Kyy- I hate love (Episode 2)


Hey guys.. This is my 2 episode…
M soooooooo glad that many of u liked it…
Plzz continue commenting n ll continue entertaining u all…
So guys this is only the start n there is lot to go.. So ppl who didn’t liked it.. Hang on.. I ll even impress u all…
Let’s start..

Manik rolled his eyes n went from the canteen…

Girl2 was coming out of the library.. She had many books in her hand n becoz of that she was getting dis-balanced..
On the other hand manik busy in his Phn walking to the library…

Girl2 while walking suddenly bumped into a hard n strong body.. All her books fell down but thx to her luck …the guy she bumped into held her by her waist not letting her fall n get embarrassed in front of everyone..

Yes that guy was non other than our very own Manik..(n now I know all have guessed the girl too)
Her hair was covering her face hiding it from Manik..

Manik’s P.O.V

While I was walking to the library I bumped into a very soft n mini body..
N to her luck I instantly held her by her waist… I could feel the soft waist of hers below the thin Kurti she was wearing..
Her hair hiding her face from me.. She immediately straighten herself..
She bend down to pick her books… Even I bend down to help her..
She spoke-” u idiot.. These eyes.. God has given it to u to look around while walking n not just stick it on ur Phn.”
. I immediately looked at her in anger…
Then she gave a jerk to her head..putting all her hair in the opposite shoulder…
Now I could clearly see her face…
She was so mesmerising.. Her eyes were sparkling.. Her hair were free like a bird in the sky.. Her soft n slightly pink cheeks… Her cute,small n sharp nose… Taking all the books in her hand she stood n l did the same..
Now she was giving me a fade smile which made me go crazy.. She was continuously speaking something but I didn’t give heed to that..
It was like a film scene.. Every thing was going in slow motion.. I know it’s nt possible in real life but yes it seemed to be like that.. She was so….
Ohh wait Manik WTH r u thinking.. Idiot…
Have u left ur brain in Banglore.. How can u just imagine so many things about a random girl.. N u idiot.. U were checking her out..
I hope she didn’t caught u..
When suddenly I heard her clicking her fingers in front of me… I came back into senses..

**END OF P.O.V**

Girl2( I know it sounding weird but her name ll be revealed soon)-” hello.. R u even listening to me..??”
Manik-” yeah of course… ”
Manik thinks( woh that was different.. She was the first n the last person I guess in space except my friends who didn’t behave weird n behaved as if I m a normal person)
Girl2- ” don’t lie…”
Manik gave all the books he had in his hands..
Girl2-” thanks.. U know I m soooo sorry for saying all this n I wasted ur time… Actually I was..
Manik-” wait wait… First sit here..”( I don’t know y by I felt to talk to her.)
They sat on the bench which was beside the wall…
Girl2-” yah.. So I was saying sorry I was actually already frustrated about something… N I busted on u… Sorry..”
Manik-” ohh.. It’s ok… Actually u r right.. I was only busy on phone.. So nt ur fault…”

Manik thinks( shit u idiot.. U r Manik malhotra… The Manik malhotra… How can u take blame on urself just for a random girl..)
Manik-” so y u frustrated?”
( shit again asked wrong question.. Y would any girl tell u y she is frustrated when she has met u for the first time..? Better to be quit.. U have lost ur mind..)
Girl2-( slowly speaks)” vo fab 5 idiots..”
Manik-” what”
Girl2-” no nothing just classes na soo….”

Manik-” so who r u?”
Girl2-” m Nandu.”

(A/n- yes guys she is out Nandu.. Soo manan meet..)

