Kyunki Tum hi ho…Because you alone are…. Part 11


Kyunki Tum hi ho…Because you alone are….Part 11
Naina received a parcel.She opened it.
She saw an orange saree.Her face blossomed.
“Wear this and come to college…Yours Shikar”.
Naina was surprised:Shikar gifted me such a beautiful saree.But why today?Anyways I will wear it.

Naina wore the saree.
Naina and Ishani went to college.
Naina was surprised to see Shikar,Ranveer,Sanjana,Neil,Veer,Samir wishing her ‘Happy birthday’.Ishani too joined them.
N:Thank you guys.What a surprise!
Ishani:We all planned it together.But we hid it from you to surprise you.
Sanjana:See the cake Nainu. favourite.
Neil:Sanju baked it for you.

Naina:That’s so sweet.
Ranveer:Decoration is done by Ishani.
Naina:My Ishani is too good.
Naina hugged Ishani and Sanjana.Veer’s face became dull.
Veer:Naina..I want to talk to you.
He grabbed her hand and took her to another room.
Veer:Naina…I know that you and Ishani are close friends.But don’t you think that you need to be more choosy about your friends?I mean…she is only your driver and her mother is your maid.Being so rich how can you be friends with such a low class girl who lives on your mercy.
Suddenly Naina slapped Veer.
Veer was shocked:Naina!

Naina:How dare you call my friend low class?If you again talk like this about my friend I will slap ypu again.
Veer:How dare you slap me for your low class friend?
Veer slapped her.Naina got shocked.
Suddenly Naina realized that she and Veer slapping each other was only her imagination.
Naina thought:I have no courage to slap this guy.
Naina:Veer….friendship is not based on class.Our class and status are decided by our behaviour,not our financial that way Ishani is not lesser than me in class and dignity.You better understand that.Ishani will always remain as my best friend.If you want to be in a relationship with me you should accept my friends too.
Veer got embarrassed.
Ishani and Shikar overheard this.Ishani smiled tearfully.
Ishani:I am lucky to have a friend like Naina.

Shikar smirked:Good that Naina opened her mouth and talked to Veer like this.He deserved such a sharp reply from Naina.Very good.
Veer thought:Guess because of me Naina’s mood got spoiled.I need to bring back the smile on her face.

Veer Naina went back to the room where they arranged birthday celebration.
Veer put a diamond ring on Naina’s finger.
Naina:Thank you Veer.
Veer:Trust me Naina…This must be the most expensive birthday gift you received today.Mine is the best birthday gift.Right?
Naina faked a smile.
Shikar got irritated and said in his mind:He is so annoying.He is a real price tag.What does he think of himself?He thinks that he is the richest person in this world and we all are poor.I am also rich like you Veer.Foolish Veer thinks that he can buy Naina with money.Naina is not that sort of a girl who gives importance only to money.Did’nt he understand it yet?
Sanjana to Neil:Veer has so much of attitude.He always measures everything on the basis of money.
Neil:Funny guy. my opinion Naina’s best birthday gift is the saree I gave her.She looks beautiful in this orange saree.
Veer:You gifted this saree to Naina?
Shik:Of course yes.Let me take selfies with the birthday girl.
Shikar held Naina closer and took selfies.

Veer was irritated.

Samir:Guess you can cut the cake Naina.
Naina cut the cake.

Veer stood in front of her to get the first bite of the cake.Naina became dull while Shikar could’nt bear it.Veer opened his mouth.Naina took a small piece of cake to feed Veer.Suddenly Shikar came in front of Veer and took the cake piece from Naina.
Shikar:The first piece should go to the birthday girl.Some ignorant people can’t understand that.
Naina smiled.

Veer was embarrassed.
Shikar fed her the cake.
Veer got angry:What’s this?The first person to cut the cake should have been me.Shikar…you spoiled it by coming between me and Naina.
Shikar said in his mind:Veer…you only came between us.
Veer :Anyways..Naina…I should be the first person to get fed by you.
Naina took a cake piece hesitatingly to feed him.Suddenly Shikar held her hand and fed himself witrh her hand.Naina and others were stunned while Veer was shocked.
Veer:What nonsense is this Shikar?Why are you doing this?
Shikar kept silent while Naina was nervous.Veer stared at Naina.She began to turn off her face in fear of facing.

