Kyy- I hate love (Episode 3)

Hey every one… Tq soo much for ur response… N guys I won’t disappoint u all..
This is episode3
So let’s start-
Manik n Nandu were talking on random topics…
Manik-” ok so u r from manglore..”
Nandu-” yeah!”
Suddenly cabir came..
He saw Manik talking with a girl…
Cabir gave an evil smirk…

Cabir jumped in between them…
Cabir-” so Manik this was what u were going to study?”
” or I should say she was teaching u..”
Manik-” uff…. ( Bhagwan kisi ko bhe bhej dete but got him only Kya?) cabir just stop it.. Before u speak anything let me tell u… I was going to the library..”
Cabir interrupts-” oho…. Giving clarification Haan… Now it 100%.. Daal mein much kaala hai….” Laughing…
Manik-” shut up u idiot… I was going to the library when we crashed with eo so I helped her pick up her books..”
Cabir-” ok Manik come on now.. We have to attend our class..”
Manik-” oh my god!. When did u get the idea of attending classes?”
Cabir-” vo I thought I ll nt cheat this tym..”
Manik started laughing..
Manik-” this was ur first n the last good joke”
Cabir-” aacha stop it… Actually our lab teacher got fired n a new teacher is here n she is really very ho… U got it na.. So I m going..”
Manik made a face lyk u cheaper…?
Cabir-” well who r u pretty girl?”
Nandu-” hi sir… I m nandini.. N I m ur very big fan… Oh my god! I m sooooo happy to meet u mr.. Aa.. Hmm”
Manik confusingly-” cabir?”
Nandu-” yeah mr cabir… U sing really very good… I love it….”
Manik now totally confused-” hello he does not sing I sing… He is the drummer.. N y r u behaving like a typical girl fan all of a sudden?”
Cabir laughing…
Nandu-” when I didn’t recognise u.. U felt bad na soo that’s y… I thought cabir sir ll also feel bad…”
Both started laughing…
Nandu frowned..
She noticed how cutely Manik laughs.. N smiles seeing that…
Cabir-” see nandini we never feel bad when ppl don’t recognise us.. Actually we feel better.. Coz In front of them we don’t have to be like celebs n we like being normal rather than being treated as stars.. N u stop calling me sir…”
Nandu becomes happy listening to that..
Nandu-” thanks. Ok I gtg.. U guys carry on… Bye”
Manik-” bye… See u soon”
Cabir laughs sarcastically..

Nandu goes…
Cabir-” come on now..”
Manik-” yah u go I m coming.. Ll take my book from library n come..”
Cabir-” ok”

Classes r going ok… Fab4 r throwing chits there n there… Manik is focusing…
Nandu opposite to Manik is also concentrating….
Class over…
Fab5 went out from the first gate.. N Nandu, navya n aryaman from second gate…

Fab5 went to canteen..

All were chilling… Fab4 were talking.. Pulling legs of eo.. But Manik seems to be busy in his own thoughts… Thinking about nandini…
Cabir whispers in Druv’s ears-” look at him… Till now I m sure he is dreaming about that girl only..”
Druv passes it to alya’s ears n Alya passes it to mukhti…
They laugh..
Cabir coughs..-” hmmhum hmm.. Uhoo..
Manik gives no reaction..
Druv-“mr majnu gone..”
Mukhti-” Manik… What happened…?
Manik in dreamy tone-” what Alya..?”
Mukhti-” Manik I m mukhti.. U forgot me… Sleeping or what?”
Manik back into senses…
Manik-” no… What.. Never mukhti.. How can I forget my sweet sis?”

Cabir-” now I m sure.. Puri daal hi Kali hai… Mukhti n sweet…” ??
Then suddenly Manik spots Nandu…
Manik-” here she is…”
Manik-” hey Nandu….”
Nandu turns n saw Manik…
Navya whispers in nandu’s ears-” how does the Manik malhotra know u? How???”
Manik-” come here..”
Nandu-” I ll tell u later.. Now u come with me…”
Navya-” what no… I m so nervous… They didn’t call me!”
Nandu-” ok then I ll go”
Navya-” noooo wait I wanna meet them.. Chalo ”
Nandu-” Aryaman stop laughing n come with us..”
Aryaman-” as u say Nandu madam…”
Manik-” come on… What r u thinking… Come”
Nandu-” yeah coming..”

