Kyy – I hate love (episode 14)


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Let’s start

Cabir gives a smirk…

Cabir.-” actually I n Navya had seen u guys.. From long time u guys r blushing on eo’s comments… Giving compliments.. Talking.. Jamming.. Bt u idiots r so dumb that u didn’t even realise that u idiots love eo…
I thought that u r smarter than me Manik but unfortunately in this matter u r even dumber than me..
So I n Navya thought about it n discussed it with eo.. Then we finally came to a decision n that was…….

That we ll bring u guys together…
So now while I was going to the reception for acquiring us a personal butler fr us..I suddenly saw u thinking about someone n smiling like a new found lover boy.. So I immediately understood that u r thinking about Nandu..
N I informed Navya that it’s the right time..!!”

Manik-” right time fr what?”

Cabir-” I n Navya had together made a love message fr u two.. N we at the same time had send that message to u both……

so if u have realised it so maybe she would have also realised it!!”

Manik-” oh my god! Cabir… I love u.. I love u.. I love u.. U r so good”

Cabir-” hey don’t behave like a gay.. don’t love me plzz…. U love Nandu.. U love Nandu.. U love Nandu.. Right”

Manik-‘ yah.. I love her..”

Ok bye cabir.. I gtg.. Have to plan something special fr her..

Cabir-” hey.. Manik.. Now don’t do something idiot wala thing by calling her n confessing her now.. U ll only talk to her n confess her after we go back ok!”

Manik-” yah.. Tq once again..!!”

Cabir smiles lookin at Manik..


MANIK after so long I have seen u so happy… U always used to be our star.. Who always used to shine fr fab5.. Always used to stand by our side… But you never cared about yourself…

He is the example of a true good guy…but this was nt what Manik needs to get..
He Never ever thought about himself even fr once… Yes he was happy with us with fab5 but every person at last wants someone who loves him or her… To care him or her like a mom… To scold him or her like a dad… To pamper him or her like a baby… But unlucky him.. Nor he got a lover.. Not a mom to care… Nor a dad to scold.. Nor he got pampered ever in life.. So he doesn’t know what actually IS LOVE..

But Manik.. I promise this tym.. I won’t let u be alone.. U ll both have to get together..



Scene 2

Here Nandu is in her washroom crying really loud….
She wipped out her tears…
Nandu said to herself-” no.. No nandu…. It’s not that… U don’t love him.. I know u don’t love him…
(It was more like assuring herself rather than saying it)
no nandu… N even if u do love him na.. U won’t love him.. Coz this is not what u have to do…
This is not making ur future… It will only destroy ur future… Nandu… Ur future is to be the most successful doctor… N nothing else… This love vove na… only destroy once life…. It has never done good to someone..…..
, it can only make ur life HELL…. Jst forget that…that… Ma..Manik…… He is to u…. Got it….”

She wipped her tears… She looked at herself in the mirror… Her eyes were fluffy… Her face n eyes were red… Her hairs tangled.. Her eyes were still watery… She washed her face…

All the things.. Manik’s face.. They were jamming together… Navya’s message.. Her thought were unstoppable… It was all running in her mind like a train with memories…

Navya called nandu.. She looked at the phone but didn’t dare to pick it up as she didn’t know how to react on that matter… She was speechless….

It was the 7th call n finally with gathering up her courage she picked up the Phn..

Nandu-” he..hello.!”

Navy-” nandu where were u… Y didn’t u pick my calls.. N I had send u a message u saw it then y didn’t u reply anything?”

Navya-” say na.. Kya hua?”

No response coz nandu didn’t know what to say..

Navya-” nandu r u ok! I mean u read the message right,, then..a … What happened?”

Nandu-” uh… Vo actually Navya I was in the washroom when u called so wasn’t able to pick it up… N yah.. I saw the message.. Mmmm… But Navya…I..I.. Don’t know… I don’t love him… ”

Navya-” but nandu u both r perfect fr eo.., u guys look so good together.. Ur bonding is very good… U both like eo As not a friend but ur behaviour showed that u like him as a lover.. So then?”

Nandu-” Navya it not that… Uk somethings r not meant to be.. N this”
Navya-” nandu don’t talk rubbish ok… Ik u love him n u guys r meant to be together that’s it..”

Nandu-” Navya listen to me..its”
Navya-” no.. Plzz nandu… No ifs n buts..”

