Kyy- I hate love (Episode 4)

Sooo fr all my lovely n favourite readers…
Here goes episode 4..
Manik with gang went home… After that whole day Manik was thinking only about Nandu….
Even Nandu was thinking about Manik..

Next day….

Manik is sleeping on his king size bed..
He gets a call..
He does not pick the call…
Almost after more 5 calls he finally picked it up..
Manik in sleep-” hellooo”
Phn-” uth ja.. It’s afternoon.. We missed 3 hrs of college..”
Manik still in sleep-” cabir? … It’s nothing new..” N cuts the call..
He was going to switch himself off again but thank god his Phn blinked…
Manik-” uff.. He won’t let me sleep peacefully..”
On Phn cabir-” we have a meeting today with princi at 2pm. So get going..”

Manik finally get off his bed n walks lazily to the restroom..
He comes out…

Manik is standing infront of his mirror adjusting the sleeves of his blazer..
He is wearing a white t-shirt n denim blue jeans with a dark blue blazer… ( n trust me he is luking too handsome..) he combs his hair..
He takes his watch n the keys of his Audi TT coupe.. N goes..
(A/n sorry but have to show how rich he is)

In college…

Fab 5 was walking towards their jamming room…

Manik gets a pat on his shoulder…
Manik turns back..
Nandu-” hey Manik… Good morning..!!”
Manik is mesmerised looking at her.. (Early in the morning she is shining soo bright… She is wearing a Short white n pink Kurti.. With a white leggings..She looks fresh like a full grown flower… Her sun kissed face looks absolutely perfect…
Manik-” hey good morning.. U look so good today” ( it slipped out of his tongue.)
Nandu blushes n looked at him…
Manik is also looking at her… Intensely..
Both of them continuously looking at eo…
( Bg music is their world famous kyy manan tune)
They have an intense eye lock… Which is unfortunately broken by cabir..
Cabir-” hmmm.. (Cabir sings) aakhon hi aakhon mein ishare Ho Gaye..”
Manik n Nandu r embarrassed…

Nandu thinks( what is wrong with u.. This is nt what u r here for… Focus on ur studies.. That’s it.. Aaiyapa???..)

Nandu is walking in the corridors… Navya n Aryaman comes..
Navya-” so now u have got ur new famous friends na so u left us..” Making a sad face..
Nandu-” noooo it nt that.. I was actually doing some formalities of my admission coz I came in very hurry na n I had to catch up with studies so I didn’t get time to do many thing in these days”
Aryaman-” ok so let’s go to the canteen then”
They go to the canteen…

Fab5 does their meeting with the princi… The meeting was about fab5 going fr a tour to many cities of india n do concert.. Fab5 said that they ll think about it..)

Few days passed.. N2a was now going close to fab5.. They spent most of their times together fab 5 would never jell up with someone so fast but N2a seems to be different as they made place for them in fab5’s heart very fast…… Soon exams passed… As usual fab4 navya n Aryaman cheated… While on the other hand Manik n Nandu wrote the exam sincerely….

It was 12/11/14

Nandu was going home as her biochemistry teacher was absent..

She was walking from the corridor of the jamming rooms…

When she suddenly heard a sound…
She heard it carefully..
She followed the music..
Now she was very close to it.. She was mesmerised by the music…
She followed it n saw that the sound was coming from room no. 5 I.e fab5’s jamming room…
Nandu thinks( is this fab5 practicing… I never heard their song before I guess bcoz they did not practiced as exams were on our head n Manik is sincere for exams…. God knows………. If yes then I want to listen to them)

Nandu walks into the room…

Precap- Nandu clapping… -” u guys were superb…”

Soo fr some episode there r no surprises n suspense… What u guys ll guess that only ll happen… But as the story goes ahead.. Surprises n suspense r there waiting….
Hope u guys liked it…
I know it was not so good bt nxt one ll be interesting…
If liked it plzzzzzzzzzz comment coz I need it n I feel really good reading ur so precious n awesome comment.. N I feel encouraged by u all. So tq fr commenting n plz keep commenting n I ll keep entertaining….Criticism accepted, ignore typos.. Suggestions r welcomed.. ( I know I blabber so much.. Sorry fr that) today update was small I know but I ll try to make the nxt one big… Tq

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  1. Mahi13

    Amazing epi.
    Manan 1st eyelock was superb.
    Update soon n take care 😉

    1. Tq so much mahi…. ??

  2. Superb episode. ???????
    MANAN scenes were awesome
    Waiting eagerly for the next update……..

    1. Tq kyy…. I have already uploaded.. They r not publishing it…

  3. please write long parts but as usual it was superb…. 🙂

    1. Tq isha… Actually I m quit busy so couldn’t write long.. Sorry..

      1. ohh don’t be sorry 🙂

  4. Sindhu_Varma

    Tash dates are quite confusing ? Nd today’s epi is lovely ?

    1. Tq sindhu…. I keep that in mind… I won’t confuse u next time…

      1. Sindhu_Varma

        Ur welcome tashu

  5. Great episode
    Pls update soon

    1. Tq Lara… Next one already uploaded… Nt yet published…

  6. Praha

    TAsh I need a favour from u

    1. Yah say praha!!! U can ask any favour…

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