Kyunki Tum hi ho…Because you alone are…. Part 9

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Kyunki Tum hi ho…Because you alone are… Part 9
Neil was walking on the corridor.By mistake he collided with a girl and the girl was about to fall down.Suddenly Neil held her.
Their eyes locked onto each other.
Neil could’nt take his eyes off her.

Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Tu mera khuda
Tu hi duaa mein shaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil(Ae dil hai mushkil).

She got out of his arms.
She:Can’t you see properly?Because of you i was about to fall down.
Neil:But I held you on right time.Right?So you did’nt fall down.
She:Are you trying to justify yourself?
Neil:Oh no…I did’nt do it intentionally.But I am sorry.Really sorry.
She:It’s ok.
He smiled:I said sorry.Right?So atleast now you can smile at me.
She:No way…

She walked off.He smiled looking at her go.Sanjana walked towards him seeing her going away from him.
Sanj:Hey Neil…what was going on between her and you?
Neil:Nothing yaar.Just a small fight.
Sanj:Fight?In the first meeting itself?
Neil:Not really.By mistake i hit her while walking.So she got angry.
Neil:To be frank I enjoyed it.
Sanjana giggled:What?Did you get attracted towards her?
Neil blushed:May be.
Sanjana was surprised:Really?
Neil smiled blushing:Something magical about her.I am crazy you know.

Sanjana started giggling:Yes you crazy man.

Sanjana kicked his shoulder.Both were laughing.
Samir who passed by saw it and got insecure.He walked off.
Sanj:Do you know her name?
Sanj:Without knowing her name you are getting interested in her?You are mad.
Neil:Yes,I am.
They both laughed.
Sanj:She is Avni.She is in Zoology.
Neil:Avni.Sweet name.

Tara was playing basket ball in the college basket ball match.
Samir was cheering up for her.
Tara won the match and jumped with joy.Samir lifted her up in his arms and twirled around..

Chot Dil Pe Lagi Pyaar Hone Laga…(2)
Woh Ajnabee Mere Dil Ko Bhala Bhala Sa Laga…(2)

Hum Deewane Ki To Ab Yahi Hai Dua…(2)
Sari Umar Chaahaton Ka Chalta Rahe Silsila…(2)

Tara blushed:Samir…what are you doing?
Samir:I am so happy for you Tara.Your success is my success.

( Jab Hua Samana Hum Dil De Baithe
Ishq Ki Bekhudi Hum To Le Baithe )..(2)
Palko Ke Peeche Se Tune Kya Keh Dala
Deewana Main Bana

Tara:Put me down.Others will see.
Samir:Let them see.I don’t care.
She was shy.

Woh Mera Mastana Aashiq
Kuch Manchala Sa Laga
Sari Umar Chaahaton Ka Chalta Rahe Silsila
Chot Dil Pe…Chalta Rahe Silsila

Sanjana who was watching this became gloomy seeing this.

Neil came near her with icecream.
Neil:Take this icecream.Your favourite.
Sanj:Wow..Thank you Neil.
Neil:Whenever you are sad icecreams cheer you up.This is your habit since childhood.I know that you are sad now.That’s why i brought you Ice cream.
Sanj:Sad?Me?What are you saying Neil? are sad.What do you think?If you don’t share your pain with me I won’t understand it?Come on Sanjana.I am your best friend.I know you since childhood.

Sanjana became emotional.
Neil:Now smile and have icecream.
Sanjana nodded smiling.

Accidently Samir saw Neil Sanjana giggling and having icecream together.He became dull.His concentration was diverted and put Tara down.Tara fell down.
Samir looked at her hearing her voice and came back to senses.
Tara:Why did you put me down Samir?
Samir:I am so sorry Tara.You just slipped down.I don’t know how.
Tara:Ok ok.Now help me to get up.
Samir held her hand and pulled her up.He again looked at Sanjana Neil.
Tara:Where are you looking at Samir?What’s happening there?
Samir was not listening to her.

He came back to senses:Yes Tara.
Tara:Where is your focus?Why are you looking there?
Samir:Nothing like that Tara.Let’s go.
Tara pretended to be not able to walk:Oh Samir..I can’t walk.Guess in the fall my leg got sprained.
Samir:Oh no.It’s ok.I will carry you in my arms to the car.I will drop you home.
Tara smiled happily.
Samir carried her in his arms and walked.Tara looked at Samir romantically while Samir was thinking of Neil Sanjana.

