Kyy – I hate love (episode 7)

Episode 7 here…. Sorry fr being late… Apologies…
Many days passed everything was ver well… Fab 5 n N2a had come very very close… They chilled together,partied together..
It was 15/11/14 ( m sorry guys fr confusing u guys with dates but I have to keep the dates coz it playes an important role)

Fab5 n N2a were together in fab5’s jamming room chilling…

Voice from the speaker…
-” attention to all the student of space… As every year this year also musicana is coming… So fr all the performers.. This is to inform u that the ppl interested in participating in this competition.. Assemble in the auditorium.. In half n hour.”

Manik-” fr all who wants to waste their time n be sporty plzz do come in the audi..?

Nandu innocently-” y?”
Manik-” bcoz..w”
Cabir interrupted..
Cabir-” coz like all the years we r gonna win.. So ppl who come r either showing themselves sporty.. Taaki bad mein Keh sake.. We at least come petted against fab5 or the ppl who have no work..”
Manik smirks…
Nandu-” but don’t u think everyone should try..?”
Manik-” try Karne mein there is no problem but winners r right in front of u”
Nandu-” don’t be over confident”
Manik-” oh so will u come-Peet me..” Walking close to her..
Nandu-” don’t challenge me.. Maybe..”
Manik comes very close to her.. Micrometer distance left between their both’ faces..
Manik-” let’s see..” He whispers in her ears..”
Nandu-” o..o.k..!”
She walks out..
Manik smirks..
Every one else r smiling seeing both of them…

Every one was in the auditorium except fab5…..
Navya n Aryaman were also present there… Everyone was talking… Throwing papers n chits…
Principal comes to the podium…
The principal comes on the podium…..
Everyone still talking…
Principal mummers-” kya respect hai.. M here n still they all r busy in their own life… I m principal just for name sake….”???
Principal switches on the Mike…
Principal-” attention everyone…”
Ppl r still in their own world..
Principal-” my dear students plz pay ur very precious attention…!!”
No one listens to him again…
Principal frustrated-” shouts(attention everyone one… I m ur insulted n non important principal speaking…!!”
The Mike makes an ear piercing sound..
Everyone makes yes sir…
Principal-” so I here unfortunately standing in front of u all for giving u very important news about musica…
Someone interrupts -” musicana right….!!
Guy-” wow musicana announcement without us!!..”
Principal-” aahh.. No.. N.. No.. Manik I…. I just didn’t notice that u all r not present here…”
Cabir-” sir if we would have been here na.. Then u wouldn’t have been able to speak even a single line…”
Alya n mukhti giggles… Druv makes a U R RIGHT CABIR face….
Navya whispers in Aryaman’s ears-” sir me Manik n gang me samne phat it hai..”
They both laugh silently…

Manik with gang walks n sits in the front row…
All had kept place fr the respect fab5…
Manik looks around n sees that Nandu is not present in the audi…
He smirks… -” I knew she won’t come”

Principal-” so as we all know we r here for the information about musicana… Like every year we with lots of new n creative stuffs will this year also celebrate musicana… Let me tell u all.. That…”
Nandu standing on the door of the audi..-” excuse me sir”
All looks at the main door…
Principal-” for god sake will any one let me speak what I have got…”
Manik-” god don’t ask u to speak all this..”
All laughs…
Nandu-” sir can I get in”
Principal-” yes.. Y not this is ur own house.. Y do u need to ask me… Even I have to ask n come here.. Who m I to allow u?” Now principal is very frustrated…
Principal-“fab5 unfortunately today someone has broken ur record to come the last ever where.. That so sad news”
Manik-” m so sorry MR PRINCIPAL… I won’t let that happen again…”
Nandu quietly walks.. She was going up to sit beside navya when suddenly she stopped beside Manik’s chair..
Manik looks at her..
Nandu-” sorry Manik but u r wrong.. I came..!!”
Manik raises his eyebrows… Thinks( how does she know what I was thinking)
Nandu goes n sits beside navya….