Veer.Suddenly Veer held her hand.
Veer:Naina..tell me..why Shikar is behaving like this?Why is he always following us?Why was he adamant about feeding you the cake first?Why did he want you to feed him the cake first?

Naina’s lips shivered:Veer..I ….
Veer shouted:Tell me damn it.

Shikar got angry and removed Veer’s hand from Naina.
Shik:Don’t shout at Naina.I will answer your question.Because I love Naina.
Veer was shocked.He roared:Hey Shikar…stay away from Naina.
All were stunned.Naina got scared.
Naina:The moment I was scared of came.
Ishani:Naina…don’t be scared.Everything will be fine.
Shikar:Don’t shout at me.I am not scared of you.Just because you shout at me my feelings for Naina won’t change.I won’t run away from you or Naina.

Veer grinned his teeth in anger.Veer stared at Naina.
Veer:Were you aware of Shikar’s feelings for you?
Naina shivered:Yes.
Veer:Did’nt you tell him that your marriage is fixed with me?
Shikar:Yes.She told me.But I did’nt back out as I know that she does’nt love you.
Veer became dull and embarrassed.
Veer:Who said Naina does’nt love me?
Shikar:Has Naina ever tell you that she loves you?
Veer was silent.Veer looked at Naina.
Veer:Naina…don’t make me lose in front of this stupid Shikar.Tell me I love you.
Naina was silent and upset.

Shikar smirked:She won’t say I love you to you as she does’nt love you.
Veer was embarrassed.
Veer stared at Naina:Naina…
Naina:Veer..ours is an arranged alliance.We don’t even know each other properly.So I can’t start loving you all of a sudden.Right?I need time.
Veer:Ok Naina.I understand.
Shikar:She is telling lie.The real reason why she can’t love you is because she loves me.
Veer got angry.
Naina thought:This Shikar is causing more problems and fights.
Veer stared at Naina:Do you love Shikar?
Naina shivered.
Veer:Tell me Naina.
Naina’s lips shivered:No..I don’t love Shikar.
Veer smiled.Shikar got hurt.
Shikar:Naina…stop telling lie.

Naina’s eyes were full of tears:For heaven sake stop creating fights.I don’t love you Shikar.Can’t you understand it.Since you created fight and spoiled my birthday I hate you.I hate you..I hate you…I hate you hundred times.

Shikar’s heart was pierced.

Marke Bhi Na Vaada Apna Todenge
Ek Duje Ka Saath Kabhi Na Chhodenge
Apna To Sadiyon Janmon Ka Naata Hai
Jaan Se Jaan Ko Kaun Juda Kar Paata Hai

Shikar and Naina looked at each other painfully.

Tere Siva, Tere Siva
Tere Siva Iss Dariya Ka Nahin Koi Kinaara Sanam
Ho, Nahin Koi Kinaara Sanam

Naina said in her mind:Sorry Shikar.I lied to you that I hate you.

Tere Naam Humne Kiya Hai Jeevan Apna Saara Sanam
Ho, Jeevan Apna Saara Sanam
Jo Kuch Bhi Bacha Jivan Me Sad Lyrics From Tere Naam

Shikar said in his mind:I know that you don’t hate me.

Jo Kuchh Bhee Bacha Jeevan Me
Woh Maine Tere Naam Kiya
Jo Kuchh…(Tere naam).

Naina walked off painfully.Ishani and Sanjana went after her.
Veer smirked at Shikar:Did you hear what she said?She said she hates you.
Shikar smiled:She told me I hate you hundred times.but she did’nt tell you I love you not even once.That means she is more concerned about me than you and she loves me.
Shikar walked off smiling.

Tara to Samir:Samir..shall we go and have icecream.
Samir became dull.
He thought:Why I don’t feel like going out with Tara?This is what I longed always.But when Tara wants to date me I feel no interest.

Tara:Samir…come na.
Tara pulled his hand and took him to the car.They went to the ice cream parlour.There Samir was surprised to see Neil and Sanjana together .

