Kyy ghost series, story 2: Maa (part c)

Nandini: I will get u justice, but how is dad responsible for ur death?
Sanjana comes out of Darshan’s body and he falls on the bed.
Sanjana: It all happened because of Darshan’s girlfriend he had before marriage.
Darshan and Mansi loved each other and Darshan had promised her that he will marry only her, but little did he know he won’t be able to keep this promise? That night when he had promised Mansi to marry her, Darshan’s mother had already promised his friend’s daughter of Sanjana’s marriage with Darshan. When Darshan came home, he told his mom about Mansi.
Darshan: mom I want to tell u something, I love a girl and she’s Mansi, she’s my best friend and I have promised to marry only her, u tell what’s better than marrying best friends who understands me very well?
He says while eating. yes but I promised my friend about her daughter’s marriage with u
Darshan: what the hell? couldn’t u ask me first that what I want? what’s wrong with my friend’s daughter?
Darshan: what’s wrong with Mansi? whatever u say I don’t care u will have to marry my friend’s daughter, promise me u will do as I say?
Darshan stands dumbstruck. promise me beta
Darshan: no mom OK I will lock u in ur room.

He holds his hand and starts taking him from there, poor Darshan didn’t had any option than to agree, so he agreed to his mom.
On the day of marriage, he decided to run away, so when he was all set to run, he got caught by the guards. After a lot of drama Sanjana got married to Darshan. Now he was trapped and he told Mansi about this after some days, Mansi got heartbroken and ran away.
One day she came back and sneaked in Darshan’s room threatening him to break his marriage with Sanjana and marry her, that was when Nandini was 10 years old. Darshan denied to her threat and asked her to go away as he can’t do anything now.

Mansi ran away but next day she again sneaked in Darshan’s house and killed Sanjana in sleep. When Darshan got to know about this he got angry on her as now Sanjana wasn’t just her wife, but she was also the mother of her daughter. So Mansi was arrested, from that day Sanjana’s soul was restless, she wanted revenge for her death.
Fb end.

Nandini: thats Mansi’s mistake and not dad’s and she is already punished.
Sanjana: I want Darshan to be arrested as well as he never wanted to marry me, he broke my heart.

Nandini: and what proof do I have against him?
Sanjana: u leave it, I will do everything by myself.
She disappears.

Screen freezes on this.

What will happen? will Darshan die? stay tuned.

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  1. The update is nice.: )

  2. Episode is good

  3. Good going dear……

  4. Nyc one…. U write really good… I m just giving u a suggestion.. If u lyk u can take it… It’s should be like manik is half dead.. N he always used to love Nandu but never told her.. N when he died he became half dead n he always used to be around Nandu bt as she didn’t know about anything she used to feel that there it a ghost around her every time n then finally one day manik tell her everything n by any ways Nandu promises him that he will make him man.. Again n in that tym she also starts loving him… … Maybe u can take this concept n do something more good to the story…. Kat my suggestions as I already told u… Fell free to say anything to me.. I ll accept it

    1. Salley145

      Suggestion is good thnx ?

  5. so funny convo between darshan and his mother and if he doesn’t like to marry then how can he have children…… sanjana is mad or what…..darshan didn’t lope with his gf right after marriage…….she should be happy……..

    1. Salley145

      Haha u r right, I wanted to write ghost series so I did this

  6. Alijohn849

    Mere saath nahi banaie kyy rocks

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      Make ur own?

  7. Alijohn849

    No no kyyrocks

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