Kyy ghost series, story 3: horror hospital part 2

Manik wakes up hearing Nandini’s voice, he sees her lying on the floor and without wasting a second he picked her up and placed on the bed calling doctor. As the doctor checked her, Manik was all restless.
Manik thinks: What’s happening? Why is she always lying on floor, she should be on bed
Doctor: She has got severe asthma attack, didn’t she had her asthma pump with her?
Manik: what? How can it be? She doesn’t have asthma, she is a sports champion, u tell how can a sports champion have asthma?

Doctor: strange
Manik: doctor, does this room have a camera?
Doctor: yes

Manik: I want to see the footage of what has happened.
Doctor: yes come with me, I will keep her under observation
He goes with doctor to his cabin and doctor shows him the video which shocked him completely, the black figure was caught in camera and it showed it has attacked Nandini with asthma.
Manik: who’s this
Doctor: don’t know. U go sit with her

He goes to Nandini who was panicking in her sleep, she was sweating clutching the bedsheet tightly. He goes to her and calms her to which she wakes up. He gives her water. She drinks it in one gulp.
Manik: do u have asthma?
Nandini: no
Manik: how did u got attack?
She tells him everything.
Nandini: someone wants to kill me Manik, I want to go from here, they are attacking me again and again, plz take me from here

Manik: relax I will take u, but first u need to become fine.
Nandini: but not here na
Manik: plz yr u need rest, I said I will take u, kuchh khalo
He makes her eat while she continues talking and chokes, he gets concerned and rubs her back. Nandini acts as a ghost is behind Manik and fakely screams while he gets scared, she laughs.
Nandini: The one who scares got scared, where did that monster Manik go?
Manik: I m still a monster
They talk and laugh and sometime later Nandini sleeps with Manik by her side.

Later at midnight, Nandini wakes up and sees Manik awake.
Nandini: sleep na Manik,u will get tired
Manik: anything for u
Nandini: Manik, thank u, thanks for being there for me whenever I needed a shoulder to cry, since Mom and Dad died, I thought I will be left alone forever, I m scared of being alone, its my deep dark fear but u never let it come true, u became my everything, my mom my dad, brother each n everything, thanks for not letting me get the feeling that I m an orphan.

Manik: I won’t let any of ur fears come true, now u sleep, u need rest

Nandini: I m not getting sleep.

Suddenly the bed starts moving here and there, Nandini gets scared and Manik calms her.
Nandini: Manik save me
He holds her hand and tries to distract her but the bed keeps moving and suddenly it tilts making Nandini fall but Manik holds her on time.
Nandini: Manik who is after us?
Manik: don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to u…I will shift u from here, let’s run away…if we go through the hall, it won’t be safe, let’s go through this window.

He takes her to the window, they were about to jump but a sudden force made them fall.
Nandini: u OK?
Manik nods.
Nandini: let’s go.
They jump out of window together but is pulled up again in the room.
Nandini: we won’t be able to go from here.
Manik: now what to do? We r trapped.
Nandini: Manik, let’s go from the door
They run from the room, a scary girl appears in front of them. They stop.
Girl: where r u going?
Nandini: to our house

Girl: without discharge?
Nandini: yes actually we want to go from here as its a scary hospital.
Girl: and it has scary ghosts as well, don’t stop, keep going…else u won’t be alive.
She disappears. They start running again and reach the door of exit and go out but to their shock they were back in their room again.
Nandini: what’s happening? We are here again.

Finally managed to write second chapter, i know its crappy one, How will MaNan escape? Are they trapped forever? Stay tuned, and guys let’s end these ghost series here, I can’t write more, instead I want to create a MaNan story named as yeh hai aashiqui, coz m better at that, what say? do tell me.

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  1. good going

  2. Yah u can write a romantic ff… that ll be good.. bt the name yeh hai aashique.. isnt is similar with meri aashique… u can give another name.. ppl might be confused.. anyways ur choise. I lovd ur ffs

  3. The update is nice. It would be better if u write a romantic ff on Manan. Waiting for ur new ff 😉

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