Neil:You can never get bored of icecream.You icecream girl.
Neil held Sanjana closer.Sanjana giggled.

They had icecream together.Samir fumed with jealousy.
Sanjana Neil saw Samir Tara together.
Sanj:Samir is always with Tara everywhere.
Samir became dull seeing Neil Sanjana together.
Samir got up:I am not in a mood to have icecream Tara.I have throat pain too.So I am leaving.You enjoy.
Tara:But Samir…

Samir went out.Tara became dull.
Neil:Guess Samir could’nt bear us together.That’s why she left.
Sanjana:You mean Samir is jealous?
Sanjana smiled slightly.
Neil:Let’s leave.
They paid bill and left.

Naksh was driving his car.On the way near the icecream parlour he saw Tara and stopped the car.He went near Tara.
Naksh:Hey Tara..why are you here?
Tara:You left me here alone and came back to me again?
Naksh:What?Guess you mistook me for Samir.I am Naksh.
Tara was embarrassed:Oh..I am sorry.
Nak:It’s ok.What happened?

Tara:Samir and I came here to have icecream.But he left me here alone giving an excuse that he does’nt want icecream.Since I am alone I don’t feel like having icecream.So I left the icecream paarlour.
Naksh:Oh…But I have the mood to have icecream.So I will join you in having icecream.So don’t sacrifice icecream because of loneliness.
Nak:Yes.Let’s go inside.
They got inside the icecream parlour.
Naksh was eyeing on Tara while she was having icecream.

Chaahe tum kuchh na kaho maine sun liya
Ki saathi pyaar ka mujhe chun liya
Chun liya
Maine Sun liya

Naksh thought:You will never be mine as you belong to Samir.But I am not able to stop loving you.But we can at least be friends.Your happiness is my happiness.

Pehla nasha
Pehla khumaar
Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar

Tara:Thank you so much Naksh.Because of you I am having icecream happily.
Naksh:No need of thanks Tara.After all we are friends.

Kar loon main kya apna haal
Aye dil-e-bekaraar
Mere dil-e-bekaraar
Tu hi bata

They both smiled at each other.

Pehla nasha
Pehla khumaar(JJWS).

Samir Naksh’s home…
Akshara served food to Naitik and her son Naksh. made healthy food.
Akshara:You are just a medical student.But always talking of healthy food.

Naitik:Akshara…our Naksh is a future doctor.
They all smiled.Samir came.
Akshara:Finally you came.These days your eating habits are quite bad.
Naitik:Is it? need to change your eating habits.
Samir was not listening.Samir was thinking of Sanjana Neil.Naitik Akshara left after finishing food.Samir was still sitting there as he was slow in eating.
Naksh:Samir…Why did you hurt Tara by leaving her alone in the icecream parlour?
Sam:How did you know that?
Naksh:I passed by that area and saw Tara.We talked.I accompanied her to the icecream parlour.
Sam:Ok..actually I was not feeling well.So I left.Good that you gave her a company.

Samir left without finishing his food.
Nak:What happened to Samir?

The next evening….
Tara to Samir:Let’s go to the pub and party.
Samir:But Tara…
Tara:No excuse.You did’nt join me in the icecream parlour.But you should come with me to the pub.

They both went to the pub.Samir was shocked to see Sanjana with Neil.Sanjana was wearing a white dress.Samir went near Sanjana.
Samir:Sanjana in the pub?I thought you don’t like all this.I mean I never considered you as this sirt of a girl.
Sanjana:Ya..that’s why you considered me boring.When Neil called me I could’nt refuse.
Tara came there:Hi Sanjana..Hi Neil…
They:Hi Tara…

Tara pulled Samir to the dance floor:Come Samir..let’s dance.
Samir’s concentration was on Neil Sanjana.
Samir:Tara..I came here with you.But sorry that I can’t dance with you.I am not in a mood.
Tara became dull:Why are you like this now Samir?
Suddenly Naksh arrived.Samir Tara were surprised.

Nak:Hi guys…
Tara:See Naksh..this Samir is not interested in dancing with me.
Nak:Why Samir?
Samir:Not in a mood bro.
Tara:Naksh..will you dance with me?
Naksh was excited:Me?
Samir:Naksh…you dance with Tara.
Naksh Tara started dancing.