Principal-” soo this year… This musicana will not just be between bands but there ll be several rounds.. The first round ll be a solo round in which is necessary fr all the participants I.e the ppl who ll performance duo ll also sing solo n same with the ppl in band.. The second round ll be duo round which is optional.. Each person participating ll have a partner.. Well this is so obvious.. I don’t know y m I telling this… Any ways.. Moving on……N the last round ll be band round… As usual.. Manik ll u plzz look here rather that looking at her….( Manik turn n gives a dead glare to principal…) ahh.. Soo Manik I want a favour form u…”
Manik-” u sure u want a favour from me…????” Raising an eyebrow..
Principal-” uff I.. A.. Have o..o.only asked fr a favour.. N … Favour … Is …. By me only….”
Manik-” ok so speak up…”
Principal-” so as u all know fab5 from last 3 years r continuously winning this troupe.. So I think Manik u guys r very talented…”
Nandu thinks( oh.. So this is y he is soo confident..)
Manik-” any doubts?”
Principal-” no… Ah.. That’s what I said.. So I m asking a favour..”
Manik-” uff mr principal plzz come to the main point…”
Principal-” ok.. I k u boys n girls r very talented.. N Ik that u all can manage.. I want u Manik to preform the duo round too.. Bcoz no doubt u r the best singer of the college till now.. So we want our college reputation to be high… So I want u to preform in duo too..”
Manik-” I can perform in duo nt I don’t have a partner…”
Now fab5 ll show tantrums..
Principal-” mukhti is there na.. She sings good…”
Mukhti-” I just sing the girl part in the performance.. I m not a singer so plzzz”
Principal-” ok… I k Manik u with u I need the best singer of the college.. So plz if all can find a good partner fr u”
Manik-” that’s no big deal… But first tell me is it u only who wants me to preform in duo round or someone else?”
Principal-” uff… Ok I k I cannot hide anything from u… All the au authority members wanted this”
Manik-” ok.. I ll find a partner fr. Me see u soon mr principal”

All goes out of the audi…
Principal-” yaar this Manik.. N his gang.. I just hope I never meet him again today” wipes his sweat n goes…

Manik-” Nandu…. ”
She turns..
Manik-” do u wanna be my partner fr the duo round?”
Nandu-” y did u remember me now?.. That time was toh only u were good na”
Manik-” come on say now”
Nandu-” does it matter?.. First u tell me.. Do u want me to sing with u?”
Manik-” ahh… If I wouldn’t hav wanted they y would I ask u?”
Nandu smiles.. Now she ll show tantrums-” ok.. But I want to listen from ur mouth.. That u want me to preform with u!!!”
Manik-” guys u go… I m just coming..”
All laughs n goes..
Manik takes small steps towards Nandu… He is slowly coming close to her…. Nandu is now lil scared.. She takes small steps back.. She collides with the wall…
Manik now comes very close to her.. Their body brushes.. Nandu’s body had an chills down.. Now Manik pressed her body with his.. Nandu became sandwich between Manik n the wall… Manik comes very close to her ears n says-” yes.. I want u to sing with me!! So ll u?”
He kisses her cheeks n goes… Nandu-” Manik”
He turns around
Nandu-” I ll join u in the jamming room after half n hour…”
Manik smiles…

Cabir-” guys u all go to the jamming room I’ll jst come with a bottle of water..”

Cabir goes in the canteen.. Cabir sees navya there…
He goes n sits beside her… They talk for 10 mins.. Cabir looks at his watch-” oh shit I forgot all r waiting fr me.. I gtg.. ”
Navya-” ok.. Go see u soon bye”
Cabir goes but suddenly turns around-” with u time flies so fast.. I like talking to u”
Navya blushes..

Mukhti-” yaar where is this cabir.. Now toh even Manik came.. Guys u wait I ll go get him”

Mukhti while going again collides with the same guy… Mukhti-” uffff.. Yaar m so sorry again…”
Guy-” it’s ok..”
Mukhti-” how r u now.. Ur wound is ok?… Actually in all this I forgot to ask u.. Who r u?”
Guy-” hello I m abhimanyu singh.. But friends call me abhi….I have come this year only … N u r mukhti right… U play too good guitar in ur band…”
Mukhti-” hey tq.. Not so he meeting u nt nyc meeting u again!!”
Mukhti-” so m really sorry fr that day”
Abhi-” hey hey.. Plzzz don’t say sorry again n again.. I don’t like girls like u saying sorry.. So plzz in fact I loved the way u behaved that day.. Plz be like that only”
Mukhti-” tq.. U r really different.. Oh.. Shit I gtg. My friends must be waiting.. Bye see yah!”
Abhi-” bye” smiles

Mukhti goes back to the jamming room…
All r present there.. Fab4 n Nandu…
Aly-” why is this yaar Mukhti.. First Manik went then cabir n when all came u were nt there.”
Mukhti-” ok sorry guys.. I got stuck.. Vo guy.. I met him again.. He is good.. His name is abhimanyu singh friend call him abhi… N I said sorry to him”

Manik-” that’s gr8″
Druv-” ok then let start practicing….
All-” here we gooooooo”
So this was nt so long but I ll try n give a long one soon… Guys pllzzzzzzzzz comment I need it… In my first or second episode I got 15 comments I thought it ll increase but it seems to decrease day by day… Is it too boring.. Should I stop it?.. Idk… If I get this response more then I ll discontinue this ff… Sorry to say that.. Sorry if I was rude.. But manan fan jag on rad my ff.. There is a very interesting plot in upcoming episodes.. Plzzz comment… Love u all..ignore typos.. Suggestions welcomed.. Criticism accepted… But plz comment.. Love u all

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