Nandu now became angry n said-” ok… Enough …. Jst shut up ok… N listen to me now….. I DONT LOVE HIM… U got it… I DONT LOVE MANIK… N even if I do na… Then also I won’t…. Uknow y??…… Because I….HATE….LOVE…got it…. I HATE LOVE..!!”

She cuts the call.. N Navya was left shocked…

Nandu was breathing heavy….

She roared a loud noise..-” MAAAAANNNIIIIIKKKKKK…”

Navya called her many times n she picked the call..

Nandu-” see.. Navya I don’t wanna talk about anything .. N listen… If U say anything which happened now to anyone.. N I mean anyone then I ll kill u… N u ll not even say this to cabir..ok… N this is my kasam fr u!! So if u ..”

Navya-” hmmm ok… I won’t say anything to anyone”

Navya wanted to say this this to cabir or rather make nandu understand but she knew this was nt the right time n so left her alone fr the night..

Nandu was whole night crying… Bg music lehrein…

Khoi Khoi she Hun main…
Kyy ye dil ka Hal hai…
Dhundhle share khwab hai.
Uljha har khayaal hai…

She cried her heart out….

She didn’t know what she should do…

Sari kaliya murjha Gahi.
Rang unlke khabon mai reh hai…
Sare gharende ret ke..
Lehrein aai..
Lehreion mein Beh Gaye…

She was sitting near her window…
Now she was tired of crying but tears were not tired of rolling down her cheeks…

She was looking at the stars…
Her eyes were continuously shedding tears…

Her eyes were swollen…

Kya kahun kyun yeh dil udaas hai
Ab koi door hai na paas hai
Choo le jo dil woh baatein ab kahan
Woh din kahan raatein ab kahan
Jo bhi dhakhal hai ab khawab sa
Ab dil mera hai betaab sa
Saari kaliyan murja gayi
Rang unke yaadon mein beh gaye
Saare gharaande reet ke
Lehrein aayi, lehron mein beh gayi, beh gaye


here Manik thought of an idea.. He was really excited about it…

He took his guitar n sat near his window looking at the stars.

It was 3:00am at night nt both had no sleep in their eyes…

One had no sleep coz her eyes already had pain in it…
N the other had no sleep coz he had happiness filled in his eyes…

Manik sings

Ik khoya khoya chaand tha jo tha khafa khafa
Ik toota toota khwaab tha jo tujhse tha juda
Ik aadhi aadhi aas thi jo poori ho gayi
Tum mill gaye to jaane kyun ye doori ho gayi
Piya laage na.. jiya laage na
Tere binaa.. Tere bina..
Tere binaa.. Tere bina..

Manik closes his eyes…
Nandu closes her eyes…

Don’t know y.. Manik was singing but nandu’s heart also heard him…

Don’t know how but both were feeling the song.. Their presence in eo…. yes bcoz no matter how far they go in distance but ll always remain in eo’s heart… It was a small time when all this happened.. No body got to know when n how did this happen so fast n so close but it happened… They fell in love with eo.. Maybe bcoz they were far from eo jst from distance n their heart were together always?… Maybe they had a special n old connection….

Ik pyaasi pyaasi boond mein
Jo mann mera jalaa
Har lamha lamha teri hi yaadon se tha ye bhara
Ik aadhi aadhi aas thi jo poori ho gayi
Tum mill gaye to jaane kyun ye doori ho gayi
Piya laage na.. jiya laage na
Tere bina.. Tere binaa..
Tere bina.. Tere binaa..
Tere bina.. Tere binaa..
Tere bina.. Tere binaa..

They didn’t sleep the whole night.. Maybe coz they were not with eo..

It’s so weird no…

One has pain in love..

But the other has happiness in it..

he was happy but she wasn’t.. ……. Maybe this what is life… Maybe this what is love… Maybe this is what is…… Pain…

Bt what about destiny??


We can’t guess destiny coz even destiny makes his own destiny,….

The night passed like that… Both felt the cold breeze flowing.. Both were staring at the stars…

But there were still a difference..

She was complaining the stars..

He was thanking the stars…

Both had hope…

One had hope to forget everything…

Another had hope to make her accept everything..

Manik was happy bt his heart somewhere knew that this was not going to be easy.. His heart had a feeling of something not being good… But now,

Manik was happy as he knew that he loved her.. N he will make her love him n accept him..

