Kyunki Tum hi ho…Because you alone are…. Part 7 Rain romance

Kyunki Tum hi ho…Because you alone are… Part 7
Samir Tara saw each other in college.
Samir found it difficult to face Tara.Tara walked away giving him an angry glare.He became upset.

Tara went to the leisure room and sat there.She was thinking of Samir trying to kiss her and she blasting at him.
Tara:Samir was always my good friend.He was very helpful.But suddenly behaving like this…how could he behave like this?
She remembered how Samir confessed his love to her.
Tara:Did I over react?
Suddenly Samir came there.
Tara:Why did you come here?I told you that now onwards there won’t be any friendship between us.
Samir:Please don’t say like that Tara.I can’t lose a friend like you.
Tara:Friend?Then why did you misbehave with me?
Samir:For you it was a misbehaviour.But for me it was my love.I told you yesterday that I love you.Now I am telling you again..I love you Tara.
Tara became emotional.
They shared an emotional eye lock.

Jab Ek Ladka Ek Ladki Se Milta Hai Pehli Baar …(2)
To Kya Hota Hai Bolo Yaar
Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar…(2)
Jab Ek Ladki Ek Ladki Se Milta Hai Pehli Baar …(2)
To Kya Hota Hai Bolo Yaar
Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar…(2)

Suddenly Tara’s phone rang.
Tara:Mom..why are you sounding so weak?
Her mom Jhanvi:Tara…I feel weak.Please come.
Tara got worried:Yes mom.I am coming now.
Samir:Tara..why do you look upset?
Tara was silent.He took the phone from her and talked:Hello..Hello…
There was no reply.

Samir:Guess the call got disconnected.Please say what’s the matter.
Tara:Samir…mom is not well. I need to go home.She is alone as my dad is in Dubai.She needs me.
Samir:Don’t worry Tara.Mom will be fine.I will come with you.

They both went to Tara’s house.They were shocked to see Jhanvi lying down unconscious.
Tara screamed:Mom…
They both held her hand.
Samir:She is unconscious.We will take her to hospital.
Samir carried Jhanvi in his arms.
They took her to the hospital.
Tara was crying:Please doctor…please save my mom.
Dr:I will see what the problem is.
Tara was crying.
Samir:Tara…please don’t cry…mom will be fine.
Tara embraced him crying.Samir was stunned.

Dil Hai Deewana Dil Ka Fasana Dil Ne Kaha Dil Ne Suna
Ho Dil Soch Ta Hai Dil Chahat Hai Dil Ne Tujhe Aashiq Chuna
Yeh Dil Karta Hai Baar Baar

He caressed her to console her.

Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar…(2)

After some time the doctor returned.
Dr:It’s diabetics which made Jhanvi weak.I have given her insulin.Now she is ok.But you should give her more care.
Tara:Thank you so much doctor.

Tara Samir went near Jhanvi.Tara hugged Jhanvi weeping.
Tara:What’s this mom?I told you to be more careful about your diet.I got scared.
Jhanvi:Don’t worry beta. I am fine.
Samir smiled:Thank God you are fine aunty.Tara was so upset.
Jhanvi looked at him.
Tara:Mom..I told you about my friend Samir.Right?He is the one.He only helped me to bring you to the hospital on time.
Jhanvi smiled:I have heard a lot about you from Tara.Thank you so much beta.
He smiled:No need of thanks aunty.It was my duty.

Samir was about to go.Tara stopped him.Unexpectedly she embraced him.

Na Dard Jaye Na Neend Aaye Na Ek Pal Aaye Karaar
Ho Na Hosh Mein Hum Na Hosh Mein Tum

Na Jane Kya Chaya Khumar
Kar Deta Hai Kyon Bekaraar

Tara:Thank you so much Samir.

Samir was very happy.

Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar…(2)

Tara:Because of your help only everything went smooth and mom became fine.Really you helped me a lot as usual.
Samir:Don’t thank me Tara.I did it because I love you.