( Neend Mein Khwaab Mein Chupke Se Aata Hai
Har Ghadi Woh Mera Chain Churata Hai )…(2)
Baahon Ke Ghere Mein
Ab Mujhko Rehne De

Tara rested her head on Samir’s chest with a smile.But it did’nt have any effect on Samir as he was only thinking of Neil Sanjana.

Chune De Laab Zara
Yeh Bekarari Ka Mausam Dhua Dhua Sa Laga
Sari Umar Chaahaton Ka Chalta Rahe Silsila
Chot Dil Pe …Chalta Rahe Silsila(Ishq Vishk).

Sanjana’s eyes were on them.She was very upset seeing Samir carrying Tara in his arms.Neil noticed Sanjana watching Samir Tara.
Neil:Now tell me Sanju.What’s the reason behind your pain?

Sanjaba became very emotional:I don’t know Neil.But i don’t feel good when I see Samir with Tara.It’s painful when he insults me and praises Tara.

Neil:So you love Samir.
Neil:Guess you are confused.But don’t be confused.You love Samir.That’s why you are feeling upset when Samir is after Tara ignoring you.

Sanj:But Neil…
Neil:Look Sanju…if like you Samir is also not aware of his feelings for you,seeing you with me definitely he will also be jealous.
Sanj:But I don’t think he is jealous.He hates me.He ignores me completely.
Neil:You never know Sanju.You wait and see if Samir will be jealous or not.
Sanjana was confused.

Shikar saw Veer Naina together in the college.
Naina bid bye to Veer and got inside the class.
Shikar sat near her.
Shik:Why Veer is in our college?
Naina:He has joined our college as a student.
Shikar was shocked:What?
He thought:This guy can’t leave us alone in college too.What a nuisance!

Veer took Naina to a restaurant.
Veer:What do you want?
Veer:Ok then I will order strawberry milk shake for both of us.
Suddenly they heard a voice:Not strawberry for Naina.Naina prefers chocolate milk shake.
It was Shikar.Naina’s face blossomed seeing Shikar.

Shikar smiled.
Veer:Who is he?
Naina:Veer…did you forget?I had introduced my friends yesterday.He is Shikar.
Veer:Oh…I forgot.I remember only your face Naina.
Shikar was irritated.He thought:This Veer is so arrogant and trying to be romantic with Naina.
Shikar:If you are always drowning in Naina’s thoughts why don’t you enquire about her likes and dislikes?Naina is not that interested in strawberry.She prefers chocolate.So you better order chocolate milk shake for Naina.
Veer was embarrassed.
Naina thought:Oh my God!This Shikar will create a drama here.
Naina:Nothing like that Shikar.Veer’s choice is fine.I like strawberry too.

Veer smirked at Shikar:Did you hear?Veer never makes mistakes.
Shikar was irritated.
Veer ordered for 2 strawberry milk shakes.
Naina was trying hard to drink strawberry milk shake as she does’nt like it.Shikar noticed it.
Suddenly Veer got a phone call.
Veer:Ok..I will come.
He cut the call.
Veer:It’s my school mate Manoj’s call.He has arranged a get together party now.I have to leave now.Sorry Naina.I forgot about the get together and brought you here.
Naina was relieved that Veer was leaving.
N:It’s ok Veer.Enjoy.
Veer left.Shikar smiled:Good that he went.
Shikar sat near Naina:So that there will be no one between us.
Naina are too mischievous.

Shikar smiled.
Shi:See how Veer is.He left you for his friends and party.And you are going to marry him?Your choice is bad.
N:Stop it Shikar.It’s the situation.Anyone would have done that.
Shikar looked at her eyes deeply:I would not have left you alone if I was in Veer’s position.

Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi
Chhanv hai kabhi kabhi hai dhoop zindagi
Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo
Jo hai sama kal ho na ho

N:You won’t meet your childhood friends?I won’t believe it.
Shik:I would have taken you along with me to the get together party and introduced you to my friends as my beloved.
Naina looked at his eyes.

Chaahe jo tumhein poore dil se
Milta hai woh mushkil se
Aisa jo koi kahin hai
Bas wahi sabse haseen hai

Shikar Naina shared an intense eye lock.

