Kyunki Tum hi ho…Because you alone are…. Part 10

Neil has his lunch. Sanjana comes.

Sanjana: Neil..look..

she shows avni with her. Neil gets surprised.

Neil: You?
Sanjana: Yes..We are friends now aren’t we?
Avni: Yes.
Sanjana: Come..let’s all have our lunch.

Samir and Tara comes.

Tara: can we sit here?

Sanjana nods.

All eat their lunch.

Samir: By the way’re coming today right?
Tara: yes..So 4pm at your house?
Samir: Yeah.

Sanjana looks at them.

Sanjana: Bye guys.

She leaves angrily.

Neil: I’ll go after her..
Avni: can I come?
Neil: sure.
Samir(thinks): Why does that Neil always have to be with Sanjana?
Tara: Samir..what are you thinking?
Samir: Nothing.

Ranveer: Where is Ishaani
Shikar: Oh..My friend is missing his love na?

Naina comes.

Naina: Ranveer, Ishaani couldn’t come because she is ill.
Ranveer: ill?
Naina: Fever.

Ranveer gets worried.

Naina: It’s okay..we got her a good doctor..she will be fine.
Ranveer: thanks Naina.

Ranveer leaves.

Naina(thinks): sorry Ranveer I had to lie to you.

Shikar sees her.

Shikar: Hey Naina.
Naina: Oh hey!
Shikar: How is things going with Veer?
Naina: Oh please Shikar..can we not talk about him?
Shikar: Why? You are getting married soon.

Naina rolls her eyes.

Naina: Yeah..I guess.
Shikar: So is he rich? More than me?
Naina: He is..I don’t know..I really don’t talk with him that often.

Shikar smiles.

Naina: I got to go.

She leaves.

After college.

Sanjana: Neil..Today I have to go early to visit ishaani..bye.
Neil: Bye.

She leaves. Neil sees Avni alone. He goes to her.

Neil: Hey you..
Avni: Oh um..hey.
Neil: Thank god you are in a good mood today!
Avni: Oh..don’t make me bad again.
Neil: No..I wouldn’t shall I call you Avni?
Avni: how do you know my name?
Neil: Oh..Sanju told me.
Avni: and you?
Neil: Just call me Neil.

Avni smiles. She gets a call.

Avni: I need to go..My mum called me..she will be worried If I get late you know..Bye.
Neil: Bye..see you tommorow??
Avni: Sure.
she smiles and leaves.

Veer comes to pick Naina up.

Veer: shall we?

Shikar comes.

Veer: Oh it’s you again!
Shikar: yes..
Veer: Naina..let’s go.

Shikar holds her by her hand. She stares at him.

Veer: Hey you..let go of her hand..
Shikar: You know..I’ll drop her.
Veer: I am here, what’s the need.
Shikar: We are good friends..lately we haven’t really had time to spend time..
Naina: Please Veer?

Naina makes a cute and innocent face.

Veer: Urgh! Just because of My Naina..naina..don’t be late.
Naina: sure.

Shikar smiles.

Sanjana and comes and visit Ishaani.

Sanjana: Ishaani..How are you?
Ishaani: I am fine..It’s just a regular check up..does anyone know?

Naina comes.

Naina: Sorry I was a bit late..Shikar dropped me today.
Ishaani: Did you tell anyone about my problem?
Naina: No..Don’t worry! Ranveer asked..But I said you have did it go with the doctor?
Ishaani: Fine..It was only in the morning..I had to spend the whole afternoon alone..

Ishaani gets a call from Ranveer.

Ishaani: Hi ranveer!
Ranveer: How is your fever?
Ishaani: It’s fine..actually I am so well now.
Ranveer: Oh good! So..I was thinking know..can you come to my house?
Ishaani: What?
Ranveer: I’ll come in a car to pick you..and Ishaani..dress nicely.
Ishaani: So you are saying that on other days I don’t dress nicely?
Ranveer: No..No..But dress extra nicely.

Ishaani smiles.

Ishaani: Okay!

Ishaani ends the call.

Sanjana: Another date?

Ishaani blushes.

Naina: Oh these two.

They laugh.

Ishaani and Ranveer come to his house.

Ishaani is wearing a beautiful saree.

Ranveer: You are looking so gourgous!!
Ishaani: Thank you.
Ranveer: Let’s go in.

Ishaani goes to the house.

Ranveer: Theres’s no one here today..just me and Shikar..But he also left a few minutes ago.

Ishaani looks around.

Ranveer: Ishaani…Let’s go to my room.
Ishaani: What! Ranveer…

Ranveer lifts her.

Ishaani: Oh my!!

He takes her to his room.

Ishaani: It’s just like my room!
Ranveer: Come sit on my bed.

Ishaani nods and sit on it. Ranveer comes and sit beside her.

Ishaani: Why did you bring me here?
Ranveer: Ishaani..

He cups her face. She looks at him.

Ranveer: Ishaani..since the day I met you…It was only you that I could think of..and..Ishaani I spent all the days asking my heart what was it? Now I understand Ishaani..I understand..I love you Ishaani..

Ranveer (Shouts): I LOVE YOU ISHAANI!!!

Ishaani gets shocked.

Ishaani: Ranveer..
Ranveer: I know I can’t make this super fancy..I tried my best..

Ishaani gets emotional.

Ishaani: It was beautiful..
Ranveer: so Ishaani Do you feel the same way about me?

Ishaani opens her mouth,smiling, to talk. But then she remembers something and stands up.

Ishaani: Ranveer I can’t do this!

She runs out of the room. Ranveer gets shocked.

Ranveer: Ishaani!!

She stops and look at him. She cries.

Ishaani: I’m sorry Ranveer!

She leaves out of the house.

Ranveer: Ishaani..At least let me drop you!

He sees Ishaani running away. He falls and cries.

Tara comes to Samir’s house.

Samir: Oh tara!

He hugs her.

She comes inside.

Tara: Is anybody home today?
Samir: Yes..just Naksh..
Tara: Oh naksh..

Naksh comes. He sees Tara and stops.

Samir: Hey Naksh..we were just talking about you..Look Who it is..It’s know.
Tara: Hello!
Naksh: Hi!

They smile.

Tara: hi naksh.
Naksh: hey tara… how are you? You know these days samir talks a lot about you. Ifsamirt alksss 10 words 8 words are about you!

Tara laughs. Samir blushes.

Samir: Stop it!!
Tara: So what do you do these days?
Naksh:nothing much..just continuing my medical studies ..
Tara: Oh!
Samir: So are you two done? I got some movies Tara..shall we go and watch it?

Tara nods. Samir and Tara leaves.

Naksh(thinks): woah! She is…

He smiles.

Naksh: what’s happening Naksh??


Thans for all the love thorughout these 10 continue it!!!

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