Kyy ghost series, story 2: Maa (part b)


Hi its me Sally Sue, don’t get confused by the name, happy reading.
Nandini sees someone peeping in her room by the corner of her eye, she turns to see who’s it.
Nandini exclaims: Maa?! (Mom?!)

She runs to her and hugs her but Sanjana passes through her, Nandini turns to face her.
Sanjana: I have gone very far from u, my soul didn’t got peace when I died, I want to tell u something

Nandini runs from the room.
Sanjana: Nandu, stop

Nandini collides with Manik while running and hugs him. He too hugs her back.
Manik: what happen? Were u running to meet me?
Nandini breaks the hug.
Nandini: Manik will u believe me if I say I saw my mom right now in my room?
Manik chuckles.
Manik: seriously, u saw ur mom, u must be imagining.
Nandini: no she is there, I will show u
She holds his hand and takes him to her room but doesn’t finds her there.
Nandini: where did she go? She was here only, she passed through me and told me her soul did not get peace after she died and she wanted to tell me something but I ran, when I was drying my hair, I felt someone caress my hair and then I cried thinking I m imagining her again but I saw written on the mirror that Nandu m here only don’t be sad, then I ran to Dad’s room, he was in washroom, I heard ghostly voice from there, and the door was jammed, I opened it and saw him immersed in bathtub water, there was blood on his back, when I asked him he lied, he behaves weirdly after mom died

Manik: Nandini I also think something is wrong with uncle, and about what u saw, I kinda believe u, we’ll find out later, by the way I have something for u, come na plz.

Nandini was lost in thoughts.
Manik: OK fine then I will take u like a princess, if someone teases us I will tell she wasn’t coming.

Nandini’s thoughts broke when Manik picked her up in bridal style.

Nandini: Manik.
Manik: m Manik Malhotra n I don’t accept no.
She keeps moving her legs asking him to keep her down while he takes her downstairs.
Manik mischeviously: Humari princess Nandu ka swagat hai

(Welcome to our princess Nandu)

He keeps her down.
Nyonika: Is she hurt that u brought her like this?
Nandini: no m not hurt
Manik: she was insisting me to pick her up as she was missing my this side
Nandini looks at him confusingly as he giggles.
Nandini: I will bring dad here.
Manik : I will do it, stay here
He assures her with his eyes and goes. Nandini sits with Nyonika and Manik’s dad Ramesh and talk on random topics.

Manik reaches Darshan’s room to call him but doesn’t finds him there, he keeps calling him and sees a hand coming out from under the bed, he sits down to see, Darshan was laying with hands on his eyes.
Manik shakes him.
Manik: uncle
He hears him crying.
Manik: what happen why are u crying?
Darshan removes his hands from his eyes and Manik trembles a little seeing his eye lens fully red.
Darshan in a heavy ghostly voice: Manik.
He crawls out of bed and Manik moves away.
Manik: what happen uncle?
Darshan: Will u hear me once son?
Manik agrees.
Darshan: Tell Nandu that what she saw today was real and not hallucination, and that I love her a lot and want to talk to her once about something, its important.
Manik: but uncle how did u know what she saw?
Darshan: M Sanjana n not Darshan
Manik: a-a-aunty u?
Nandini comes there.
Nandini: what’s getting u so late?
Sanjana as Darshan: Nandu my doll u came.
Nandini’s eyes widen hearing his voice: Ayyappa, he is possessed by a ghost.
Manik: and the ghost is of aunty.
Nandini gets even more shocked.

Darshan/Sanjana: Nandu baby plz listen once, I love u a lot, u were missing me right? I came, I won’t harm u baby, plz talk to me, mom is missing u a lot.
Nandini goes near as she cries.
Nandini: Maa…what u want to tell? I will listen, but plz don’t cry.
Sanjana/Darshan: Ur father is responsible for my death.

Nandini gets another shock and falls weak on her knees, Manik holds her.
Sanjana/Darshan: I will tell everything, but promise me Nandu, u will get me justice na? u will believe on me na?

She holds her hand. Nandini nods.

Guys this episode wasn’t much scary, was it? And r u OK with MaNan’s love story in between? If u want something else do tell me, oh n I know I keep u all in suspense for much time, its Ramadan and my mind doesn’t works if I haven’t eaten since long so updates will be provided at night only, I hope u won’t mind, stay happy guys.

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