remember to close it next time.. This time it was me but next time it maybe someone else also.. Ok!”
Nandu-” yah…… Well Manik we haven’t yet practiced for musicana duo round n it’s so close to us what ll we do?”
Manik-” don’t worry…we ll do it”
Nandu n Manik goes out.. All looks at both of them.. They both were looking as a cute n at the same time hot couple..
Cabir-” yaar u both should be in a affair… U guys look as a very perfect couple together”
Manik smiles..
Nandu blushes…

Musicana opening!!!!!!
It’s a beautiful stage.. With big led… Lots of audience… Ppl all over india have taken passes to attend the best college of india’s musicana festival….All the three judges are there sitting… The whole college is decorated like a bride… It’s absolutely beauty everywhere….

The anchor is vj galen…
-” hello n good evening to everyone present here… So as every year this tym also space academy brings to u the ULTIMATE MUSICANA…. So musicana is here.. With lots n lots of new stuffs… Today ll be the opening act of musicana which ll show u guys how the whole real musicana is going to be… We all say that musicana is a festival for space n ppl of space celebrate it… U all know y?…. Let me tell u guys.. Bcoz it’s jst not a competition bt a time where ppl unite with music.. Feel music… Live music… It not jst about winning by also about celebrating music…. Of course winning is the ultimate thing at last bt the ppl who don’t win, they don’t loose but celebrate the space of music…!! So lets bang on with the opening act of musicana which is brought to u by the ultimate winners till now fab5 who r accommodated by nandini navya n Aryaman…!! Put ur hands up n give a round of applause for all of them comeon!!!”

All shouts ppl r shouting…
-” they want a count down so ppl come on count with me..”









All the lights switched off..

Four boys are standing in spot lights.. With four girls..
First spot is mukhti and Aryaman…
Second spot is druv and Alya
Third spot is Manik n Nandu
Fourth spot is cabir and navya..
( so guys imagine druliya and manan r in centre)

Mukhti-” kehte hai loosing is not a big deal…”
Aryaman-” but think twice”

Alya-” here in space.. Things are not the same”
Druv-” but very very different”

Nandu-” in space.. We are all here only to win.. N we all space students believe in no pain no gain”
Manik-” all the space students are born winners… N loosing is a bad word in our dictionary… So here we all are to show the world what we space students have got”

Navya-” so come on every one… Join us in this small phase of time where we ll show u all our talent”
Cabir-” this ll be a small glimpse of the life we space students live.. So hook on ur belts n get ready for an amazing ride”

Manik sings disco deewane… All dance.. Enjoy….. The part of song ishq wala love…
Manik sings.. Manik holds nandu’s waist… She keeps her hands on his shoulders.. They dance romantically…
Abhi even he doesn’t know y feel jealous seeing mukhti dance with Aryaman n mukhti feels the same….

They end their performance…
Ppl shouting.. Hooting… Crowd is crazy all clapss
Ppl are shouting once more.. Once more…

All goes back stage…

Anchor-” ok ok… Guys hold on… So this was an incredible performance… U see they must be very tired after this awesome performance but guys hold on… U all will get this type of performances n even more good in this musicana festival.. Truly this performance shows what will be the level of musicana this year!!!”
Ppl are shouting n clapping…
Judge1-” after this performance I m quit excited for this festival..”
Judge2-” yeah we r looking forward for a Marvellous musicana this year”
Judge3-” u r right… N this was the start then climax ll be out of the world”

Anchor-” u r right judges.. So let me tell u the process this year.. To choose ur winners this tym as our team realised that audience are very important so this tym audience has got power to choose the winners…
Yeah I k u all must be very excited.. So 50% will be our judges opinion n 50% ll be our audiences choice!! Excited?? Crazy isn’t it?!!!”
” so now the question is that how ll u audience choose ur winner?….. So let me tell u.. There ll be messaging codes for all the participants… All the audience ll vote for ur favourite contestant for solo,duo and band round…!!!”
-” so for today this was the end but all of u stay tuned.. Next part ll be solo competition… On 2/12/14 December… See u all there”

Fab5 n N2a were really very excited bt they decided to rest at their homes coz they would have a tough day tomorrow….

Nandu goes home…
She changes in her night clothes and then lays on her bed…
She thinks( I m not behaving as a friend with Manik… Means today what happened was not right… U r here for some purpose Nandu… U only have to study… Study n study… Don’t forget u have to be super successful doctor nothing else… U have to be in ur limits Nandu… N u hate this love got it!!”

Manik wAs at home… He thinks( this Nandu na she is really very cute… When I m next to her.. I feel very attracted to her.. God she is making me crazy…!)

Cabir gets a call from navya… They talk for long time…. Cabir-” ok.. Madhubala good night”
Navya-” good night”

Mukhti was thinking about abhi…( this abhi he was continuously staring at me.. He is soo different … So unique.. Not like the other boys)

Abhi was also whole night thinking about mukhti…

Druv and Alya were chatting with eo whole night….

It was a happy time… Some were confused.. Some were falling for eo… This was a mixed emotion time for many… Space musicana had not only brought competition but many new emotions for ppl who ll feel it for the first time…

Precap- fab5 comes out of the principals office n searches for N2a…
Manik says something which makes N2a very sad.. Specially Nandu….

So this was for today.. Hope u all liked it.. Ignore typos… Suggestions welcomed… Criticism excepted… Plzzzzzzz keep commenting like this only… Plzzzzzz love all my lovely n dear readers…. U all r very imp for me… N Haan after some episodes things ll not be the same with manan n everyone…. So stay tuned for a super twist in the story….

How many Of u r from Banglore or have visited Banglore??????

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