Kyy- I hate love (episode 19)


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Sorry for soo much blabbering…
Let’s start..


Manik was crying…he literally was broken..all the words of Nandu was jst roaming inside his mind making him even more weak….

Here all the contestants were called on the stage…

Manik couldn’t go as he was in his house…

Fab4 and N1a got to know that something was wrong…

Cabir on the other hand was jst observing Nandu…n he jst looked at the god up n said..-” uff…Kya kiya indono ke sath..y them? N what is the reason for all this??”

The judges came n announced the winners..

It was none other than manan…yes manan!! BT how was a solo round right?? That’s becoz…both of them performed so well that it was a tie between Manik n Nandu…all was hooting..ppl were going crazy…

The judges called Manik’s name many times BT Manik did not come…the crowd was shouting Manik’s name…
No one knew where he was BT jst knew he went…

Nandu informed the judges that Manik is not here..he went…

The judges congratulated Manik on the camera n handed over the prize to Nandu..

They told her to give the trophy to Manik too….

She too went back…she was going in her car when fab4 n N1a came..

Alya-” Nandu..wth it wrong..Manik is not here..u too r going…y..let’s celebrate…!!”

Cabir-” no Alya let her go…!!”

Mukhti-” BT y!! ”

Cabir signed them to look at her face…
Her face was dull…her eyes were swollen n red…she had her makeup all vanished somewhere in her tears..she was sad…she had tears welling in her eyes…

Druv-” Nandu…is there something wrong…what happened…y r u like this..??”

Navya took her face n looked at her…

Navya-” sis..tell me..what happened?? Say!!”
Nandu quickly took her in a hug..she was sobbing in the hug…everybody could clearly see that there was something very wrong between them..

Then suddenly the media n fans started coming..fab4 n N2a saw that n Nandu rushed to home….

Fab4 also didn’t want to answer their questions to y Manik is not present there…

They too went home…

Nandu went home n cried a lot….

Manik knew that he won BT he hated winning it with her..he was crying…

Days passed…BT Manik whole time ignored Nandu…
Nandu many times tried to convince his to start fresh n that they can be friends..BT Manik didn’t give a shit to her words….
Both were suffering..
Nandu for Manik and Manik for Nandu…
Manan r in pain for eo…

It was the duo round…

Manik had no mood to go to the college as both of them didn’t even know what they actually have to sing…they haven’t even decided the song..they were not at all prepared for musicana n both had fear to loose..actually not loose BT the fear to shut their their mouth on the stage and stand blank coz they didn’t know what they r gonna do…
BT they both had to get together on the stage as according to space the person who leaves even one performance of any particular competition after participating in it ll get all the other performances of his/her also discarded
So performance of Manik I.e the band round ll also get discarded for breaking space rule..

Manik had no idea what he is gonna do and same with Nandu..BT both decided to face eo and the audience…

Both went college…

Manik was wearing a white shirt with denim jeans and a brown blazer…
He was looking absolutely hot with a lil beard he had…
And his perfectly gelled up hair was the cherry on top of the cake…

Here Nandu got ready wearing a white and brown gown…with pearl earrings. And red lipstick which was so attractive…she had her hair in a messy yet stylish bun..
She was looking gorgeous and super attractive…

They both went to college..

In the backstage all the performers were waiting for their performance…
Manan reached backstage..

They both saw their appearance colour matched..

They both had an intense eye lock BT soon came into senses..

Their turn came.both went on the stage..

Both saw eo..coz they didn’t know what they have to sing…

Both closed their eyes..

Manik started the guitar tunes…

Nandu sang-” hmmmm”

A/N( guys this is duaa lyrics from Shanghai…n trust me it’s a fabulous plzzzzz plug in the song while reading to get a superb me u ll imagine a beautiful senerio..jst plug while reading)

Kise poochu..
Hai aisa kyu?
Bejubaan saa ye jahaan hai

Manik sang while opening his eyes…

Khushi ke pal
Kahaan dhoondu?
Benishaan sa waqt bhi yahaan hai

Nandu opened her had tears to such an extent that it would anytime roll on her cheeks..

Jaane kitne labon pe gile hain

Nandu looked towards Manik..

Zindagi se kayi faasle hain

Manik looked towards Nandu..

Paseejte hai sapne kyun aankhon mein
Lakeere jab chhoote inn haathon se yun beeewajahh

Manik stood and walked towards Nandu..

( in the coming lines Manik looked at her intensely complaining her with his eyes to break him..Nandu jst said a sorry by her eyes..

Manik took her from her waist and rolled her..they both had a smooth dance going on..while actually they were talking by their eyes)

Jo bheji thi dua
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa (x2)

Nandu suddenly left Manik and faced the opposite side..

