kyy ghost series, story 1: who is she? part b

Hi guys, I hope u liked my ff, I read everyone’s comments, thanx everyone, happy reading, u will get answers of ur questions slowly.

Soha sits dipping her feet in swimming pool. Suddenly waves starts coming in water, she looks at it wondering how the water is moving. A hand comes out of water pulling her inside, she screams and falls in the pool. A girl inside the water holds her tightly making her drown while Soha struggles to get out of her grip and faints not able to breathe, the girl disappears.

Manik jumps in the pool to take out Soha, he comes out and pumps out water from her stomach. They take her home. Later, she gets conscious. Doctor comes and checks her.
Soha’s mom: how’s Soha?
Doctor: she’s better
He goes prescribing medicines.
Manik: Soha why did u go in pool when u don’t know how to swim? R u out of ur mind?
Soha: Manik, main kiun koodungi? ek hath aya or usne mujhe andar kheech lia…swimming pool mein ek larki thi, usi ne attack kia mujhpe
(Manik why will I go in? A hand came and pulled me in, there was a girl in swimming pool, she attacked me)
Manik: but when I came to take u out there was no one
Soha: why will I lie?
Manik: OK fine, I believe u…I will find out who’s she
Soha’s mom: we are going out Soha, dad will be here with u.
Manik: m here to take care of her.
Soha’s mom: OK thnx

She goes.
Soha: Manik, let’s go somewhere out, m not that much sick
Manik: OK, but where?
Soha: I want to explore the jungle nearby.
Manik: jungle? haha OK fine..but after ur parents come back home, till then I will make ur portrait which I promised.
Soha: OK.
Manik brings his things for portrait.
Manik: u sit straight and yes, sit in a pose.
Soha: wese Manik, I feel like I m in love
Manik: he he, and who is that lucky one?
Soha: u
Manik laughs: oh God ab plz kuchh bhi mt bolo han, seedhi betho
(Oh God, now plz, don’t say anything, sit straight)
He continues painting and suddenly smoke goes near him (sometimes ghosts come in our body becoming smoke)he starts painting really fast, Soha notices something wrong.
Soha: what happen Manik?
no response
Soha: what’s wrong?
She approaches him and the smoke comes and disappears. He stops painting and looks up at her.
Soha: what happen?
She looks at the painting and sees the painting of someone else and not her. (Painting is of Nandini)
Soha: who’s she?
Manik looks at the painting, he too gets shocked.
Manik: I don’t know who’s she
Soha: u made this portrait and u don’t know who’s she?
Manik: no I really don’t know her, I don’t know how I made it
Soha: OK just leave it, let’s go outside and talk, m bored in my room.
He agrees, they go out of the room and tears of blood starts coming out of the girl’s eyes in the portrait. Soha and Manik were going out of the room and Manik was completely lost thinking something.
Soha: hey sir ji, what r u thinking?
Manik: no nothing, how r u now?
Soha: better
They sit on the couch.
Manik: hmm so
Soha: Manik, who’s that girl in the portrait u made? do u know her?
Manik: Soha I don’t know who’s she, but whoever is she, she has some old connection with me.
Soha: she’s the same girl who attacked me in pool, why is she after me? what does she want from me? M so scared.
Manik: Soha don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to u, drink water.

He gives her a glass of water, she takes whole in mouth.
Soha: listen, we’ll go later to that jungle after morning exercise, not now.
Manik: OK
Soha’s mom and dad comes.
Soha: mom dad
Soha’s mom: now u can go Manik
Dad: thnx beta
Manik: anytime, bye uncle aunty, bye Soha.
Soha: bye
She gives him a faint smile and he goes.

Later at night, it was 11:00 pm. Soha messages Manik to meet her.
Manik wonders what it might be and goes. Manik goes out of his house towards Soha’s house, she was sitting outside her house facing his back towards him. Manik goes near her.
Manik: Soha.
She doesn’t replies. He taps on his shoulder and she turns around towards him, he screams as her eye colour was grey as if she is possessed by a ghost.
Soha says in ghostly voice as the ghost was still in her: Barri chinta horahi hai na iski? pyaar hai na is se? ab dekh mai iska kia haal krti hoon or tera bhi. (u r very tensed about her ? u love her right? now see what I do with her n u too)
Soha crawls towards Manik forwarding her hand to strangulate him, he moves back on the floor .
Manik: Soha what’s wrong with u?
He continues moving back and gets scared. She stands up and looks angrily at him. He too stands up.
Manik: kia hua? who r u? what u want?
The ghost inside her reveals herself, its none other than Nandini. Manik moves back.
Nandini as Soha: jhoote, dhokebaaz, Maine tujhpe bharosa kia tha PR tu to ek number ka jhoota nikla, ab dekh main kia krti hu.
(Lier, betrayer, I trusted u but u turned out to be a traitor, now see what I do)
Manik: look whoever u r, plz leave her.
Nandini hits Soha’s head hard on a wall and Soha falls unconscious.

How was it? I will reveal her connection with Manik soon, stay tuned.

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  1. Arey yaar u want to kill innocent ppl like me ?? nice joke na coming to the update it was super scary nd awesome u watch ghost movies a lot i think warna who will give an explanation like this ?

  2. Meghna shanti

    Nice update dear

  3. phewwww. scary…..

  4. Really its scary ur r good in writing ghost story s really its superb its like that its another birth of manan but how nandhu is ghost but manik is a human but manik is so attached to that soha if it goes like this then manik will start loving her plz updates soon and don’t make manik so close to soha

  5. Awesome….I loved it…I love horror movies n books…on top of that manan…I’m sooo loving it…hope you dont pair up soha and manik…no noo pls…

  6. The update was great. Can’t wait to read the next 1. Plz update soon nd plz don’t make Nandu villain. She’s the only heroine of Manik.

  7. Awww…..amazing yar…..waise too me aisi kisi chiz pe believe nhi karti……but still tumne too sach me darra diya…..
    Keep going dear…..

  8. Really scary episode
    Update soon

  9. Ur episode was super scary n OH MY GOD! walk episode…. But Kuch bhe karna but last mein manam Ko sath kar dena… Plzzzzzzzzzzz n loved today’s episode.. Thankuuu… U know first I thought it’s not a good idea to make ghost stories on them but now I think it’s superb idea….. Thanku

  10. Hey Sara!!!! How’re u?? And my god, ladki tu kya likhti hai re!!! Awesome!!! *claps* U made it seem scary!!! Hats off girl!!!!
    Loved it a lot!!! Wanna nandu’s connection with manik n manik surely loves soha!! Soha is positive or negative?? Whatever it is, I’m loving it a lot!!!
    Thumbs up Sara!!!
    Update soooonn!!!!!

    1. M fine n u? Missed u n thnx

  11. If nandini is a ghost then what about manan romance? And what about fab five?

    1. Have some patience, sab dikhaungi OK ?

  12. It was really scary and awesome too .

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