kyy ghost series, story 2: Maa (part d) last part

Nandini cries getting tensed about Darshan.
Nandini: What to do Manik? Mom thinks dad is responsible for all this, its not like that, how should I stop her?
Manik: I think her last rites weren’t done.
Nandini: how will we get to know this?
Manik: ur dad can tell.
She looks at her dad who was very weak because of bearing two souls.

Nandini: OK, I will ask him later, u go downstairs else everyone will get tensed, I will stay here.
Manik nods and goes.

Nyonika: why didn’t they come till now?
She was about to go and see but stopped seeing Manik coming downstairs.
Nyonika: what took u so late? Where is Nandini and Jeeju?
Manik: Uncle is not feeling well so he’s sleeping and Nandini is with him, I will tell everything else later, mom I will keep Nandini’s gift in her room, u keep other gifts here.
Nyo nods.Manik takes Nandini’s gift and goes.

Nandini was sitting on a chair sleeping resting her head back wards. Darshan was sleeping when blood drops fell on his face and his sleep got disturbed, he touches his face to see what’s on his face and gets horrified seeing blood. He looks towards the roof and Sanjana jumps upon him strangulating him, he coughs and shouts, Nandini wakes up and tries to move away Sanjana.

Darshan says panting heavily: Nandini go burn her body, its hidden in our house only, go in the living room , there is a cupboard, there is her body, go fast.

Nandini goes with a matchbox, she takes the cupboard outside the house and burns it.
Nandini: RIP mom.

Sanjana screams and disappears, Nandini comes back in the house and hugs Darshan.
Nandini: r u OK dad?
Darshan: yes m OK, u go n rest, u must be tired.

As she goes in her room, she sees a big rectangular gift on her bed. She excitedly opens it and it was piano with a chit which said:
“Because ur voice is melodious, u sing really well.”
Nandini smiles.

After 2 years, MaNan become singers and get married, Nandini decorated her whole room with her parents photos, she saw her mother in Nyonika but never forgot her mom, she would daily talk to her photo and tell her everything, because Mom is Daughter’s best friend and a son’s first love, we need mother in every stage of life, so don’t take her for granted and love her and respect her. Value her because she can take everyone’s place but no one can take her place.

So I hope u like it, what to write in next story? And do u want other stories of ghost or not? do tell, love u all ?

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  1. U r absolutely right salley…….their is no substitute for mom……woo khete h na….”.mom too mom hi hoti h….”

    Thanks for such an amazing story dear…..

    Keep going….

  2. Mehbeer kya h
    Ye to mast tha

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  3. Nice story. Well I’ve a suggestion. U can remake horror movies with the charecters of kyy. Such as conjuring , insidious , 1920 etc. it’s just a suggestion. I would love to see more horror stories on kyy. : )

    1. Salley145

      Thnx for ur suggestion

  4. Awesome update.. Loved it… Well I think u can take mahi’s suggestion it will be gr8.. N u r going good.. U can also take the half dead manik wala suggestion… Well loved ur update,,, thanks.. Take care..

    1. Salley145

      Thnx Tash ?

    2. Thnx for the support. I’ve just read ur suggestion. It’s really interesting.:)

  5. Praha

    awesum update salley..waiting fr ur next ghost story..luv u

    1. Salley145

      I too read meri aashiqui from beginning its awesome thnx Praha

  6. Nice story yaar waiting for next

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