Kyy – I hate love (episode 12)


Here with episode 12.. All my readers n commenters … I m soooooooooooooooooooo sorry fr updating this late… My college started so I m now busy.. That y I was late n couldn’t read all of ur ffs n comment on them… So a sorry for u all… N this update is dedicated to my all the readers.. N the ppl who try their best to comment on each of my updates.. Sindhu,tasni,Praha,Priya,piya,Isha,Alisha,tanushree,
Love u all….. Plzzzzz keep commenting…. N keep supporting me.. I ll keep entertaining….
I know I blubber a lot.. Sorry fr that..
Let’s start..
Fab5 reached their first destination..
It was Pune…
It was Manik’s home town….
All were very excited n happy…

It was evening 5:00pm….
It was their first show…
In the fab5 green room…

Manik is setting his hair up…
All others are also almost ready…

Manik-” guys it’s a lucky start fr me.. My home town.. My dads place..”?
Alya-” yah Manik.. I jst hope everything goes well…”
Druv-” all will go good… Don’t worry”
All smiles..

Fab 5 are called on the stage…

Fab5 gives a tremendous live performance…
Fans asks fab5 many questions to which they reply very nycly…
I fan-” I want to ask a question from Manik sir!!”
Manik-” yah plz do ask?”
Fan-” sir till now.. U never ever made a girlfriend… Y?”
All starts hooting….

Manik-” see.. Bcoz I never got my type.. It happens that when u see the girl u feel it in the first time only that it’s different with her… That u cannot make her friend coz u can’t.. It’s when u automatically fall fr her without knowing… That’s when love has happened.. N with me? Till now…. Ah.. It has nt yet happened… Or maybe happened BT I haven’t yet realised it… BT when ever I realise n I get my love na… I ll tell u”???

Manik-” u find someone fr me”

All laughs…

Show ends…

On the other hand in mumbai…

Navya,Nandu and Aryaman were watching the entire show live on mtv…
They were really happy for the grand opening…
Navya was in tears looking at cabir….
BT the surprise was that even Nandu was in tears… Looking at not cabir BT Manik.?
Aryaman was happy looking at them all….
Nandu was trying hard not to show her tears….

Many days passed… Many shows passed… With fab5 performing n N2a looking at them like a crazy fan…….

Every day in college Nandu with navya used to go to the fab5 jamming room n sit there for a while…

They were missing them badly….
Navya was missing cabir….

BT the shock was. Nandu was missing Manik…
The weird thing is that… Navya was behaving so coz she loved cabir…

But Nandu? Why was she behaving like a girlfriend who is madly in love with his boyfriend?
Was it becoz.. She had actually started loving him…
Loving Manik?

God knows……

It was the second last show destination… They were all in delhi…
Nandu’s home town… BT not actually coz she didn’t have a home there although..

Manik n all were ready in the green room…

They all went on the stage…

Manik before starting their song…
Manik-” hello Delhi…….!!!!!!”
Loud noise… Ppl hooting.. Clapping… Shouting….
Manik-” so guys as u all know…we are all here for u guys… BT have u ever thought we also have left many things behind n come here…. ??

We all have friends isn’t it…!
So when u go away from ur friends.. Ur family.. Ur love… U feel sad………..Don’t u…
Today,, even we felt sad….
In our space academy.. We also had three very close friends… Navya… Aryaman.. N …..! Nandini…!
So today we all were missing them so much.. That we thought to dedicate this performance to them…
N to dedicate this performance to all those who r true friends,all those who are true in love…
All those who are true to their families…
Many of u are here.. Missing someone or the other… Some must be missing family. Some most be missing friends, some must be missing true love…
So for all those… This performance is for u guys…
While we sing we feel for those for whom we sing…
All of u,. I want all of u to feel for them whom u miss…
To remember them whom u miss…
To imagine them with u here..
Enjoy everyone”

Nandu was then alone in her house.. As today the trio wanted to spend alone time…

Nandu saw Manik saying all this… She was very happy… Her eyes were shedding tears of happiness…. She is smiling…
Smiling bcoz she is seeing him getting successful…
Crying bcoz she was missing him to the core….

she saw Manik hesitating speaking the name of Nandu in his friends list…
BT never mind Nandu,..

Manik was very much missing Nandu… He was missing her exactly how much she was missing him….
Every day.. Every destination made him lil happy jst thinking that after some more places I ll be back to Mumbai … To Nandu

Has he too started falling for her?

This also God only knows…

He missed Nandu.. Cabir missed Navya.. druv,mukhti n Alya missed their N2a…
So they sang it for their friends….

Song starts…

Manik sings…

Yaaron dosti, badi hi haseen hai
He na Ho toh, Kya phir?
Bolo ye zindagi hai…
Koi to Ho rasda…
Degharas tera Ho yaar…
Koi toh Ho rasta….

Ppl waving both their hands in synchronisation…

Cabir sings…

Aree yaaron mohhabat
Hi toh bandagi hai…
Yeh na Ho toh Kya phir…
Bolo ye zindagi hai….

Navya had tears in her eyes,….

Navya n Nandu were jst closing their eyes n enjoying the song….

Song ended…( jst listen to the whole song guys.. I can’t write it.. Sorry)

Ppl were very happy.. Many were in tears..

They sing another song…

Manik sings…

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea,
I’ll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can’t see,
I’ll be the light to guide you
Find out what we’re made of
When we are called to help our friends in need
You can count on me like one two three
I’ll be there
And I know when I need it I can count on you like four three two
You’ll be there
‘Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah
Whoa, whoa
Oh, oh
Yeah, yeah
If you tossin’ and you’re turnin’ and you just can’t fall asleep
I’ll sing a song
Beside you
And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me
Everyday I will
Remind you
Find out what we’re made of
When we are called to help our friends in need
I ll be the one to help u….
U can count on me like 1. To three..
N I ll be there..
N I know when u need it
I can count on u like
Four three two.. N u ll be there.
Coz that’s what friends are supposed to do..
Oh.. Yah..