Tara did’nt know what to say.
Their eyes got locked onto each others.

Jab Ek Ladka Ek Ladki Se Milta Hai Pehli Baar
Jab Ek Ladki Ek Ladke Se Milti Hai Pehli Baar
To Kya Hota Hai Bolo Yaar
Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar…

Samir walked away.Tara blushed.

Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar…

Samir looked back and saw Tara smiling.
He smiled:I know that your hatred for me has melted.I am sure that you will love me.

Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar…(Ishq Vishk).

Samir walked off.

After college hours…

It was raining.

Ranveer Ishani looked at the rain with a smile.They stretched their hands to feel rain.

Ranveer:You know Ishani.I always loved rain.During childhood I loved playing in rain and my mother used to scold me for that.She was worried if I will catch cold.
Ishani:That’s so cute.I used to make boat and put it in the puddles to see it float.
Ran:So sweet.
Ishani:Now when you see rain what do you feel like doing?
Ranveer looked at her deeply and said in mind:I just want to be with you in rain Ishani.I feel nice and when I see rain I wish to be with you in rain.

Surkh Wala, Sauz Wala, Faiz Wala Love
Hota Hai Jo Love Se Jyada Waise Wala Love
Ishq Wala Love

Ranveer pulled her closer with burning passion.

Hua Jo Dard Bhi Toh Humko Aaj Kuch Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love
Ye Kya Hua Hai Kya Khabar Yehi Pata Hai Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love

He showered passionate love on her nose,earlobe and lips.

Agar Ye Usko Bhi Hua Hai Phir Bhi Mujhko Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love

Meri Neend Jaise Pehli Baar Tooti Hai

Aankhein Band Kar Ke Dekhi Hai Maine Subah

Hui Dhoop Zyada Leke Teri Roshni Din Chadha
Ishq Wala Love

Both were drowning in intense romance.

Jhanke Badalon Ki Jaali Ke Peechhe Se
Kare Chandani Ye Mujhko Ittala
Leke Noor Sara Chand Mera Yahin Pe Hai Chhupa Chhupa Hua
Ishq Wala Love

They melted in a passionate embrace.

Hua Jo Dard Bhi Toh Humko Aaj Kuch Zyada Hua

Ishq Wala Love

Suddenly Ranveer realized that it was his imagination.
He got embarrassed and thought in his mind:So embarrassing to dream like this about me and Ishani.What will Ishani think if she comes to know what i was thinking.
Ishani smirked asking in her mind:Ranveer..were you having any naughty ideas seeing me in rain?

Ye Kya Hua Hai Kya Khabar Yehi Pata Hai Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love

Ishani:Ranveer..what are you thinking?You did’nt answer my question.
Ran:I just love to do anything in rain.
Ishani smiled:If you like doing anything in rain dance with me.

He was surprised:Really Ishani?You really want to dance with me?
She blushed:Yes.

Agar Ye Usko Bhi Hua Hai Phir Bhi Mujhko Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love

He smiled holding her hand.

They had a soft romantic rain dance.

Jo Aise Hota
Jo Milte Tum Ho Jaate Gum Sath Mere
Hote Hote Hoga Samjhaye Hum Tham Jaaye Tum
O Dil Mere
Toota Zyada Zyada Tara Jab Gira
Zara Zyada Zyada Maangu Dil Tera
Kabhi Zyada Zyada Maane Na Dil Ye Sarphira
Ishq Wala Love(Student of the year).

Shikar looked at Naina:Wow..rain.Rainy season is romantic.
Naina:So what?Rainy season is a season of diseases also.People get drenched in rain and get caught with various diseases.
Shik:Why are you thinking about the negative side of Rain.Why don’t you think of the positive side of the rain?
Naina:What’s so positive about rain?
Shik:Rain is beautiful.Dancing in rain is beautiful and romantic.
Naina:I don’t think so.Rain dance is romantic only in movies.
Shik:I bet.It’s very romantic in real life too.
Naina:Oh really?Then prove it.
Shik:I can prove it.But I need your cooperation.
Shik:Dance with me in rain.
N:Are you mad?
Shik:You only told me to prove that rain dance is romantic.For that you need to dance with me.
He pulled her closer holding by her waist.She was stunned.They had an intense eye lock.