Yeh Dil…….
Yeh Dil…….
Yeh Dil…….
Yeh Dil…….

Yeh Dil…
Yeh Dil…….

Gustakh Dil Tere Liye Betaab Hain Ae Jaanejaan
Darde Jigar Kaise Bayaan Tujhse Karein Dil Bejubaan…. Yeh Dil…

Gustakh Dil Tere Liye Betaab Hain Ae Jaanejaan
Darde Jigar Kaise Bayaan Tujhse Karein Dil Bejubaan…. Yeh Dil…

Ae Humnasheen Yeh Dillagi Ban Jaaye Na Ek Din Kahin Tere Liye Dil Ki Lagi…Yeh Dil…

Gustakh…..dil.(Ishq Vishk)

Neil wore the mask he got from the pub.He started dancing with a random masked girl.

Ek Din ..Ek Din Teri Raahon
Baahoon Mein Panaahon Mein
Aungaa Khojaunga

Ek Din Tera Ho Jaunga
Ek Din ..Ek Din Teri Raahon

Neil looked at her eyes and thought:Why I feel that i have seen her before?

Baahoon Mein Panaahon Mein
Aungaa Khojaunga
Ek Din Tera Ho Jaunga

Neil:Somehow I feel that I know you.

She:How will you know me?We are meeting on the pub for the first time.

Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka
Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka

Neil:But still…anyways what’s your name?

She:We are strangers…then why should we introduce ourselves to each other?
Neil:So strange.

Tu Jaane Na Tu
Chaahat Meri Kitni Betaab Hai
Tu Jaane Na Tu
Chaahat Meri Kitni Betaab Hai
Ho Jo Barso Meri Palkon Mein Tha
Tu Wohi Khwaab Hai

She:I get personal only with my college mates.
Neil:In a way that’s better.

Har Ghadi Har Ghadi Yaadoon Mein
Vaadon Mein Iradon Mein
Aungaa Khojaunga
Ek Din Tera Ho Jaunga
Har Ghadi Har Ghadi Yaadoon Mein
Vaadon Mein Iradon Mein
Aungaa Khojaunga
Ek Din Tera Ho Jaunga

Suddenly her mask got torn and fell down.Neil saw her face with surprise.It was Avni.
Avni was stunned:How do you know my name?
Neil unveiled his face.Avni was surprised to see him.
Neil:Yes…I told you I sensed that I know you.

Avni:Your sensing power is amazing.
They both giggled.
Neil:We met not only in college but also in the pub.So why don’t we be friends?
He extended his hand towards her.She held his hand smiling.They chatted and laughed.

Samir was Neil dancing with Avni romantically

and Sanjana alone.He was relieved:Neil and Sanjana are not dancing together.
Samir went near Sanjana:Sanjana…I thought you were dancing with Neil.
Sanjana walked forward.Suddenly she slipped.He held her.They looked at each other deeply.

Pehla nasha
Pehla khumaar
Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar
Kar loon main kya apna haal
Aye dil-e-bekaraar
Mere dil-e-bekaraar
Tu hi bata

Pehla nasha

They broke their eye lock.She tried to walk away.Suddenly he held her hand.Sanjana looked at him.
Samir:Will you dance with me?
Sanjana could’nt believe it:Samir is asking a behenji like me to dance with him?
Samir:I am sorry Sanjana for calling you behenji always.Please dance with me?
Sanjana smiled:Ok.
Samir became happy.
He held her hand.

Samir Sanjana started dancing together.

Aankhon Ne Tumhari Meethi Baton Ne…(2)
Meri Neend Udayi Mera Chain Churaya
Sapna Sajaya Apna Banaya
Apna Banake Sapna Sajake
Chupke Se Sikhaya Pyaar
Dheere Dheere Is Dil Ka Cheena Hai Karaar…(2)
Aankhon Ne Tumhari… Cheena Hai Karaar

Neil saw it and showed thumbs up to Sanjana.She smiled.

