Kyy- I hate love (Episode 6)

Hello there.. Episode6 here…
Mukhti untangles her locket with the shirt n stands…
The guy also stood…
Mukhti-” hey u idiot.. Bl***y blind head…. How dare u kiss me? Haan I ll kick ur a**.. U stupid.. “.
-” do u even know what u have tried to do..”
Guy-” sorry it was a mistake”
Mukhti-” ohhhhoo…plzzzz stop giving ur bl***y excuses.. It was not a mistake.. It’s a crime which u have done… Till now without my permission no one on this earth has touched me… Who r u?? Have u come from out of the world..? Haan”

Guy-” sorry but it was ur fault”
Mukhti-” how dare u say that?”

She holders his collar..
Guy-” see I m talking politely with u doesn’t mean that u ll do anything”
Mukhti-” u think so… Let me show u what I can do n ll do”

Mukhti punches him hard..
The guy’s mouth starts bleeding..

Navya n Aryaman were passing when they heard mukhti’s voice so came there…
Navya-” wait wait wait… What is going on here?”
Aryaman-” n y is he bleeding?”

Mukhti-” bcoz he tried to kiss me n after that argued with me too”

Aryaman holds his collar..
Mukhti was watching all that…
Aryaman n Navya were continuously abusing him..
He was just standing still n looking deep into mukhti’s eye.. As if asking her to stop all this..
Mukhti felt bad for him n said-” wait guys… Had enough of this… Stop now..”
Aryaman-” no.. Just look at him.. He is still glaring at u.. Let me make him realise what he has done-”
Mukhti now started feeling bad.. Aryaman was about to hit him when mukhti said-” stop Aryaman…. I.. M…..… Ok! (Takes a deep breath) I m sorry..!”
Aryaman n navya looked shocked at mukhti…
Mukhti now felt that it was unnecessary to hit him coz it was actually no one’s fault..

She said everything to navya n Aryaman…
Aryaman n navya together hit their head with their hand..
Mukhti gives him her scarf.. N said-” sorry.. Wipe ur blood now”

Mukhti knew that just a sorry was nt enough.. But to her surprise it was actually enough..

Guy-” it’s ok…”

Mukhti-” what?.. Repeat again!”

Guy-” ya I said it’s ok… I didn’t feel bad at all… In fact I felt very good”
Mukhti-” u felt good to get a punch?”
Guy-” no.. To see a girl fight for herself.. That so good… If all the girls r like u na then there would never be crime with any of the girl in the world.. So chill….
N I didn’t fight coz I know that if u r mature enough to protect urself then u even mature to see what is right n wrong.. N u saw it… U stopped him from hitting me… If he would have hit me na.. Then also I would have taken it with a smiling face.. N would take it till u urself wouldn’t have stopped him…”
The guy smiles n goes wiping his blood off..

Mukhti turns behind n sees him walk n smiles…

Aryaman whispers in navya’s ears-” what a guy?.. Seriously… Awesome.. N I think mukhti is impressed from him”
Navya-” hmm…. Let’s see…”

Navya-” so mukhti y didn’t u call us? I mean u could have called us instead of walking to us…”
Mukhti-” oh! Shit m soooooooo big dumbstruck girl…. Wth is wrong with me… I would have called u both na… Shit.. It just got slipped from my mind in excitement”

Fab4 n Nandu waiting…
Manik-” wth is wrong with mukhti… Y is she taking so much time”

All the 3 comes there..
Mukhti-” stup up Manik.. M back”
Manik-” what took u so long?”

Mukhti looks at Aryaman n navya…

Navya tell everything to them…
They kept looking at Mukhti…
Mukhti hiding her face….

All busted into flood of laughter….
They both kissed…
Mukhti-” no shut up u guys.. It’s just a lip peck..” Frowns..

Nandu-” bt poor guy..”
Alya-” who is he?”
Mukhti-” how would Ik who he is?”
Cabir still laughing n could anyhow speak-” areee means u kissed him n didn’t even ask his name?” Hahahaa?????
Manik too laughs..
Alya-” shut up u guys.. I mean seriously u didn’t ask his name even?”
Mukhti-” no… Coz he just like a hero… Said the superb n unbelievable lines n walked out…”☹️
Manik laughing-” now he became ur hero also?”
Mukhti-” enough of u guys… We r here fr different thing… I ll tell sorry to him some other time.. When I meet him next… Nandu n Manik now come on start ur orchestra…”
(A/n plzzzzzzzzzzzplzzzzz I recommend plz do hear this song it awesome….)

Fab 5 playes music….
Manik playes the first electric guitar cords..

Tu chale sang chale sabhi gul

Apna hai ye khayaal
Apna hai ye khayaal (x2)

Hai aisa lage wahaan roz khile gul
Jahaan tera aana jaana
Hai aisa lage gul ghalati se ban gaye
Rab ne tha tujhe banana
Ye mehaka mausam, husn ka aalam
Hai teri hi parchaai
Apna hai ye khayaal
Apna hai ye khayaal

Tu chale sang chalein sabhi gul
Apna hai ye khayaal
Apna hai ye khayaal

First Nandu was hesitating but then started….

(sargam by shreya ghoshal/ Nandu…)

Tu na jaane
na.. na jaane
na.. na na re

Jaana tera khayal, jaana tera kya haal
Tere jiya ki taal surmayi
Aankhon mein hai shabaab
Jaise khile gulaab
Dekhe aise hi khwab hum kayi

Tere aane se yaar aisa aaya nikhaar
Jaise aayi bahaar ho nayi
Tere hothon ke jaam peelun subah shaam
Tu toh mera hi naam ho gayi

Meri duniya mein tune hai rang bhara
Mere saath ye duniya dekh zaraa
Meri tu hi toh hai pyaari duniya, saari duniya
Mere hum-kadam…

Tu chale, sang chalein sabhi gul
Apna hai ye khayaal
Apna hai ye khayaal

They ended the song… Every one gave them a round of applause…. After they ended they saw many ppl standing outside the room n clapping….
Manik n Nandu had a big smile on their face…

Cabir-” yaar u guys together r just a pleasure to hear…. Ears pleasing voice…”
Alya-” Manik’s melodies n addictive voice when combines with nandu’s sweet n sugary voice n gr8 music creates performance which is just OUT OF WORLD”
Mukhti-” lovedddddddddd it guys”
Manik n Nandu together-” tq”
They look at eo….

Precap– musicana announcement…!!!!!!!!!

So I hope u guys r taking my advice to plug in the song while reading????
Any ways I hope u guys liked it…. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz I want everyone’s comment… If any silent reader…. I want their comment too.. See comments encourage me to write next part even more good.. So need all those…
As always Plzz keep commenting n I ll keep entertaining.. Ignore typos.. Suggestions welcomed criticism accepted…. Love all of u tc stay tuned.. Bye
By- tash

Credit to: Tash

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