Manik-” oh hello.. This is how u introduce ur self..?”
Nandu-” oh m soo sorry… See I have lost my mind…
Ok… Hi! I m NANDINI MURTHY.. My friends call me Nandu… I m here to complete my dads dream.. His dream was to see me become a doctor… N I want to be the most successful doctor… Music is my passion so in short I m fit for this college.. I love myself.. I m a very bright, chirpy, n fun loving girl… But mind u.. I have a very random mood.. My mood swings very fast… N friend here is navya n aryaman…”
Manik all this while was just admiring her..
Nandu-” oh hello day dreamer.. Again lost in ur thoughts..”
Manik-” hmmmm”( she is soooo cute.. How she described herself is soo cute)
Nandu-” what?”
Manik-” oh sorry…”
Manik-” so never seen u before in this college..”
Nandu-” that becoz I m new here.. Came a week before..”
Manik-” by this is mid sessions so how come admission now?”
Nandu-” that’s becoz I m good at stuff so they took me”
Manik-” oh good.. So now someone is there to beet me..”
Nandu-” ok.. U r also good at things..”

Manik-” u r very cute”

Nandu widened her eyes n looked at him…
( a/n- Manik first time compliment a girl… )

Nandu blushes…
Manik-” soo u must be having a boyfriend na..”
Nandu-” y?”
Manik-” are matlab.. Look at u.. U r nt bad.. A guy can fall for u very easily..”
Nandu blushes harder…( what is wrong with u Nandu… Y r u blushing…)
Nandu-” no….. I don’t have a boyfriend… Vo love I… Uf..”
Manik-” Kya hua?”
Nandu-” oh.. Nothing.. It just nt my cup of tea… Love thing is not made for me…
I mean first blush at his comments, pamper him, he does nakhra, convince him… Do romance… No I m nt in this..”
Manik-” baki Sab is ok.. But romance.. u sure u r medical student only?”?
Nandu-” shut up..”?
Manik-” bt all what u said na… U don’t have to do it… It comes from inside.. All that ppl do automatically”
Nandu-” r u a girl?”?
Manik-” what?”
Nandu-” no… Becoz generally girls say all this..”?
Manik frowned?
Nandu-” aacha so u r experienced in love.. That y u r sharing ur PoV with me..”
Manik-” no I still don’t have any girlfriend but seen my friends in love..”
Nandu-” oh… Well.. In all this I forgot to ask u.. Who r u?”
Manik was luking down..
Manik-” I m mani…”
N with a jerk he looked at her in confusion..
Nandu-” what did I ask u about that u r luking at me like this..?”
Manik-” u seriously don’t know me?”
Nandu-” no.. I don’t know u..” ” wait a sec… Plz don’t tell me u r…?”
Manik nodded his head in a yes..
Nandu-” r u one of the member of fab 5??””
Manik-” yes”
Nandu-” oh… Shit.. I m sorry I didn’t know u.. Actually I m nt from here na soo..”

Nandu’s P.O.V

Shit… What is wrong with me today aaiyapa… Wth m I doing…. Good lesson Nandu… From now on first ask the persons name n then chat… U idiot.. Now what he must be thinking of u… Kitni stupid things we talked about… But the major shocking thing is that he nt even for a sec behaved like a star…. Any ways back to ur senses..”

**END OF P.O.V**

Nandu-” I m sorry.. I talked so much rubbish with a star lyk u…”
Manik-” it totally ok.. N even good for me.. Coz I always thought myself very famous.. But I guess I was assuming things.. So sorry from my side.. I should have introduced my self..”
Nandu-” it ok” with a guilty face..

Precap- Manik introduced Nandu with fab 5

So guys done with this update…
I hope u guys lyked it.. If yes then plzzzzzzzzzzzz comment.. I need ur support…
So some things to tell u.. 1 cabir is nt a gay..
2 this story ll basically focus on manan
3 there is no Soha n harshad in my ff.
4 in episode 1 I wrote the wrong date.. It’s 1/11/14 ( correct) rather than 1/12/14( wrong)… Very sorry for that….
Soooo this was manan first meet I hope u guys liked it….
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxzxx comment… I need it…
Love all of u..

Credit to: Tash

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