kyy ghost series, story 1:who is she? part c (last part)


Hi guys. Thanks for ur feedback, felt good reading them, happy reading.

Soha was on her bed unconscious with everyone else with doctor gathered around her. Manik stands in a corner tensely. Doctor checks her.
Doctor: she’s normal, the wound is not big, she will get conscious in sometime.
He goes. Manik recalls the ghost which possessed Soha and again gets some flashbacks of a girl and boy fighting with mud, a boy running getting chased by a girl. The girl calling a boy as Monster and then laughing.
Manik thinks: why does this ghost girl looks so familiar to the girl in my flashbacks? What’s the connection between me n her? She was the same girl in the portrait, now its confirmed that I know her.

Its morning, Manik was jogging in the nearby park with Soha, Manik was fast but Soha’s speed was slow so he was in front of her. They talk and jog.
Manik: Soha u r hurt, I think u should rest.
Soha: OK
She goes, he keeps jogging for 30 minutes and then stops. He goes back to his house by walking, on the midway, he stops seeing a house which looked very old. He goes towards the mansion opening the small gate of fence. He looks around the garden outside the house and sees Five children: three boys and two girls playing together singing:
Aja aja baag mein, din bhar khelein saath mein, doston se khoob baatein, karengay mazay khoob saray (come along in the garden, we play all day together, talking to each other and having fun)

They all vanish.
Manik: now what was that? I m thinking too much.
He goes to the gate of the house and there were spider webs everywhere so it was clear that no one lives there. He goes inside from a window and again hears some voices of the same children, he even sees them playing around the house but again they disappear. He goes to a room and checks a drawer, he gets a pocket necklace and opens it, to his shock, there was his and Nandini’s pic inside. He feels like wearing it but doesn’t. He keeps it in his pocket. Then he gets a diary in the drawer. He opens it, the name written on it was Nandini Moorthy.

Manik: maybe I can get some info from it.
He keeps the diary as well and goes from there.

Later, Manik was sitting in his room. He reads the diary.
#1 “I love him to the core, he’s my dreamboy, but I don’t know if he loves me or not”

Manik: who is he? is it me? maybe yes.

He takes out the pocket necklace from his pocket and caresses the pic in it, unknowingly he gets teary eyed. He hears a voice calling him. He looks up and gets shocked Nandini.
Manik: plz tell me what’s our connection, what r these memories I get, only u can help u *shows the pocket necklace* how do we have a pic together?
Nandini: u don’t remember me? I will tell u by taking u in past, hold my hand.
She gives him his hand and he holds it, the surroundings change. They were on a road where a jeep dashes into a bus, everyone comes out of the bus, Nandini comes out if bus holding a jar of fireflies, Manik comes and collides with her, jar falls but Manik holds it, fireflies glows. Nandini(ghost) points at a boy(past Manik) and girl(past Nandini).
Nandini: look there
Manik shocked: this is us.
Nandini: yes

Past: Manik returns the jar to her, Nandini gets happy seeing fireflies glow and tries to see Manik’s face but can’t.

Nandini (ghost): this was our first meeting…*she tells everything to him, the story is same like in serial*Manik this is ur second birth, I n fab5 died together.

Fab5 and Nandini in one car, they were going in a party, they were talking and laughing, suddenly a truck dashes with their car making Mukti, Alya and everyone else severely injured as the car went upside down near the cliff. Nandini falls from the cliff and Manik holds her hand.
Nandini: Manik, plz don’t leave my hand, we promised we won’t leave each other till our last breathe, save me, I will fall.
Her hand starts slipping from his hand.
Manik: Nandini your hand is slipping
Nandini: save me Manik
She screams as her hand completely slips.
Fb end.