Kabhi Jo Badal Barse
Main Dekhoon Tujhe Aankhein Bharke..
Tu Lage Mujhe Pahli Baarish Ki Duaa..

He swayed holding her closer.
They danced passionately.

Tere Pahloo Mein Rah Loon..
Main Khud Ko Paagal Kah Loon..
Tu Gam De Ya Khushiyaan
Sah Loon Saathiyaa..

Naina forgot herself while dancing with Shikar.She did’nt even realize that she was doing an intimate dance with Shikar.

Koi Nahi, Tere Siva Mera Yahaan..
Manzilein, Hain Meri To Sabh Yahaan..
Mita De Sabhi Aaja Faansle..
Main Chahoon Mujhe Mujhse Baant Le..
Zara Sa Mujhmein Tu Jhaank Le..
Main Hoon Kya..

He looked at her deeply:Now do you agree that rain dance is romantic in real life?
She blushed:Yes.I agree.
He smiled.

Pahle Kabhi, Na Tune Mujhe Gham Diya..
Phir Mujhe, Kyoon Tanha Kar Diya..

He was lost in her wet skin.He pulled her closer

and moved towards her lips.She blushed.

Guzaare The Jo Lamhe Pyaar Ke
Hamesha Tujhe Apna Maan Ke..
To Phir…(Jackpot).

Suddenly she came back to senses and pushed him.
Shikar was shocked:Naina!
Naina became very emotional:What were you trying to do Shikar?
Shikar’s lips shivered:I ..I…
Naina:Please Shikar…don’t try to come closer to me.Keep a distance with me.Because my marriage is fixed with my dad’s friend’s son Veer.
Shikar was shocked.He was very upset.

Shik:What?Are you joking?This is your prank.Right?
N:No,it’s the truth.Let me go.
Naina tried to go away.
Suddenly Shikar raised his voice:Naina…I love you.
Naina was stunned.Her heart beat fast.Her eyes became wet.
Shik:Do you love me Naina?
Naina did not look at his face.
N:No Shikar.I don’t..My marriage is already fixed.Then how can I love you?
Naina walked away.Shikar was in tears.

Naina messaged Ishani:I want to meet you.
Ishani came to meet Naina in her room.She was very upset.
Ish:What happened Naina?
Naina hugged her crying.
N:Shikar loves me.
Ish:It’s a nice thing.You love Shikar.Right?
N:I don’t know Ishani.I am confused about my feelings for Shikar.
Ish:If you yourself don’t know that you love Shikar then you are foolish.
N:Ishani..did you forget that my marriage is fixed with Veer?

Ish:Yes..I do remember that and I even know that you agreed to marry Veer only for your parents’ happiness.

N:Veer’s dad helped my dad a lot when my dad faced financial problems.Dad always says that he is in this position only because of Veer’s dad.
Ish:But if your parents come to know that you are actually not interested in Veer do you think they will proceed with this alliance?
N:I know they will drop this alliance.But they will be sad and I can’t hurt them.
Naina’s mother Juhi entered the room.
Juhi:Happy news Naina.You will not miss Veer anymore.Veer is joining your college.

Naina and Ishani were shocked.
Juhi:Now you are happy.Right?
Naina faked a smile.
Juhi went out.
Naina:Oh My God!Veer and Shikar in the same college.I don’t know how Shikar will behave with Veer when he comes to know that he is my fiance.
Ish:Shikar is adamant.He can do anything to get what he wants.
Naina:Veer will be very angry with Shikar if he comes to know that Shikar loves me as Veer is short tempered.
Naina was very tensed.

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