Kyunki Tum hi ho…Because you alone are…. Part 17

Kyunki Tum Hi Ho…Because You Alone Are… Part 17
Sudha cupped Naina’s face:Our Neenu looks more prettier now.
Naina smiled.
Sudha:I can’t wait you to be my daughter in law.
Madan:But she is already our daughter.

Sudha:Right.I have always considered Neenu as my daughter.That’s why I chose her for my Veer.

Naina gave a pale smile.
Sudha gave her a lehenga:Wear this for today’s engagement function.
Naina and Veer were shocked.
Veer :Means in few hours Naina and I will get engaged.So fast.

Jas:Yes.We have decided to conduct the engagement function in the evening.

Madan:Life is fast beta.So the engagement has to be fast.Right?
They all laughed.
Veer Naina were upset.
Juhi:Are you guys getting impatient about the engagement?
Jas:Don’t worry.Within a few hours you guys will be engaged.

Veer Naina were dull.
Veer:I want to tell you all something.
Naina thought:I think Veer will tell the truth and cancel the engagement.
Sudha:Not now beta.We have to do a lot of arrangement for the function.
Veer:But mom…
The parents went for arrangements.
Naina:Veer…what will we do now?
Veer:Don’t get tensed Naina.We will do something.

Veer was in his room.
Suddenly he saw Sakshi near by.He looked at her romantically:Sakshi…

Jab tak tujhe pyar se
Beinteha main bhar na dun
Jab tak main duaaoon sa
Sau dafa tujhe pad na loon

He extended his hand to touch her romantically.

Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Mere sath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Woh oh o.. (x4)

Suddenly Sakshi vanished.
Veer:Damn it.It was my illusion.

Veer wore sherwani.
Sudha got ready?
Veer:Yes mom.
Sudha:My son looks so handsome now.You look like a Prince.Naina will love you more now.
Veer said emotionally:Not Naina mom…Sakshi..only Sakshi can love me.No one can love me more than Sakshi.
Sudha was stunned:What are you saying Veer?
Veer was upset:I don’t want to do this engagement with Naina.I will put the ring only on Sakshi’s finger.I love Sakshi.
Sudha was shocked:You love Sakshi?Then why did’nt you tell us before?You were happy when we fixed your marriage with Naina.
Veer:I am sorry mom.Your son is a duffer who did’nt realize his love.I became late in realizing my love for Sakshi.
Sakshi:Tell me clearly.Are you sure that you love Sakshi?Don’t get confused now.

Veer:Yes mom.I love Sakshi.
Madan came there hearing this with a shock.
Madan:What is this?What will I tell Jas,Juhi and Naina now?

Sudha:But Veer can’t accept Naina keeping Sakshi in his mind.Right?
Madan:You are right.But Naina…
Veer:Naina won’t have any problem.I already told her that I love Sakshi.She is only happy.
Sudha and Madan are relieved.
Madan:We just have to convince Jas now.

Naina wore the lehenga.
Ishani:Naina…atleast now you should tell your parents.
Naina:Ishani..I want to..but…
Juhi and Jas came.
Juhi:What does Naina want to tell us?
Naina became upset.
Juhi:Tell us Naina.What is bothering you?

Jas:Tell Naina…
Naina was in tears:I…I…
Ishani:I will say.Naina loves her classmate Shikar,not Veer.
Jas and Juhi got shocked.
Jas:Then why did you hide it Naina?Were we not your friends more than parents?

Naina:Ya dad..but…

Ishani:Naina did’nt want to make you both upset.She knew that uncle owes to Veer’s father.So if she does’nt marry Veer it will hurt you.So Naina even lied to Shikar that she does’nt love him.
Jas and Juhi became upset.
Jas:You made me so small Naina.You have grown big.
Jas and Juhi hugged Naina.All were in tears.Ishani’s eyes became wet seeing it.
Jas:I have decided one thing.I will talk to Madan about cancelling the engagement function.
Juhi:Good decision Jas.
Naina was tensed:But Madan uncle and Sudha aunty won’t be upset?Will they get angry?

