Kyy ghost series, story 3: horror hospital part 1


Writing this one first as don’t know how to start other one.

The story starts with Nandini and her parents coming back from the trip of Bangalore.
Nandini: it feels good in Mumbai
Nandini’s dad: yes it does

He says while driving not knowing that a truck is coming from opposite side and they meet with an accident and seeing her parents injured, she gets a shock.
Nandini: Mom dad
She says shaking them.
Nandini: Mom Dad wake up plz.
She again shakes them and checks their pulse.
Nandini: their pulse is very low, i don’t know how to drive…there is no one on the route, I don’t know emergency number too, what to do?…yes I should call Manik.

After sometime Manik comes on that road by being called by Nandini, he stops his car at a distance and comes out of car approaching them. As Nandini sees him, she goes and hugs him.
Nandini: Manik, look at them yr, everything happened because of me.
Manik: no, it ain’t like that, we should take them to hospital, u go sit in car.
She goes and sits in his car
Manik settles them on back seat and rushes them to hospital, they reach and Nandini’s parents are rushed to OT. Nandini breaks down, Manik holds her.
After sometime doctor comes out.
Doctor: M sorry, we couldn’t save them.
On getting the news of her parents death, she faints and is shifted to the same hospital without knowing a danger is waiting for them.

They stay in the hospital and Nandini sleeps whole day in the affect of sleep injection. Later at night, she wakes up and hears strange noises from the hall.
Nandini: who’s this? M scared, but what’s the problem in just checking? I will go and check.
So she gets up from the bed pulling out the cannula from the back of her palm and goes out of room tiptoeing slowly so that Manik’s sleep doesn’t gets disturbed, she reaches the door of the room and slowly goes out making sure Manik is sleeping.

She goes out of the room towards the hall, she sees people talking and turns to go but something catches her attention. She sees that the women who were talking are actually witches, (anyone can identify this looking at their feet),seeing this she gets shocked and runs to her room as soon as possible.

As she closes the door, she stands pressing her back hard against the door and breathes heavily, suddenly she hears anklet sound and footsteps reaching her. It was shoes walking by itself with a glass bottle, it attacks Nandini and she is knocked unconscious on the floor.

Manik wakes up by the sound and seeing her condition he calls doctor.
Doctor: Its just a small wound, make her rest as much as possible.
He goes.
Manik thinks: Someone has hit her with glass bottle, but who will do so? She won’t do this to herself, she is strong, and what was she doing at the door, she should’ve been on bed.
He sits by her side on his knees staring at her angelic face.
Manik: I want ur smile back Nandini.
Later she gets conscious and on asking Nandini as to what had happened, she is speechless and sweats badly.

He asks her to relax. She cries hugging him. Later he makes her sleep and he too sleeps, as she lays down she gets a strange attack , she isn’t able to move herself or say something. She sees a black figure near her and tries shouting but can’t, the figure is wearing oxygen mask and breathes deeply making Nandu breathless, she gets an asthma attack and on trying to move herself she falls from bed. longing for breathe and shouts Manik’s name before fainting.

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  1. Wohoooo… Sara.. U nailed it…. Seriously great job… But jst one thing… Is stories mein manik key importance Nahi lag rahi… Hope aage koi twist Ho… But jst one request.. Manik aur Nandu Ke beech mein koi ghost story plzzzzz banao… Na.. Just a request… Plz don’t feel offended… Love ur ft always.. N haan promise one was very very very interesting…. Plzzzz write that too…
    Thanks.. Love ur ff

    1. Salley145

      Thnx for ur lovely comment tash

  2. Wow! I loved it…pls pls sara don’t stop this with 2-3 updates…continue for atleast a 10-15 updates…waiting for your next update…??? Tash said even I wish for a ghost story with a ghost who comes between are Manan…

    1. *our Manan

      1. Thanks anandi for Lyking my idea

    2. Salley145

      I will do that in some other story thnx

  3. It’s amazing. Loving it a lot. Plz update soon. I can’t wait. 😉 😀

  4. Awesome start dear….
    keep going…
    But this manik ko bhi thoda mukka dena…ki woo nandini ko save kar sake…..
    plz plz….

  5. Salley145

    Yeah of course y not ?

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