kyy ghost series, story 3: horror- hospital/promise

hi guys, the reason I wrote horror hospital/promise is because I have two plots for the next story, u tell which one u ppl like most, that will be my next story.

Horror hospital prologue:
On the sudden shock of parents death, Nandini is shifted to a hospital where Manik accompanies her and stays with her in same room. As they sleep and its night, Nandini hears strange voices in her room like creaking sounds, voices of people talking. Just to get rid of her fear, she goes out of room following the voice, she sees people talking, as she leaves for her room her attention gets caught. She sees that the women who are talking, their feet are strange (ankles in the place of foot in front and feet at the back in place of ankles). She realizes that they r witches and hurriedly runs to her room as quietly as possible, she hears anklet sound approaching her. She sees shoes coming near her walking by itself with a glass bottle in hand, will Nandini be saved? How will she escape from this trouble with Manik?

Next prologue:
Nandini is a happy girl, a pure soul, who keeps smiling and makes everyone smile, with who anyone would love to spend time. She stays with her parents and is their only child, one day her parents go abroad for business purpose leaving her with her grandparents. Every time she is alone, she would feel someone else’s presence but ignores it at first. As days pass by, she has the same feeling over and over again and hears a voice calling her name. She would often get scared and run away, one day she finds a chit in her room which shows a ghost trying to contact her and who asks for help, will Nandini be able to help the ghost?

Which one to write?

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  1. Both is nice

  2. second one

  3. Ap dono continue karo….
    Phele 1st wali complete kar na…then 2 nd wali….. ..

    Bcoz mujhe dono hi interesting Legi….
    Keep going…

  4. second one

  5. Both r nice. U can continue both.

  6. Promise one is better… But other wise both is good… But first write promise one plzzzzz

  7. Both r bakwas.. Pls dont post horror

    1. Salley145

      I can’t stop posting on one person’s saying n make my other readers suffer, yes I can write another ff of ur choice if that’s what u want ? sorry if I sound rude

  8. Second one pls

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