Deewana Ishq Ka Main To Hone Laga
Zulfon Ki oth Mein Jana Dhone Laga
Mera Kehna Na Mane Meri Pyaas Na Jane
Dhak Dhak Dhadke Dil Mera Tadpe
Rangeen Safar Mein Aisi Umar Mein
Dard Utha Pehli Baar
Dheere Dheere Is Dil Ka Cheena Hai Karaar…(2)

Yaadon Mein Aaj Kal Kaatoon Main Raat Din
Jhoota Sa Jahan Lagata Hai Tere Bin
Kya Haal Jiya Ka Main Tujhse Bataon

Samir:Sanjana…you look like an Angel in this white dress.Very pretty.
Sanjana blushed.
They both forgot themselves and danced romantically.

Ek Pal Kahin Main Tujhe Bhool Na Paaon
Shaam Savere Dil Ko Mere Rehta Hai Kyon Interzar
Dheere Dheere Is Dil Ka Cheena Hai Karaar…(2)
Aankhon Ne Tumhari… Cheena Hai Karaar(Ishq Vishk)

Accidentally Naksh saw Samir dancing with Sanjana.
He thought:Samir said she has no mood to dance.Then why is he dancing with another girl leaving Tara?Tara will feel hurt if she sees Samir dancing with another girl.
Naksh moved to another area of the pub with Tara.
Nak:This area is better for dancing.
Naksh Tara continued dancing.

Neil:Before parting let’s take a selfie as a memory of this beautiful dance.
Avni smiled:Sure as we are no more strangers.
They took a selfie happily.

Avni was thinking of dancing with Neil and blushing in her bedroom.

Her parents Ashish and Asha watched this from the door way with a smile.
Ashish:Avni’s face is glowing and her smile is so sweet.
Asha:I feel it’s because our Avni is falling in love.
Ashish:Love?Did she tell you anything?
Asha:No.But when she is sure if her feelings she will share it with us for sure.Seeing her face I feel that she is falling in love.
Ashish:Our Avni has grown up.I can’t believe it?
Asha:You have any problem if she is in love?
Ashish:No.Why should I?After all we too did love marriage.
He pulled her closer.They shared a romantic eye lock.

Haule haule tu kadam badha meri jaan
Itna bhi yun na darr
Tere sang main haan chalta rahu
Jab talak hai bani mujhme jaan
Mushkil hai suna safar yeh bada
Par sang mein tere mere hai khuda
Sapna saja hai kal kisne dekha
Phir se naya

Chal meri jaan, chal meri jaan
Soche bina chal meri jaan(naamkaran)
After the college hour….

Ishani tried to ignore Ranveer when he looked at her and go away.Ranveer went after her.
Ishani:Ranveer…I am busy.I have to drop Naina home.

Ish:Please Ranveer…
Ishani tried to go away.Suddenly Ranveer held her hand.
Ran:Ishani…can’t you even spare 2 minutes for me?I am your friend.Right?You did’nt mind me during lunch break and library hour.
Ishani looked at him emotionally.
Ran:Ishani…are you avoiding me purposefully?
Ishani became upset.
Ran:Is it because I confessed my love to you?Did you feel bad?If so I am really sorry Ishani.I thought you too love me.But guess I was wrong.
Ishani said in her mind painfully:I can’t tell you how much I love you Ranveer.
Ran:If you don’t love me it’s ok.Yes I do feel upset.But I will bear it.But I can’t bear the pain I feel when you ignore me.
Ishani’s eyes became wet.
Ish:You have to bear it Ranveer.Always I won’t be there with you.Right?


Bhula dena mujhe
Hai alwida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai
Mere bina

Ish:I mean after college we will part ways.We may get different partners.

Safat yeh hai tera
Yeh rasta tera
Tujhe jeena hai
Mere bina

Ran:But Ishani..I can’t imagine a life without your friendship.I feel my life would be empty without you.
Ishani said in her mind painfully:Even I can’t imagine a life without you Ranveer.My life is a big zero without you.

Ho teri saari shohratein
Hai yeh dua
Tujhi pe saari rehmatein
Hai yeh dua
Tujhe jeena hai
Mere bina

Ishani:Be practical Ranveer…it’s not possible to be with our friends always.That’s the reality.You have to accept it.