Nandini: this is the story of 25 years ago *they come back to present and her voice was now ghostly n not normal* hahahahaha, tumhare saamne to main kaii baar aai, PR tumhe to main yaad he nh, main pichhle 25 saalon se tarrap rhi hoon, tumhra intezaar kr rhi hoon, or tumne dusra janam bhi lelia, ab tum bhi waise he tarrpo gay jese main tarrpi thi, pehle baari tumhari us nayi dost Soha ki, phir tumhare papa ki, phir tumhari mom ki or end mein tumhari.
She vanishes.
Manik: Nandini! oh God, I have to save everyone.

Manik comes in front of his father’s car. Manik
Manik walks away and stands at the end of cliff. u will fall
Its actually Nandini. Real Manik comes there. Nandini pulls Himesh (Manik’s dad) up in air and then leaves him, he falls on the floor and gets hurt.
Manik: Nandini leave my dad
Nandini continues attacking Himesh.
Manik: Nandini plz.
Nandini: u killed me, now let them die.
Manik: Nandini kill me instead of them.
Nandini ignores him, he goes at the end of cliff and turns to Nandini.
Manik: I love u Nandini
Nandini leaves Himesh and looks at him.
Manik: u r right, I shouldn’t have let u die, I m with u always, dad plz forgive me
He spreads his arms and jumps from the cliff.
Himesh: stop Manik
He sits crying, Nandini disappears.

In the end, Manik and Nandini holds hands and says “MaNan together forever”

Story ended, next will be updated soon, feel free to give suggestions.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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  1. Its not fare how could u do like this how could nandhu become an evil ghost im so disappointed manan died

  2. This is not fair sally sue(Sara)…….nandani kaise ek evil ghost ho sakti h yar……
    Infact soha is perfect for evil ghost role….

    But still…it’s really entertaining…..
    Keep going…..eagerly waiting for next story…..

    1. Hi…… its my first msg in kyy site…. im usually a silent reader …. i know….Like me you also not like the end n.a….. so i made a bit change in ending. …
      Manik jump from the cliff… himesh become unconscious….. ghost of nandini disappears…… suddenly manik was brought up by nandini’s ghost… he was unconscious…. when he got consciousness he was in his room and was shocked….. his parents were badly crying they told him not to do anything like that again in his life…. manik was just tensed…. how he got saved…. he checked his pocket… he got the pendant… he was just looking at nandini’s photo……. his parents went out of hi a room…. suddenly nandini’s ghost appears in front of him…. manik- why you saved me…. you also wanna me to die don’t you… nandini- yes I wanted that but I couldn’t see you dying…..I love you I couldn’t kill you….. manik- but after knowing the truth about our love and past… I can’t live without you…. nandini- you have to… you have whole life to live….. and I’m not going anywhere I’ll be surrounding you…. but you have to promise you’ll not forget me…….. we will be together when you’ll die after living your life….. promise..?????? Manik-promise… nandini- now promise me one more thing you’ll move on in your life…. Manik- No…. how can I….???? After knowing about us and our past..???? Nandini- you have to…. otherwise I cannot forgive myself…. plz for me…. after a small nok-jhok manik agreed to MoveOn in his life… but he also take promise from nandini that she’ll not leave him…..
      After 2year….
      Manik become a rock star…&he always kept that locket around his neck… now he married to soha…. they had a beautiful daughter named manan….. nandini always be around him…. and happy to see him happy…. sometimes she felt hurt but she knows that manik did it because he promised him and he only loves her…… even nandini became the god-mother of manan…….

      1. nestle joseph

        wow that was amazing.pia u rockz

      2. its nice but if he marry someone without having them in his heart its betrayal right……. so better to end the character……….. all manan fans are creative writers……….. try writing new ff………..

  3. Sorry guys, next story won’t be like this

  4. Noooooo… Nandu did it for her love… N that was sooooooooo emotional scene when manik standing on the cliff said I love u n jumped… Loved it….plzzzz do continueeeee………..

  5. The story was nice. Manik sacrificed his life to be with his love forever!!!! I think that’s the best part of the story. Waiting eagerly for ur next story. Update soon.

  6. it’s not fair
    evil wins

  7. what was this!!

  8. Today’s episode was awesome.. ??
    Keep updating regularly dr.. ?

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