(A/n- guys Nandu,navya n aryaman together ll be called N2a)

N2a goes at fab5’s table…

Manik-” she is Nandi…n..”
Alya-” so she is only nandini Haan”
Manik-” yes”
Mukhti-” hmmm manik ‘s so called Nandu…”

Mukhti n Alya roam around her..
Both r checking out Nandu..
Nandu is scared…

Alya-” so cabir she is totally what u told..”
Alya touching her Kurti..

Cabir-” girls u r scaring her..”

Mukhti n Alya together-” u were right cabir she is sooooooooooo………….


N both starts laughing…. Cabir, Manik n druv too joined them..

Nandu felt relaxed..
( thank god I left a good impression on them)

Manik-” well how do u know her?”

Fab4 looks at eo…
Alya-” vo in the class…”
Mukhti-” cabir told us”
Druv-” by passing chits..”

Manik gave wth look…

Aryaman coughs…-” guys we r also there.. Right navya”
Aryaman shakes hands with everyone…

-” hi, I m Aryaman khurrana.. I m new here… Mid sessions admission bcoz of my dad..
I m a big fan of fab5… U guys r killers..”

Cabir pointing towards navya-” is she dumb?”
Nandu-” nooo…. Navya what happened to u… Speak up?”
Nandu whispers in navya’s ears-” plz behave normal lyk Aryaman.. They don’t lyk mad fans..”
Navya-” hi fab5″
She shakes hands with cabir..
Navya-” oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!….. I m sooo happy…”
” ok m sorry… Hi everyone…. I m navya naveli… I m in this college form 1 year but I couldn’t get the chance to meet u…”
Cabir-” we r so sorry for that..”
Mukhti-” yaar actually it’s not possible for us to meet all r fans”
Navya-” ohhhh… We completely understand.. U don’t worry…”
Alya-” thanks..”

All this while Manik didn’t speak a word n was just looking at Nandu… Her expression…
How she smiles… How she makes faces….
He was just admiring Nandu…
While Nandu also noticed that n felt a lil uncomfortable..

Cabir-” so guys ll meet u tomorrow… Coz we r heading manik’ house for our everyday jamming session… ”
Druv-” yah nyc meeting u guys…”
Alya-” yah u guys r really fun to be with..”
Mukhti-” bye guys..”
All bid bye to eo n leave…

Manik is still standing there…
Nandu-” bye Manik.. Goo.. Don’t u have to go with ur friends”

Cabir comes back-” yes he has to go with us.. Bye..”
Cabir drags Manik….

Precap- manan first eye lock… Fab4 n N1a saw it… Nandini Heard some music..

So this was a longggggggggggg update.. I hope u guys ll be happy for this…
Sooo I m now going lil slow but after 1 or 2 episode it will get fast n story ll move on..
Coz before building story I need to give all info so it taking time… Hope u guys didn’t get bored… Sorry if u were bored..Love u all…
Thanks for so much support..
N I m very glad to get comments from the writers of other superb ffs….
Keep supporting.. Ll keep entertaining…
Criticism accepted, ignore typos.. Suggestions r welcomed..

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  1. Nice update. Ur ff isn’t boring at all. It’s really interesting. Keep going 😉

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    Tash awesome wala update tha or superb bhi or ?? mast bhi

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  3. Awesome cudnt stop laughing fr nandu’s behaviour wid cabir…mast update

    1. Tq so much nee.. Even I laughed while writing that part… Imagining that

  4. Day by day ye or bhi jada interesting hoo raha h…….

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    Awesome episode dear! I loved it!!

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    Hey Tash! So finally I am here, reading your fanfiction. Sorry, but I never watched KYY(a big sorry to all KYYfans if I did hurt you by saying this) but I do know about some of the characters. I must say it’s wonderful and really funny, I read all the episodes in a go. Please do continue. ?❤️

    1. It’s ok if u didn’t watch kyy.. Even I don’t watch swaragini but I still like ur ff… Coz it includes parth… N story of ur ff is g8… U know after kyy ended this fanfic is the only thing for us to keep us happy… Gm also mtv wale block kardete hai… I seriously love kyy to infinity n after it ended I watch all the repeated episodes in voot.. N never get bored… I wish swaragini never ends so that u be happy…

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    First ff n its too good, u r born talented ?

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