Us haath ko tum thaam lo
Woh meharban kal ho na ho
Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo
Jo hai sama kal ho na ho

He took her strawberry milk shake and kept on the side.
N:What are you doing?
Shi:Don’t struggle hard to drink it.I know that you don’t like it.
Shikar called the waiter:Bring a chocolate milk shake.
Naina was surprised.The waiter brought chocolate milk shake.
Naina started drinking it happily.Shikar smiled seeing this.
N:Thank you so much Shikar.By the way you did’nt order anything for yourself.
Shik:I don’t have to.I like strawberry milk shake.I will drink it.
Shikar started drinking strawberry milk shake from Naina’s glass.Naina was stunned.
N:But Shikar…it’s my left over…
Shikar smirked looking at her:I know and that’s why I drank from this glass.Since it was drunk by you,when i drank it I felt it more tastier and sweeter.

Ho.. palkon ke le ke saaye
Paas koi jo aaye
Laakh sambhaalo paagal dil ko
Dil dhadke hi jaaye
Naina blushed.

Par soch lo is pal hai jo
Woh dastaan kal ho na ho(Kal ho na ho).

Ranveer Ishani went to a beautiful place.
Ishani:Wow Ranveer..this place is so beautiful.
Ranveer smiled:Yes Ishani.

He clicked photographs.
Ran:The rich people spend a lot of money in search of a beautiful place and they reach a foreign location concluding it as the destination.But we poor people find beautiful places in our locality itself without spending even a single penny.

Ishani:You are right Ranveer.I feel so happy to be here.Thank you so much for bringing me here.
They sat on the chair over there.They watched the mountain ..river and the greenary.
Ishani:This atmosphere is so romantic.
Ranveer looked at her:You find only this atmosphere romantic?
Ishani blushed.
She said in her mind:You are also romantic Ranveer.This place appears to be more romantic in your presence.
Ishani was shy.Ranveer smiled seeing her shy.
Ran:By the way you are right Ishani.This atmosphere is very romantic.Beautiful places are very romantic.
Ishani:Why don’t we make it more romantic by singing?
Ish:Ya.Shikar told me that you are a good singer too.I asked you to take me to a secluded area to make you sing.
Ish:Ya.And i made full preparations for that.

Ish:Simple.I borrowed a guitar from one of my classmates and brought it here.
Ishani opened the bag and took the guitar out.
Ranveer was surprised.
Ishani gave it to him:Now sing without wasting time.I will also sing.
Ranveer was surprised:You too love singing?
Ish:Ya..but my mother could’nt afford singing classes.So I could’nt brush up my singing skill.
Ran:Even I could’nt learn singing due to financial problems though i longed to learn music.
Ish:Now let’s start singing.
Ranveer started singing playing the guitar looking at Ishani.Ishani was deeply engrossed in it.
She too sang.

Tu Hi Ye Mujhko Bata De
Chahun Main Ya Naa
Apne Tu Dil Ka Pata De
Chahun Main Ya Naa

Tu Hi Ye Mujhko Bata De
Chahun Main Ya Naa
Apne Tu Dil Ka Pata De
Chahun Main Ya Naa
Itna Bata Doon Tujhko
Chaahat Pe Apni Mujhko
Yun Ton Nahi Ikhtiyaar
Phir Bhi Yeh Socha Dil Ne
Ab Jo Laga Hoon Milne
Poochhu Tujhe Ek Baar

Tu Hi Ye Mujhko Bata De
Chahun Main Ya Naa
Apne Tu Dil Ka Pata De
Chahun Main Ya Naa

Aisi Kabhi Pehle Hui Naa Thi Khwaahishein
O.. Kisi Se Bhi Milne Ki
Naa Ki Thi Koshishein
Uljhan Meri Suljha De
Chaahun Main Ya Naa
Aankhon Aankhon Mein Jataa De
Chaahun Main Ya Naa

Mere Chhote Chhote Khwaab Hain
Khwabon Mein Geet Hain
Geeton Mein Zindagi Hain
Chaahat Hai, Preet Hai
Abhi Main Na Dekhoon Khwaab Woo
Jin Mein Na Tu Mile
Le Khole Honth Maine
Ab Tak…(Aashiqui2).

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