Nt nandu’s heart n mind were arguing the whole night…

Her heart wanted Manik but her mind was thinking way too different.. Maybe that’s y she was in pain…. She was breaking in these thoughts…

Precap-” this once for my love”


So guys how was it… I happen I m being able to describe the sad emotions properly… Sorry but sadness is not my thing so I think I won’t do much good in that one.. But hope u all liked it… Plzzzzzzzzz do comment if u liked it.. Coz I want to know where I was wrong n right n m I justifying my ff… Plzz comment n Tq fr ur love…

Ignore typos.. Suggestions welcomed.. Criticism accepted..

Love u guys..

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  1. IshaJain3006

    dii i just don’t have words for this episode i seriously don’t have i dont know what to say but its just that u convey the emotions soo perfectly yaar
    u know i have read many ffs but this one naa i m just loving it
    ur ff n saanvi di’s ff i just love reading them
    u both are soo wonderful writers seriously yaar
    keep writing 😉
    and at last a very big thanks to u for promoting my OS 🙂

    1. Tash

      Hey Isha Tq so much yaar.. I never thought that my ff ll be loved so much.. N u love my ff this much? It’s a pleasure fr me.. N let me tell u whenever I read ur comments na… U comment always makes me smile.. Tq so very much fr liking this ff to such an extent.. Love u ..
      N no Tq… U take me as ur sis na so no sorry n Tq to sisters… N it’s my pleasure to promote such a gr8 os so no big deal.. No tqss ok.. Love u tc

      1. IshaJain3006

        luv u too diii 🙂

  2. Mahi13

    But y Nandu is escaping from love? Plz di update soon n plz clear the suspense. Take care.

    1. Tash

      Y Nandu is escaping from love is a deep secret.. It is the suspense n ll be revealed in some episodes… Till then u ll have to bear this… N ty mahi.. N mahi one more thing.. Tq fr commenting n supporting my ff from the beginning… It means a lot.. When ever I see u all comment I feel good n encouraged.. So Tq fr that??

  3. Tashu its just amazing wonderful update loved the way you narrate emotions of both person so beautifully you updates are just out of the world I don’t have words to appreciate your writing skills I just say update is super mindblowing pls update soon love you loads keep goung

    1. Tash

      Tq soo so much piya.. I m overwhelmed by ur compliments. Tq very very much dear… Love u too… N Tq fr always commenting..??

  4. Sindhu_Varma

    Tashu we both are good friends na?
    If yes then tell me Nandu’s secret nd I promise I won’t tell anyone it is Sindhu promise, I don’t want to die with suspense..!! Pretty please nd the update was lovely I loved the song ? Bin tera ??

    1. Tash

      Hahaha…sindhu u really r so desperate to know the suspense…m so sorry dear.. If I tell u now then u ll not enjoy the story ahead.. But I promise I ll try my best to reveal the suspense soon… N u know sindhu my story is not a long one.. It’s only about this suspense n after that nap n once this part is finished.. My story is finished coz this is what holds my story… So if I tell it to u now u ll not enjoy the story ahead.. Sorry m so much sorry my sis.. M feeling so bad coz u asked n I couldn’t tell this to u… Hope u understand… N Tq very much?

      1. Sindhu_Varma

        Tashu it is ok, if Nandu’s secret is key point to the story nd don’t end it plz, Tashu u r elder to me? I thought we both are of same age ?

      2. Tash

        We r of same age sindhu…

  5. Manan_0206

    First of all I don’t know how to describe ur ff , it’s just beyond words . All ur episodes were like that , I really enjoyed reading . U r really creative in writing. U potray emotions so well . Anyways keep going . Loving it so much .??

    1. Tash

      Tq sooooooo much tasni dear… M glad that u liked it… N i m so happy that I justified the emotional part nycly… Tq very much again???

  6. But y Nandu hates love…

    1. Tash

      That’s the suspense it ll be reaveled soon.. Keep reading..?

  7. Title is apt for ur ff and completely justified by this episode…kamal ki writing and narration of feelings yar tashu…next part pls…

    1. Tq so much Priya di.. M glad u think so.. Next part soon??

  8. superb n fantastic. luvd cavyas bond with manan.

    1. Tq tanushree???

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