Kyunki Tum hi ho…Because you alone are…. Part 5

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Kyunki Tum hi ho…Because you alone are… Part 5
Naina wore a strapless sky blue gown a and diamond earrings.

Shikar could’nt take his eyes off her.
Naina:Hello..why are you staring at me like this?
Shikar said in his mind:You are looking so beautiful that I can’t control my eyes.
N:Did you say anything?
Shik:No..not at all.
N:Then stop staring at me.
Shikar thought:What kind of mad girl is this?She does’nt want anyone to admire her beauty.
Shikar showed her his hand:Ok..let’s go.
Naina held his hand hesitatingly.
Shikar smiled seeing Naina’s hand on his.

Shikar led her to a beautiful beach resort.

Shikar murmured:Wish I could spend some says with you here.But now it’s not possible.So I will get only this evening with you.But no problem.We will spend our honeymoon in a beach resort.
Shik:Nothing.How is this area?

Naina:This place is not like you.It’s very beautiful.

Naina chuckled.Shikar was embarrassed.Soon he too started laughing along with her.

He was lost in her sweet dimpled laughter.
Shik:You really liked this place? looks more beautiful with sunset as background.
Shik:You love sunset?

N:Yes.It is so colourful.
Shik:Then we can view the sunset near the sea.Shall we go?


They went towards the sea and viewed the beautiful sunset.

Shikar Naina took selfie with Sunset as background.

They spent some time chatting in the resort..teasing each other…cracking jokes.
Shik:Feeling hungry?
Shikar took her near the other side of sea.They stood on the sand.Naina was surprised to see the sand decorated with lights and a dining table there.A chef was cooking food near by.


Shik:So come on Madam..let’s have food.

They both sat together and started having food.
Shik:How is the food?
N:Yummy..too good.
He smiled.
They finished dinner.
They went back to the resort.The cool breeze was moving.Shikar saw Naina’s hair blowing in the air.
Shik:Naina…will you please dance with me?
N:Why should I dance with you?
Shik:If you are not interested it’s ok.Leave it.
Naina became dull.
N:No no.I will dance with you.
Shikar smirked.
Shikar held her by her waist.She was stunned,but she did’nt know why she did’nt react.He held her hand and swayed to the romantic music.They both were lost in the romantic dance.

Hmmm Mmm Mm Mm Hmm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm…
Tu Meri Adhuri Pyaas Pyaas, Tu Aa Gayi Mann Ko Raas Raas, Abb Toh
Tu Meri Adhuri Pyaas Pyaas, Tu Aa Gayi Mann Ko Raas Raas
Abb Toh Tu Aaja Paas Paas, Hai Guzaarish
Hain Haal To Dil Ka Tang Tang, Tu Rang Ja Mere Rang Rang
Bas Chalana Mere Sang Sang, Hai Guzaarish
Kehde Tu Haan Toh Jindagi, Chaano Se Chhutke Hasegi
Moti Honge Moti Raaho Mein Yeah Yeah Yeah
Tu Meri Adhuri Pyaas Pyaas, Tu Aa Gayi Mann Ko Raas Raas
Abb Toh Tu Aaja Paas Paas, Hai Guzaarish
Shishe Ke Khwaab Leke, Raato Mein Chal Raha Hu,
Takara Naa Jaau Kahin
Aasha Ki Rahe Roshan, Phir Bhi Tufaa Kaa Darr Hain
Lau Bhuj Naa Jaye Kahin
Bas Ek Haa Ki Guzaarish, Phir Hogi Khushiyo Ki Baarish
Tu Meri Adhuri Pyaas Pyaas, Tu Aa Gayi Mann Ko…(Ghajini).

After the dance…
Shikar looked at her deeply:Thank you Naina for dancing with me.How was our date?
Naina smiled:To be franked I never expected the surprises you gave me.It was awesome.

Shik:Thank you for giving me a beautiful evening.

She blushed.
N:I need to go back.
Naina informed Ishani and Ishani picked her up from there to drop her home.

Sanjana wore a long blue sleeveless top and jeans and looked at the mirror with a smile.
Sanj:Samir always calls me behenji.Let me see what he will say seeing me in this.

A stylish girl entered the college.Samir ran towards her.
Sam:Finally you are back Tara.
Tara:Yes.After a long vacation with dad in Dubai I am back.I feel so nice to be back in college.
Sam:I too feel to happy to see you back Tara.I really missed you.
Samir embraced Tara.Sanjana who passed by saw it and got shocked.
She was really upset.

Tara broke the embrace.
T:Samir…I need to finish a lot of notes of the classes I missed.
Sam:I will give you the notes.
Tara giggled:You?For that do you ever finish notes?Funny boy.
Samir got embarrassed.

T:I will collect notes from someone else and the teachers.
Tara walked away.
Samir saw Sanjana.He went near her with a smirk.
Sam:Tara…she is the definition of beauty and stylishness.and beauty.It’s better that some behenjies who think themselves to be stylish understand that.
Sanjana felt upset.Samir walked off.
Sanjana thought:I dressed up well today.But Samir did’nt even look at me properly,but still he taunted me.He needs only Tara.

Sanjana reached home after college.Her mother Simar came.
Simar:Sanju beta…you came?I will serve you food.
Simar served her food.
They both were having food together.But Sanjana was lost in the thoughts of Samir flirting with Tara and was not eating properly.
Simar noticed it.
She thought:What happened to Sanju?Why is she sitting like this?

