Kyy ghost series, story 3: horror hospital part 3, last part last story


Kyy ghost series, story 3: horror hospital part 3

Nandini’s POV:
Manik and I were really tensed of how to get out of this trouble.
Manik: maybe doctors can help us
Nandini: yes let’s go, can’t wait here.
I and Manik both went to doctor, he knocked on the door, he did this multiple times, but on getting no answer we went inside. The whole room was stinky and cold but at the same time it was very fragrant.
Manik: this room is too cold, we’ll freeze here, from where is this smell coming?
Nandini: from this cupboard

We went towards the cupboard and opened it, to our shock, the cupboard was full of dead bodies. Ayyappa, the doctor is the murderer himself? Is he a doctor or a criminal?

“U people here?” A voice interrupted our thoughts. We turned around to find the doctor who treated me.
Nandini: now ur game is finished
Doctor: which game?
We both moved away showing him the dead bodies in the cupboard. The doctor laughs evilly.
Doctor: now u also won’t be saved.
He was coming towards us when Manik lit a matchstick and threw it on the doctor who was a ghost himself, he screams loudly and vanishes. We both went from there before someone else attacks us, and we both successfully got out of this trouble.
End of POV

sorry for these crappy ghost stories, m ending these series and writing a new ff Yeh Hai aashiqui but the question is how to write it? Should I write it a novel type? or should I write it “just so stories” type? only on Manan or on other couples too?
Tell me soon bye

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  1. Nyc one Sara… I hope I can call u by ur nickname… Plzz write yeh hai aashique… N ur choice whether to write it in novel style or not… One request Sara… If u have time then plz do check out my new ff I hate love… I hope u ll like it… Only if u want to then u can see my ff too…
    Loved it.. N plzz give us ur new ff too… Tq

  2. Ur wish yaar and the story is nice

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