Kyunki Tum hi ho…Because you alone are…. Part 8


Naina is with her parents at the airport to pick up Veer.

Juhi: He said he will land at 9. But it’s 9.30 now.
Jas: Oh look here he comes.

Veer comes. Naina looks at him. Her parents smile at Veer.

Veer: Hello Aunty, Uncle.
Juhi: Hello beta..
Veer: and hello Naina.
Naina: H-Hello.
Jas: How was the flight?
Veer: It was okay.
Juhi: Let’s go to the car.

They go.

Naina, Ishaani and Sanjana walks toward their Class.

Naina: i dont know how I’m going to survive..My parents are telling me that Veer should come to college with me..there’s too much I can bear
Sanjana: Dont worry Naina..You’ll be fine..
Ishaani: Yes Naina..I Still think you should tell your parents about Shikar.

Suddenly Tara and Samir walks holding hands.

Tara: Hello guys..can we join you?
Sanjana: I need to go.

She leaves.

Samir: what happened to her?

Ishaani shrugs.

Naina: shall we go to class.

They nod.

Ishaani comes to the class and sees Ranveer studying. She sits next to him.

Ishaani: Good morning!

Ranveer looks up and smiles.

Ranveer: Oh hey!
Ishaani: are you studying?

Ranveer nods.

Ishaani: you’re a good boy!!

She strokes his hair. He smiles.

Ranveer: Have you start studying?
Ishaani: Yeah..A bit.
Ranveer: the exams are near..
Ishaani: I know..But I have to complete my house work as well.
Ranveer: Me too..But Ishaani studies are also important.

Ishaani nods.

Sanjana comes to the class. she sees a boy next to her seat. She sits down. The boy has covered his by a book.

Sanjana: Hey who are you?

Boy takes his book off.

Sanjana: NEIL!!!!

Neil smiles.

Sanjana: When did you arrive?
Neil: last week..It took some time for me to join to the college you know.
Sanjana: I can’t believe this

They hug

Tara, samir,Naina, walks to the class. Shikar comes. Naina looks away.

Shikar: hey guys..!
Samir: Hey bro.
Shikar: Did you hear the news?
Samir: What?
Shikar: a new student is joining us!

they get excited.

Tara: who?
Shikar: I heard that he is called Nei.
Shikar: yeah..a person called Neil.He is a good friend Of Sanjana I saw them talking in class. He is in our class.

Tara: let’s go to class.

They go. Shikar holds Naina by her hand. Naina looks at him. he let go of her hand

Shikar: Good morning.

She looks at him in a teary eye.

Shikar: are you crying.

Naina quickly wipes her tears.

Naina: Let me go.
Shikar: I’m not holding can go if you want..anyway..I need your books.
Naina: What?
Shikar: Did you do the project?

Naina nods.

Shikar: Can I have it? I didn’t complete the project.
Naina: Here you go.

She gives it.

Shikar: thanks!

He leaves. Naina cries.


Sanjana and Neil talks and laugh.

Sanjana: I can’t beleive this Neil. We have so much to catch up On.
Neil: we can meet after school.

Sanjana sees Samir.

Sanjana: Hey Samir!!

Samir looks at her.

Samir: why?

He goes to her.

Sanjana: Look meet my new friend..Neil..we’ve been friends since we were little kids.
Samir: Hey nice to meet you.
Neil: Me tool.
Sanjana: And Neil…this is my friend Samir.

Samir smiles.

Neil puts his arms around her.

Neil: Let’s go to your place..we can talk..okay?
Sanjana: Yeah..My parents will be so happy.

They smile and leave. Samir looks at them.

Tara: Hey samir..
Samir: Oh hey..
Tara: I want to thank you again..for the help..
Samir: it was fine..

Tara hugs him. He smiles.

Naina cries sitting on a bench. Shikar sees her.

Naina: Oh..I can’t take this..there’s veer..then Shikar.

She feels a raindrop on her hand.

Naina: Oh it’s going to rain.

She recalls Shikar and her dance.

She gets up to go.

Naina: I must leave before it start raining heavily.

She sees Shikar looking at her.

They share an eye lock.

Suddenly it starts raining heavily.

Naina cries. Samir, Tara Shikar, Ishaani, ranveer and sanjana come to her.

Sanjana: Naina..come to the might get fever.
Naina: Guys you go.
Ishaani: Come Naina..let’s go..I’ll drop you
Naina: I don’t need it.

A car comes and stops infront of her. A boy gets out. It’s veer. Naina gets shocked.

Veer: hey Naina..why are you here in the rain..sorry for the delay..
Sanjana: Who is this?
Veer: so these are your friends..So you didn’t introduce me?

He laughs.

Tara: Who is it?
Naina: My fiance.

Shikar gets shocked.

Veer: yeah..nice to meet you.

Others smile except Shikar. Shikar leaves

Veer: do you guys need a lift?
Others: Nah..We are fine.

He nods.

Veer: shall we go Naina.

Naina nods.


Ishaani and Ranveer talk at a sweet Stall.

Ishaani: Oh it’s raining today as well.
Ranveer: yeah..
Ishaani: Today’s a good day for coffee.
Ranveer: you like Coffee?
Ishaani: yes..I only drink it at Naina’s house..because they give it..I can’t afford coffee everyday you know!

She sighs. Ranveer search his pockets.

Ranveer: Let’s go.

He holds her hand. Ishaani looks at him.

Ishaani: where?
Ranveer: Come on.

They go to a Cafe. Ranveer orders a coffee.

Ranveer: Here you go.

He gives her the coffee.

Ishaani: what?
Ranveer: drink it.

Ishaani slowly sips it.

Ishaani: But why didn’t you buy a coffee as wel..don’t you like it.
Ranveer: I love coffee.but..I can only afford one..there was some left over money Shikar gave.

Ishaani looks at him.

Ishaani: Oh ranveer!!! How can you be so generous.
Ranveer: If you are happy then I am too.
Ishaani: Here you have some as well.

Ishaani gives some. Ranveer takes a sip.

Ranveer: thank you.
Ishaani: no..thank YOU!
Ranveer: It might get cold..drink it fast.

Ishaani drinks it fast, and gives some for ranveer as well. They smile.

Ishaani: Oh the rain has stopped..let’s go.
Ranveer: I’ll drop you.

They walk to Ishaani’s house holding hands. They talk and laugh. They stop at Ishaani’s house

Ishaani: Then..I’ll stop here!
Ranveer: Okay..See you tomorrow..
Ishaani: Sure.

She turns to leave. Ranveer stand there. Ishaani turns.

Ishaani: so you are not going to leave?
Ranveer: I want to see you make sure if you go there safely.

She laughs.

Ishaani: It’s only about 3 feet away.
Ranveer: Just..go..

Ishaani runs and hugs him tight. Ranveer looks at him.

Ishaani: Thank you Ranveer…Thanks..I’m so blessed to have someone like you in my life..
Ranveer: Ishaani I should be thankful to came in my life..and made my life great!

Ranveer hugs her tight. Ishaani sobs. Ranveer pushes her forward and cups her face.

Ranveer: Are these tears?

Ishaani looks away.

Ranveer: Oh Ishaani don’t cry..
Ishaani: I just don’t know how to thank you..
Ranveer: You know how you can thank me? Just smile..and never cry.

She manages a quick smile.

Ranveer: that’s it.

Ranveer smiles and stokes her head

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  1. Wow nice entry of veer can’t wait to see how shikar gets to know about marriage thanks for the update ???

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  2. Lovely . I always love the ishveer scenes u write and the jealousy track is amazing too.
    Waiting for next….

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