Saanson ne kahaan rukh mod liya
Koi raah nazar mein naa aaye
Dhadkan ne kahaan dil chhod diya
Kahaan chhode in jismon ne saaye

Manik looked towards she was standing and sang..

Yehi baar baar sochta hoon tanha main yahaan
Mere saath-saath chal raha hai yaadon ka dhuaan

Nandu sang…

Jo bheji thi duaa
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa (x2)

Nandu started giving high tunes…

While Manik was lost in the past..he was jst remembering they used to be before…singing..laughing..teasing..BT always happy..

Joooo bhejiiiiii these duaaaa….

Vo jakes… bhejiiiiii thi duaaaa….

Nandu ended the song…

Manik was still out of sense in some other land BT he came back into senses by the claps of the ppl.. Ppl were going mad…all the fandom had already created a name for Manik and nandini together and that was MANAN…ppl were shouting loudly..manan..manan..manan…manan…

The judges asked questions..

1sr judge.-” so ‘manan’ as your fans say!! I heard that u both didn’t practice for this performance at all?? Is that true??”

Manik-” actually..we had practiced..BT not the whole…n not in perfections..”

1st judge-” y is that so?”

Manik-” bcoz of some problems..(looking at Nandu)”

Nandu-” ahh…personal problems in our houses!!”

2nd judge-” well it was u sang without practice was far far better than many other performances…hats off…!!”

All clapped they thanked the judges and went…

Nandu tried to stop Manik in the back stage for the prise announcement BT he simple went…Nandu went into her makeup room…

Manik was entering his car when cabir suddenly came…

Cabir-” dude..what is wrong..y r u behaving this way?? ”

Manik-” this way wth!! I m not behaving bad with anyone..”

Cabir-” no u r..with Nandu…u loved her na…u took the promise to make her love u na..then?? Wtf happened suddenly that u hate her so very much??”

Manik-” chod na cabir..she is jst not for me!!”

Cabir-” no then y do u hate her???”

Manik-” freaking there are reasons y I hate her..aaise he Nahi!!”

Cabir-” so tell na!!”

Manik-” no”

Cabir-” did she make out with some..” When Manik interrupted…

-” no shut up..(loudly) it’s something else…”

Cabir-” so then say na…”

Finally Manik said everything to cabir..

Cabir-” oh! F**k..shit man…Manik then I should have told u this before only BT…oh shit…”

Manik became impatient..

Manik-” what cabir?? What told before!! Say na..”

Cabir-” Vo Manik…when she was talking to u..she was crying..u lifted her chin..I was there looking at u both,… I saw her had hidden back..she had crossed her fingers..while telling u that she hates u..”

Manik” so what matters if she crossed her fingers..she said na that she hates me..”

Cabir-” areee..idiot..when someone crosses fingers while telling something.that means that the person is lying..and will not do that..

Which implies that Nandu said I hate u while crossing fingers that means that she doesn’t hate then she loves u now also…”

Manik-” what?????? Don’t tell me is it truth??”

Cabir-” yes bro…yes..I saw from my own eyes…she had crossed her fingers..”

Manik had mixed emotions on his face…he felt happy to take it as Nandu said lie..BT same time sad to think that he hated her till now and hurted her..and wasted time..

Cabir-” bro…now definitely there is something which is not letting u both come together..I m sure Nandu has a mystery on not being with u..there is seriously something wrong and now u only need to find out what is wrong with Nandu..y she hates u..what is the reason??”

Manik-” yeah I have now..!??”

Cabir-” now what..go rush catch her…n talk to her”

Manik -” yeah…first let me change and come!”

Nandu changed into her comfortable dress I.e a brown shiny top and white jeans..she still had her lipstick and hair like lipstick and messy bun..she was still looking very beautiful…maybe jst bcoz of her lips which adopts red lipstick so beautifully that it looked so very nyc and attractive…

She thought to go back home and not to do the prize secession as she was not feeling to answers the judges once more as to where Manik is lost..bcoz according to her Manik had already gone…

She went in her car and drove off….

It was raining..she was going through a very lonely and silent lane when in the middle of the journey the car broke down…

And it was raining heavily…

She parked the car on the side of the main road..

She one was there to help her..she was alone..

She was afraid to go out as she knew that she will get wet also and if someone comes then…

BT still with lots of courage she went out..she was repairing the car by opening the car front part..

( sorry don’t know what the front slide of car..which we open to see the engine is called????look at me..I m an idiot..I drive a car BT still don’t know what it is called?)

She was doing that when she suddenly heard a car horn..

She saw n it was the headlights of car visible..