Ppl loved the song…

Another fan interaction ended…
Fab5 also had a blast in delhi…

Fab5 went into their green room…

Manik’s P.s came

P.S-” sir altogether from Pune to Delhi. Ur show is super hit..
Ppl are loving it…
Banglore is our last destination n all the tickets are sold.?.. Our live show on tv has got the no. 1 T.R.P ratings… ?So sir.. When u return Mumbai back.. U r gonna have a lot n lot of offers waiting.. ??Infact from now only many offers have come through mail n Phn.. ”

Manik while opening his shirt-” don’t be so lalchi ok… N stop staring me as if u r a gay…? ”

P.S face is like?????

All laughs..

Manik-” we r really tired now.. So we r not going to do any concerts for a while..
When we return Mumbai.. Keep the offers pending..
N we will relax there for some time… Coz we have musicana also on our head…?
N after musicana only.. We ll take up some offers.. Till then NO!”✋

P.S-” ok sir.. As u say…”

He goes…

All were about to leave the green room when Alya suddenly spoke…

Alya-” guys I have to confess something…. Actually we have to confess something…”

Manik-” what? N we who?”

Alya-” we means druv n I!”

Cabir-” so speak up na.. What?”
Mukhti-” whattt??? Say na… We r really very tired Alya.. Say.. We have to go to the hotel also…”

Alya-” no… Leave it guys.. I ll tell u all later”

Mukhti-” aeee.. Plzz don’t do that.. Don’t leave suspense n end.. Plz I can’t sleep at night”

Alya-” no guys.. Leave it… It’s not a big deal..”

Manik-” everything related to u four are big deal for me so say”
Cabir-” come on druv.. Y r u mute.. Say na”

Druv-” ok.. Ok guys… We actually wanna confess that..”

All-” thatttttt?…….”

Alya-” that we r in a relationship”

Manik-” ok…………………… What??”

Alya-” Manik don’t scare me by that look”

Manik-” wait… Repeat again… U guys are in relationships…. Whooooo… When did this happen??? I mean y didn’t u guys tell us earlier.. U idiots… What were u waiting for.. ”
Manik say all this in one go very excitedly…

Druv-” no we were jst about to say”

Cabir-” when? After u guys would have got kids then… Saying… Cabir bhai.. Congo.. U have become Chacha”?????

Druv-” shutup.. We told na”

Mukhti hugs Alya tightly…

Mukhti-” u idiot aloo.. U didn’t tell this to ur sister.. Haan.. I won’t forgive u”
She folds her hands n makes a pout face..

Alya-” sorry mukhti… Sorry guys.. We both were jst nervous..”
Manik-” nervous! Y?”
Druv-” as to how will u guys react..”

Cabir-” aree idiot we will ofcource be very happy… Dumbo…”
He punches him on his stomach while laughing..

Cabir-” aur since when did u guys start ur business of being shy n nervous?”

Alya-” shut up Cabir…”
Mukhti hugs Alya n Druv…

Manik hugs druv..
They all have a fab5 grp hug…

Manik-” aacha when did this all happened..? Love at first sight like cabir ya.. Peeth pheeche planning thi?”

Alya-” stop it Manik… We had our relationship since last one year.. But never got the guts to say any thing coz in our grp no one wan in love.. Everyone was single na.. N we had this ke in our friendship love will never enter.. Soo…. But since cabir got love.. N u guys encouraged him so we decided to confess”

Manik-” oh…. Idiots.. See we were never against love.. We jst said that love will never affect our friendship… So u guys can chill n love eo.. Openly”

Alya-” thanks guys.. U know we were so worried about this.. But u guys made it so easy for us… Like m really very happy to have such friends… Love u all”

Cabir jokingly said-” Kya thanks… U took my advantage… My love.. Ur advantage,….. I got love.. U confessed it… If I wouldn’t have said Navya I love u then till when u guys were going to hide this Haan?”

Druv-” sorry bro.. But we took ur advantage.. Now what will u do?”

Cabir-” I will kick the shit out of u wait…”
Druv runs… Cabir runs at the back of them…
Manik joins them.. Cabir n Manik catches hold of druv n starts beating him n tickling him…
Mukhti is tickling Alya…
All laughs…

The all hug eo…

Manik-” this calls for a party.. First for Navya n Cabir.. Second for Alya n druv…”

Mukhti-” yah.. U r right but we r out of energy”

Cabir nodes in yes…
Manik-” yah u r right so then?”

Alya-” wait guys.. We ll celebrate this.. When we go back to mumbai.. Coz Nandu Navya n Aryaman also needs to be their na…”

Mukhti-” u r right.. Well let me call n tell them about u both”

Druv-” wait… No.. We will tell them only when we reach there… We ll together say this to them”

All smiles…

All r very happy but at the same time tired…
So for today they decided to go back n rest…

All went back to their hotel n in their respective rooms….

precap- Manik really happy about something.. While on the other hand Nandu is crying…

End of this one…. Sorry for being this late.. I know u guys must be angry from me na!! Sorry sorry… Very sorry forgive me plzz????. Tomatoes.. Chappals… N everything accepted fr being late… Jst plzzzzz one request… Comments… Plzzz I want comments…. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,,,?. Ignore typos.. Suggestions welcomed, criticism accepted…
Love u all…

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