Kyunki Tum hi ho…Because you alone are…. Part 6

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amba: I have a good feeling about that girl Ishaani.

Ranveer smiles and recall her.

Amba: Ranveer?
Ranveer: why maa?
Amba: you should invite her more.

Ranveer smiles and nods.

At Ishaani’s house.

Ishaani: was your date?
Naina: It really was fun ishaani.

Ishaani smiles.

Ishaani: I also went to ranveer’s house.
Naina: really?
Ishaani: It was so fun!
Naina: did you meet his family?

Ishaani nods.

Ishaani: I met his mother, she is nice.

Next morning…

sanjana(thinking): how can samir like tara?

she sees samir and tara walking holding hands. Samir sees her.

Samir: Hi sanjana.
Sanjana: Hi

She looks away.

Tara: Hi sanjana
Sanjana: Hi tara..good to see you back.

Tara smiles.

Sanjana: I need to go..bye
Tara: bye..
Samir: Bye..see you later

Sanjana manages a fake smile and leaves.


Ishaani and Naina talks about their ‘dates’ Sanjana comes.

Sanjana: What are you talking about?
Ishaani: I went to ranveer’s house.
Naina: and I met Shikar!

They laugh.

Sanjana: oh..

She looks away.

Ishaani: don’t worry will find your love..
Sanjana: NO..No..I don’t mean it like that…
Naina: But until then we are here with you.

Sanjana thinks of samir.

Sanjana: No no..Naina..I’m fine!!


Samir and Tara are talking.

Samir: Tara so come soon.
Tara: Sure Samir..I will come and definitely meet you.

Samir smiles. Tara waves and leaves.

Sanjana comes.

Samir: sanjana wait.

Sanjana turns and sees him.

Sanjana: Oh it’s you..Sorry I need to go.

Samir holds her by her hand.

Samir: Look we need to talk.
Sanjana: Why?
Samir: Why do you keep ignoring me?
Sanjana: I haven’t..I’m my normal self.
Samir: I can see your face..

Sanjana frowns at him.

Sanjana: Look..I need to go..bye.

She leaves.


Tara is in his room.

Tara: Samir these are all beutiful..
Samir: Thanks Tara.

He stares at her and moves close to kiss her.

Tara: what are you doing?

She moves away.

Samir: You know I love you..
Tara: this is all so fast Samir.
Samir: what do you mean.

He moves closer and touches her.

Tara: Please Samir..
Samir: why tara?

Tara moves away from him.

Samir come back and hugs her and kiss her on the cheek.

Tara: SAMIR!!!!!

Samir moves away.

Tara: I can’t do this..I need to go.

Samir holds her.

Tara: I’m sorry Samir..but it’s over.

Samir stands there shocked.


Samir stays in his room crying.

Samir: why did you leave me Tara..

He gets a call from Ranveer.

Ranveer: are you
Samir(stammering): I..I
Ranveer what’s wrong?
Samir: nothing.

He ends the call.


Ishaani looks at ranveer’s picture and smiles.

She gets a call from him.

Ishaani: hi ranveer. I Was just thinking about you.
Ranveer: me? why me?
Ishaani: Because you are one of my special friends.
Ranveer: really?

Ishaani nods.

Ishaani: Really.
Ranveer: Me too..
Ishaani: We think the same Ranveer.

Ranveer smile.

Ranveer: because our hearts have become one.
Ishaani: what?
Ranveer: oh..nothing.

Ishaani(thinks): I heard it ranveer.
Ranveer (thinks): I know you have heard it.

They smile.

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