Kyy ghost series, story 2: Maa (prologue)

Hey guys, I know I disappointed u all by killing Manik in end of my story, even I think the ending wasn’t written correctly and I don’t feel like writing more ghost stories on kyy, but I got a plot idea of a new story, thought to give prologue first because I mess up in the end. Tell me if u like it or not and also if u want a change, eggs and tomatoes are accepted.
. . . . . . . . .

This is a story about a girl Nandini Moorthy who lives with her dad, he behaves strange after her mom’s death and Nandini too keeps wondering why? One day she hears him screaming in the washroom, she goes running asking what has happened, she realizes that someone else is also there with him inside after hearing a ghostly voice talking to her dad.

One day Nandini was sitting in her room busy when she sees her mom outside her room peeping in. She gets thinking as to how is she in front of her when she’s dead, her mom keeps trying to tell her something but every time she tries, Nandini runs away. What does Nandini’s mom wants to tell her? Why does her dad behaves strange? Stay tuned, don’t say yes to continue when u don’t like it because I know m not that much good at writing….Stay happy guys, and yes if I won’t continue I will tell in comments. Waiting for ur feedback. ?

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)


  1. Anandi

    Sara pls continue…
    I didn’t like your prev ff much…the ending didn’t do any justice I blv…but this seems interesting as nandini is not portrayed evil…lookin forward for more…I’m a huuge fan of horror stories ..
    I’m really excited…waiting to watch conjuring 2…

  2. Mahi

    I think u should continue this story. The plot seems to be interesting . Waiting for ur next update.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.