Ran:I may not be practical.You may be right too.But I can’t.

Bhula dena mujhe
Hai alwida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai
Mere bina

Ish:Now itself get used to the life without me Ranveer and leave me alone.
Ishani tried to walk away.

Tu hi hai kinaara tera
Tu hi to sahara tera
Tu hi hai tarana kal ka
Tu hi to fasana kal ka

Ranveer held her hand and pulled her closer.
He looked at her eyes painfully with frustration.

Khud pe yakeen tu karna
Banna tu apna khuda

Ran:How can you say that I should leave you alone?Suddenly why are you even ignoring our friendship?Am I not a friend for you?
Ishani was very emotional:Ranveer….please leave me.

Tu hi hai kinaara tera
Tu hi to sahara tera
Tu hi hai tarana kal ka
Tu hi to fasana kal ka

Ranveer cupped her face:Ishani…I feel that your tongue is uttering something,but your eyes and heart are saying something else.I feel your eyes are longing for me.You still value our friendship.Then why are you talking like this?
Ishani’s eyes were full of tears.

Khud pe yakeen tu karna
Banna tu apna khuda

Ish:Ranveer…don’t talk rubbish.
Ran:Am I talking rubbish?If so why tears have formed in your eyes?It means you too are upset about whatever is happening between us.Right?Then why are you doing this Ishani?
Ishani could’nt open her mouth for a few seconds.

Ish:I have nothing to tell you Ranveer.

Fiza ki shaam hoon main
Tu hai nayi subah
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina..

Ishani removed his hand off her and tried to go away.Again Ranveer pulled her closer forcefully.
They shared an emotional passionate eye lock.

Khelengi jahan baharein sabhi
Mujhe tu wahan paayega
Rahegi jahan hamari wafaa
Mujhe tu wahan paayega

Ishani wept:Please don’t try to get closer to me Ranveer.
Ishani said in her mind:If you hold me closer like this I will fall in love with you more and more and I will never be able to distance myself from you.

Miloonga main is tarah waada rahaa
Rahoonga sang main sadaa
Wadaa raha
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina

Ranveer let her be free and moved backward.
Ranveer’s eyes were full of tears:I am sorry Ishani.I misbehaved.I forgot for a moment that only I love don’t.I am only a friend for you and a friend behaving like this like a lover would be hurting you.I am really sorry Ishani.Please forgive me.

Ishani wept silently.

Bhula dena mujhe
Hai alwida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai
Mere bina

Ranveer walked away weeping.Ishani watched him going away with tears in her eyes.

Tujhe jeena hai
Mere bina.(Aashiqui2).

Naina was watching all this from behind.She felt sad and went near Ishani.Seeing Naina ,Ishani hugged her crying.
Naina:Ishani…I avoid Shikar as I am forcefully committed to Veer.But why are you avoiding Ranveer like this?I know that you love Ranveer.Then why are you doing this to him?

Ishani wept:Nainu…you know that I have been facing head ache since last few days.My test result has come.I am having brain tumour.

Naina was shocked.
Ish:How will I accept Ranveer in this condition?He will be in distress if he loses me.So it’s better that I don’t let him own me.

Naina was in tears:No Ishani.It’s only first stage.We have enough money.We will give you the best treatment and cure you.

Ish:I know that you will do anything for me.But our life is in God’s hands.What if my life won’t be saved?What is the guarantee that I will be saved even if I get the best treatment?Don’t waste such a huge amount of money on my treatment.I don’t want to be a burden for anyone.
N:How dare you say that you are a burden for me?And how can the money spent on you be a waste?If you again talk like this I won’t spare you.Understand?And I am telling you that i will not let anything happen to you.Nothing will happen to you.And you will be able to live happily with your love Ranveer too.

Suddenly they saw Sanjana standing there shocked with teary eyes.
Sanj:I heard everything.Is it true?

Naina and Ishani became sad.
Naina nodded painfully.
Sanjana came running towards Ishani shedding tears:Nothing will happen to you when your friends are with you.

Naina and Sanjana hugged Ishani.All the three girls cried together.

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