Kyy ghost series, story 2: Maa (part 1)


The story starts with Nandini talking to Manik on video call.
Nandini: hi Manik, how’s ur vacations going in Singapore?
Manik: tumhare bager bhi kabhi kuchh achha hosakta hai kya? Bore hogaya hoon main, jaldi wapis ajaunga, bohat miss kr rha hoon tumhari care, tumhara gussa, even spending nights with u and signing u from window to come down

Nandini smiles.
Nandini: tumhare bager to mere bhi vacations bekaar hain, its been only 1 week u went there lekin esa lgraha hai ek saal hogaya, plz try to come soon.
Manik: Nandu bole or Manik na maane esa kbhi na hi hua hai na he hoga, I will come soon.
Nandini: thank u Manik.

Someone looks on from outside the room.
Nandini: Manik, how’s aunty? She’s like a second mother to me, my mom is not with me so m so alone.

Manik’s mom Nyonika and Nandini’s mom Sanjana were best friends in high school, MaNan met through them and slowly fell in love with each other
Manik: mom is fine, even she misses u a lot, mujhse ziada tumse piar hai unhe
Nandini: someone’s jealous
Manik: OK I will talk later Nandu bye.
Nandini: Bye monster.
Video call ended. A woman stands out of the room looking at her. Nandini sleeps as it was 12:00 am.

Its morning, Nandini’s sleep gets disturbed by the sunrays making their way through the open curtains.
Nandini: Maa plz curtains bnd kro na, I want to sleep a bit more.

Nandini has been imagining her mom near her since the time she died but every time she woke up, she would end up getting emotional missing her, who wouldn’t be sad on losing mother? Someone comes and draws the curtains, its the same woman, she looks at Nandini lovingly and disappears. The woman is Nandini’s dead mother. Nandini sleeps for more 3 hours and wakes up.
Nandini: the curtains are drawn, but who must have done it? It must be dad.
She smiles and goes to freshen up. She comes out after bathing and dries her hair in front of mirror.
Nandini: Maa hoti kitna achha na, sarr pe hath phirate hi sukoon miljata pehle ki trha.
She gets teary eyed recalling her mom and feels someone caressing her hair, she turns but doesn’t finds anyone.
Nandini: oh God Nandu stop imagining too much, she won’t come now.
She cries and looks at the mirror and gets shocked. There was written “Nandu m here only, don’t be sad…ur mom.” She gulps her saliva and stands up from the dressing table chair.
Nandini: what’s this?
She runs from the room to her father’s room.
Nandini: Dad

In the washroom, Nandini’s dad Darshan was changing his clothes when he felt pain behind his shoulder as if someone has wounded him with nails, he screams.
Nandini: dad u OK?
Darshan sees Sanjana behind him smiling. He gets scared.
Darshan: Sanjana
Sanjana: han, main wapis agai hoon, isi trha mara tha na tumne mujhe?
Nandini hears the ghostly voice and wonders what might be happening inside, Darshan tries to open the door of washroom but it was jammed.
Sanjana: kahan jaogay bach k?

She pulls him and pushes him in the bathtub and fills it fully with water and immerses him inside, he struggles to breathe.
Darshan: leave me
Nandini: dad kia hua? plz kuch bolein

She bangs the door hard, she goes and brings a knife, she slips it between the door frame and the door, she does it multiple times until the door opens, Sanjana disappears. Nandini sees Darshan immersed in water fainted.
Nandini: Dad!
She pulls him out of the water and takes him outside the washroom making him lay on his bed, she pumps out all the water and calls doctor immediately. She wipes him with a towel and cries. Doctor comes and checks him.
Doctor: he’s normal, all the water is out now.
Nandini sees blood on his clothes, she pays the doctor, after sometime Darshan wakes up. Nandini hugs him.
Nandini: dad, thank God u r OK, I got so scared, how did blood come on ur clothes, how did u drown? And what was that ghostly voice?

Darshan: there wasn’t any ghostly voice, I scratched hard and then blood came out of it, it’s normal, and I slept while bathing so drowned, don’t worry m OK.
He lies to her and kisses her forehead. Nandini goes.

Darshan: I will never tell her the truth.

Nandini goes in her room and someone rings the doorbell. She goes and answers the door, its Manik and his family, Nandini smiles seeing him and hugs him.
Nandini: tum agaye Monster, m so happy.
Manik: me also, ab chhoro bhi mujhe
Nandini breaks the hug.
Nandini: oh sorry
They come in.

They talk on random topics.
Manik: Nandini, this is for u.
He gives her a kiss on her cheek.
Nandini: Yeh gift tha tumhara? huh

She gets irritated and goes to her room.
Nyonika: Manik q chirata hai usey ? Jao vo udaas hogai
Manik giggles: OK mom

Nandini was sitting in her room annoyingly murmuring
Nandini: chirane ka to bas ek mauka dede koi usse to vo chhorta nh
She sees someone peeping in her room from the corner of her eye, she turns to see who’s it.
Nandini exclaims: Maa?!

How was it guys? R u all r OK with it? Ab to MaNan bhi hai so u should be happy ?, and keep guessing what’s Darshan’s secret? What does Sanjana want from him? Stay tuned.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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  4. sara what happened to you………. whats this ghosts series………. am scared of ghosts but read ur stories part1 and this in one go………… they are good and scaryyy………… how are you am commenting after a long time………… I don’t know those stories are of urs………I read the name of the story and haven’t touched till today………… hows it going……… could you get these ghost story ideas…….. do u watch lots of scary movies…………..

    1. Hi Priya, nothing happen to me, I saw many ffs of kyy of different types but there wasn’t a horror story on it, so I thought to make one, yes many scenes r stolen ? n I watch many scary movies n serials too I.e. Aahat, thnx


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    1. OK if I write in Hindi I will give translation as well ?

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    1. Y would I mind if u liked my previous story more than this one? In fact m happy that u liked that one..will continue

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