Simar:What happened Sanjana?Why are you not eating well?
Sanj:Nothing like that Maa.I am not hungry.
Sanjana got up and washed her hands.
Simar became dull.
Sim:Sanju…don’t try to hide anything from me.Please tell your Maa.Being your mother I want to know what is making my daughter upset.
Sanjana’s eyes became teary.
Sanj:Maa…I have a classmate whom I consider as my friend.But he never considers me as his friend.He always ridicules me.Am I that that boring?

Simar caressed her:No beta…My Sanju is the most lovely girl.That person does’nt know your value.That’s why he is teasing you.But one day he will surely understand your value and accept you as his friend.
Sanjana was silent.

After some time Sanjana’s father Prem came.
Simar served him food.
Prem:Simar…are you ok?I find you gloomy.
Sim:Premji…I think Sanju is in love.
Simar told him everything.
Prem:Simar…keep an eye on Sanju.She should not get influenced by a wrong person.It will hurt her a lot.

Sim:You are right Premji.I pray to Matarani to keep our Sanju always happy.

The next day…

During lunch interval…
Samir was walking after Tara:Tara…

Suddenly Shikar pulled him back.
Samir:Shikar…what is this?
Shik:Why are you walking behind Tara as if she is your girl friend?
Samir:She is not my girl friend.But surely she will become my girl friend soon.So leave me.
Samir ran after Tara:Tara…
Ranveer came.
Shikar:See…how Samir is going behind Tara.
Ranveer Shikar giggled.
Shikar:He thinks Tara will make him his boy friend.But it will remain as his dream.Foolishness.
Ranveer Shikar giggled.

Ranveer joined Ishani.They started having tiffin together.
Ranveer shared it with Ishani:Taste this.My mom made this.She is a wonderful cook.
Ishani ate it.
Ish:You are right.Your mother is a good cook.It’s yummy.
Ranveer smiled.
Ish:Even my mother is a good cook.She does cooking for Naina’s family and they all love her food.But I am not a good cook.You taste my mother’s food also.
Ranveer tasted her tiffin food.
Ran:Wow…it’s so nice.
Ish:By the way Ranveer …you promised me that you will give me the food you cook.But till now you have not brought it for me.
Ran:Oh sorry Ishani.But I will keep my promise.Today there is class only till afternoon.You come with me to my house.My father will be busy as he has to drive to far places with his customers.My mother is going to her relative’s house.So there won’t be anyone at home.
Ish:That’s cool.Then after dropping Naina home I will come to your house.Make snacks for me.I love snacks.

Ishani dropped Naina home.
Naina:All the best Ishani.Enjoy with Ranveer.
Ishani blushed.

Ishani went to Ranveer’s house with him.
They entered the kitchen.Ranveer started making samosas,cutlets and pakodas.Ishani chopped vegetables.
Ish:I can’t wait to eat them.Nice smell.It’s tempting me.
Ranveer served her snacks.
She started having it like crazy.

Ish:Wow..yummy.You are an amazing cook Ranveer.Your wife will be lucky.She will get good food to eat.
Ranveer smiled looking at her deeply.She blushed.
Ran:Let me also have it.
Ish:Oh no no.You don’t eat it.I want full.
Ran:Full?You will become fat.Let me also eat.

He tried to eat it from her plate.
Ish:No Ranveer.Don’t take.
Ran:I want..

Suddenly they heard some footsteps.
“Ranveer beta”.
Ish:Your mother?

Ran:Yes…if she sees you here it will be a problem.
Ranveer hid her behind the fridge and went to the drawing room.
Ran:Maa…how come you are so early?You went to spend time with your cousins.right?
Amba:Ya.But unfortunately there were not there.They went to some temple.It’s my blunder that I did’nt call and inform them before going there.
Ran:Oh no..
Amba noticed Ranveer sweating.
Amba:Why are you sweating beta?
Ran:I am not sweating Maa.You simply feel so.
Amba:Ok..let me go to the kitchen and drink water.
Ran:Oh no Maa.Don’t go to the kitchen.
Ran:I mean I will bring water for you.
Amba:No need,I will go there by myself.
She walked to the kitchen.Ranveer followed her:Maa…no need…
Both reached the kitchen.Amba took water to drink.Ranveer and Ishani were tense.
Suddenly Ishani sneezed.
Ran:Oh no..
Amba was shocked and looked behind.She was shocked to see a hand near the fridge and she went there.She pulled the hand out and Ishani who was behind the fridge came out.
Ishani and Ranveer were nervous.
Amba was shocked:Who are you?

Ishani stammered:I…I…
Amba looked at Ranveer:Ranveer…who is this?
Ran:She is Ishani.My classmate.
Amba:Then why did’nt you tell me that your classmate has come here?
Ranveer and Ishani were relieved seeing Amba’s cool attitude.
Amba smiled at Ishani and caressed her head.
Ran:Ishani came here to eat the food cooked by me.
Ish:Yes aunty.
Amba:Did you like his food?
Amba Ishani chatted for some time.Ranveer became happy seeing them bonding very well. I am going.Maa will be waiting for me.
Amba:Ok bye beta.Keep visiting us.
Ishani and Ranveer were surprised.
Ish:Yes aunty.
Ranveer Ishani waved hands at each other.
Amba looked at Ranveer with a naughty smile:So this is why you told me not to go to the kitchen.Right?But what was the need to hide it?
Ranveer was embarrassed.
Amba:You love her?
Ranveer blushed.
Ran:Nothing like that Maa.We are just friends.But I like her a lot.Whether it’s love or not…I don’t know.
Amba smiled.
Ran:Ishani is also like us Maa.She is a driver.Her mother is a maid.
Amba was stunned.

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