Kyy ghost series…. who is she? episode 1

Hi guys, its me again, Sally Sue(Sara) I just felt like writing a ghost series of kyy and if u don’t like it then this will be my first and last kyy ghost story…so I begin, I won’t give intro as u will understand everything of the story. Bear my crappy story.

The story starts with a family shifting to a new house after introducing themselves to their new neighbours who greets them after knowing the arrival of them. The family has a boy Manik of about 18 years with his mom Nyonika and dad Himesh and neighbours has a girl Soha same age of Manik with her mom n dad.

Soha’s dad: this is my daughter Soha and she’s my wife.
Manik: M Manik Malhotra
He says forwarding his hand towards Soha, they have a handshake, they keep holding hands and have an eyelock. Their trance was broken by Nyonika’s voice

Nyonika: see u around.
Manik and Soha leaves each other’s hand and goes to their respective houses.

Later, Manik’s family comes to Soha’s house for lunch. Manik collides with Soha while going, she falls in his arms.
Manik: m sorry
Soha: its OK.
She straightens herself and they go on dining table and eat. After some talking, Manik’s family goes bidding bye to Soha’s family. Soha hugs Manik.
Soha: good night Manik
Manik: yeah good night
He gives her a bright smile and was about to go but something caught his eye. It was a painting of a building which looked like a college.
Manik calls out: Soha
Soha: han?
Manik: yeh painting kisne banai hai?
Soha: main ne
Manik: its good
He keeps looking at the painting and starts getting blurry flashbacks of 5 friends jamming together. Then he gets a flashback of a boy and girl singing together and some romantic moments. A flashback showed that a boy was kissing a girl on her forehead as she said I will always be ur star.

Soha clicks her fingers in front of him.
Soha: kia hua?
Manik: nh kuch nh…main bhi paintings bnata hoon lekin places ki nh, I make portraits of people.
Soha: really? to phir to tumhe meri bhi portrait bnani paregi.
Manik agrees happily.

Later at evening, Soha and Manik’s family hangs out at a resort. Manik and everyone else were sitting on easy chairs relaxing talking on random topics. Soha goes to roam around, she sits dipping her feet in the swimming pool. Suddenly waves start coming in the water in swimming pool. Soha looks at the water wondering how the water is moving. A hand comes out of the pool and pulls her in. She screams and falls in the swimming pool.

What’s happening? Who is the girl of who Manik got flashbacks? Who is the girl who attacked on Soha in swimming pool? Stay tuned, if u noticed I wrote story 1a so more parts will be coming soon only if u like it. love u guys.

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  1. kavipriya venkatraman

    Really interesting yaar ..plz continue..and i think the ghost is nandhini i..???

    1. I will tell in another update

  2. Princess Ruksaar

    It’s very nice Sally Sue….I loved it….Please try to post early everyday…?

  3. it’s nice it has a different story line please continue.

  4. yaar I am waiting for next part…I loved it…

  5. Really nyc…. Plz continue!!

  6. Amazing yar……
    I also think…the ghost is of nandani……
    m l right…???

    Eagerly waiting for next part…..

  7. Interesting yaar i think the ghost is nandhu waiting for next and don’t make manik soha a pair plz don’t do that

  8. Oh my god its different story hope nandu is ghost cont dear eagerly waiting

  9. Nice. But I wanted to know that does your ff has some rebirth sort of things? I was just asking . But I must say. Your storyline is an interesting one and your writing skill is also very good.

  10. hey Sara.. its really interesting. this is a different thought.. I think the 5 friends jamming together is fab5 and the girl and the ghost is nandu.. and I have a doubt.. is this a continuation of kyy and is nandini actually a ghost??

  11. Hi, m the writer of this ff n soon u will get to know the answer of ur questions ?

  12. Amazing…………..
    I think Nandu is the ghost. Plz update soon. Can’t wait for it.

  13. Awesome Sally!!!! Very interesting….
    Pls post the next episode asap dear
    Your writing skills are also very good 🙂

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