She instantly rushed to sit in the car.when she saw the car when came closer that it was the no. Of Manik’s car..n yes the car was of Manik n he was inside…

She stood there still….

Manik came out…

Manik looked at her…she had grease on her cheeks..Manik came near her…

He wiped it off…slowly..looked at her..she looked down..

Manik held her…she went away…

Manik jst didn’t do anything and went towards the car..he repaired the car..

Nandu was about to go when he said

Manik-” Nandu!!”

Nandu turned around to face him.. She had tears in her eyes listening to that name after so long…

Manik-” Nandu..stay for sometime…”

She still wanted to go as she knew that if she stayed then she will not be able to control herself…

Manik held her hand…she looked at him..he took he close to him..

Nandu-” Manik..let me go..u”

Manik-” that u hate me??? Oh stop lying u….u don’t hate me..!”

Nandu-” no I hate u..”while crying…

Manik-” so then y did u cross ur fingers while saying that..n now too..”

Nandu looked at him in shock as to how does he know about it…

Manik-” now shocked as to how I know…Cabir saw that n told me…”

Nandu-” Vo. .he must be lying to make us close…”

Manik-” no..Cabir never ever lying to our friendship no one lies to eo..ok…”

Nandu started crying…

Manik took her…saw her….

Manik took her by her waist…she unknowingly had put her hands on his chest..

Both were fully wet…( Bg music..humnava from Hamari adhuri kahani I..plzzzzzzzz for me if u wanna have a gr8 effect then plug and read…it will make u go into another zone plug in the song and then read…)

They could feel eo..from above their wet cloth..they danced a passionate one…

Both were dancing as a trained dancer does…they had no music..BT their hearts had..they both were dancing on their own tunes…in their own the heavy rain..

Manik took Nandu and kissed her neck…

Nandu turned around and they had a bend move in which Manik again kissed her neck…Nandu was going mad…

When she suddenly realised what she was doing..

She went away…

Manik said-” Nandu…tell me…tell me u love me na??”””

She started crying….

She turned towards Manik..

Nandu-” yes..yes I love u…I love u to the infinity…I always did..n ll always do…BT I don’t love love….got it…I hate love….till the star shines and the fire flies exist..I ll love u….

I ll love u till I don’t die and further also….

BT still we can’t go together….

N don’t ask me y?? Plzzz no…coz I can’t answer u y…I can’t tell u..y..!! So..soo..jst..(in her deep breath) jst leave me….”

Manik-” ok..I ll not ask u y!! Jst don’t cry…ok..plzz”

He walked near her…

.Manik’s P.O.V

OK Nandu..I won’t ask u today…BT I ll make u say the truth..I ll….I ll know what is it that u r hidden..n y is this so…BT now…let me calm u…n let me show how much I love u…


She looked at Manik..Manik rubbed her wet and red lips by his thumb…she knew what’s coming next..she closed her eyes..and Manik kissed her passionately…

Tears rolled down from both of their eyes…the kiss was portraying the pain both had…

Manik lifted her and took her into his car( BMW X5)…he made her lay on the back seat..he went near her and kissed her neck..he then came down and kissed her hand..

He slides lil more down and comes to her stomach..he lifts her top and kissed on her bare stomach…she was moaning slowly…

Manik kissed her all over…both lost all their senses and went into the zone..kissed eo..hugged eo…

They celebrated their night..manan’s night…their victory…they somewhere knew they ll win and celebrated it with passionate love…

Here the winners were announced n it was non other than manan…

Fab4 took the prize on behalf of them….

The media and fans were going Gaga…

The news of winners of duo round was round the news channels everywhere…

BT Media was continuously raising one question as to where did manan go??..

Fab4 answered that they had some family problems going on so they went…

BT still many questions r raised by media..

Fans of Manan are increasing in has become infinity..

Facebook fandom pages..made…#MANAN has spread their chemistry all over lndia…

Precap- surprise…


Hello…how was it..did u like it…ok..ok..I know that u all r not happy…not unto ur expectations?? If so…I m sorry..BT have tried my best and written this very very sorry for the mistakes…ignore typos,suggestions welcomed,criticism accepted…love u alllllll stay tuned….keep reading…

Ll try to update next one soon…

Plzzzzzzzzzz comment…I want ur encouragements…n sorry for not updating on time….

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    Hope to see much interesting story ahead

    1. Tash

      Tq sooooooooooo much faraza…m sooo happy that u commented…it’s a very big thing that u like my discriptions n my story….tq for appreciating it….plzz do comment next time too…I feel really good when my silent readers comment…really good..tq again

  21. Most welcome
    Eagerly waiting for next epi

    1. Tash

      I ll update asap

      1. Tash

        The next part I ll update asap???

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