KYY-3 MANAN FAB5 (Intro)


I knew that there have been soooo many ff on kaisi yeh yaariyan season 3 . like how it would be…….with a lotsss of twists n turns .. I have read all those.. and I love all those ff but now I could not resist myself from writing . Hope u all will support me…………..

Now my update………..
I know there is no need of characteristic intro but I am just writing the names of the important characters
Nandini Murthy : Now a music teacher. Specialized classical music. Love fr rock
Navya Naveli : Bf of nandini . radio jockey
Aryaman Kurrana : Specialized in table. Frnd of nandini .
Abimanyu : bf of mukti. Is a neurologist . don’t know dead or alive
Maddyam sinhgania : rock music player
Harshad: always an enemy for fabs
Soha : don’t know daed or alive . enemy of fabs.

Manik malhotra : Leader of FAB 5. Bf of nandini.
Druv: mem of fab 5 .bf of aliya
Cabir : don’t know dead or alive
Mukti : gf of abhi .
Alia : gf of dhruv. Fashion designer .

There is 2 new characters which are important:
Anya : doctor
Maalya : cousin of nandini

Stay exited to know wats their role…..

Sorry I am little bad at typing . there may be so many mistakes . sorry
And please if u like it comment
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Credit to: NiyaMicky

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  1. Superr dr

  2. Ooo this sounds good, please please put Cabir in this , by the way im from England hope u dont mind me commenting please tell me if u do, like I was saying Cabir and abhi plz plz kepp them in plzzzzzzz, manan love them so much I wonder what is going to be the story line anywas it sounds amazing love it already

  3. Hehe dhruv: mem of fab 5. It will enrage him dear. Hehe he should not be overshadowed by manik 😉
    Btw can u plz plz tell me how do someone writes an ff and post it here plzz

    1. on top there home contact us ect its just near to it on top where we can find search take submit ur article from there fill the form as per requested ur story will be posted
      love u dear
      and thank u for ur support

  4. Sounds interesting .pls make updates soon

  5. Plz continue…..

  6. thank u all for ur support
    actually i am having exams so i could not update soo fast so sorry but iill do it as soon as possible

  7. Awesome, all the best dear, eagerly waiting

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