Jas:No Naina.Don’t worry about that.Madan’s friendship is not so weak to break it just because of this.So be happy.
Naina smiled tearfully.

Veer and Naina reached the hall accompanied by their parents.
Veer and Naina were stunned to see Ranveer,Sanjana,Samir,Neil,Tara and Avni there.
Sanjana:Your parents invited us Naina.
Naina:Oh..I did’nt know that.
Sanjana:I thought you won’t do this engagement as I felt that you have feelings for Shikar.
Naina became dull.
Naina:Where is Shikar?
Samir:Shikar did’nt come.Though he seems to be bold,he is not strong enough to see you getting engaged to Veer.
Naina became upset.
Ranveer:Ishani..what is this?How can Naina get engaged to Veer?
Ishani:It’s her circumstance.But relax.Veer and Naina won’t get engaged.
Ranveer was stunned:What?
Ishani:Jas uncle and Juhi aunty came to know about Naina and Shikar.So they have decided to stop the engagement.

Madan Sudha and Jas Juhi were finding it difficult to face each other.
Madan:Jas…I want to tell you something.Please don’t misunderstand me.
Jas:I also want to tell you something.Please don’t break our friendship.
Madan:What are you saying Jas?Why should I break our friendship?
Jas:Madan…please listen to what I have to say.It’s really important.
Madan:You listen to what I say.
Both said together:Let’s cancel this engagement.
Both were stunned.Sudha and Juhi looked at each other in shock.
Madan:What did you say?
Jas:But why did you say that?
Madan:Why do you want to cancel this engagement?
Jas:Why you said like that?
Madan:Because Veer loves someone else.
Jas and Juhi were relieved.
Jas:Naina loves someone else.
Madan and Sudha were surprised.
Sudha:Hey…don’t say sorry.We should be happy that by cancelling this engagement we are not hurting either Naina or Veer.Both are happier now.
Juhi:Yes.Now Veer and Naina can find happiness in their true love.
Jas-Madan:Yes right.
They all were very happy and they hugged Veer and Naina who were very happy.
Sanjana,Samir,Neil,Avni,Ranveer,Ishani,Tara were very happy.

Juhi:Don’t waste time.Go and tell Shikar that you love him.

Jas:Yes go Naina.Poor guy must be shattered now.

Naina nodded smiling.

Sudha:Veer…at least now be brave and confess to Sakshi that you will get engaged only to her,not anyone else.

Madan:Yes ..don’t waste time.You go.

Veer ran out.He was stunned to see Sakshi there in a beautiful lehenga.
Sakshi:You did’nt expect me here.Right?I came to know that your engagement function is going on.That’s why I came here.But not to attend it,but to break it.
Veer smirked:To break it?
Sakshi:Yes.You know why I am wearing a party wear?Because now I am the one who is going to get engaged to you,not Naina.I will make you wear the ring on my finger.
Veer smiled:You are right Sakshi.It’s you who are going to get engaged to me today.Not Naina.But for that you don’t need to do any drama my obsessed girl friend.

Jab tak tujhe pyar se
Beinteha main bhar na dun

Sakshi was confused.Veer told her everything.She was surprised.
Veer:I love you Sakshi.Will you get engaged to me?
She blushed:Yes Veer.

Jab tak main duaaoon sa
Sau dafa tujhe pad na loon

Veer took Sakshi inside.Sudha and Madan blessed her.Sudha gave the ring to Veer:Veer…this I bought for my daughter in law.Make Sakshi wear it.
Veer slipped the ring onto Sakshi’s finger.They smiled.

Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
They shared a romantic eye lock.

Mere sath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Woh oh o.. (x4)(ms-dhoni).

Shikar was in the college compound sitting.
Naina came there.

Seeing Shikar she smiled.She walked towards him.
Shikar looked at her.
Shikar:Why are you always an illusion Naina?Why are you coming in my dreams always?

N:Naina is not an illusion or dream.Naina is a reality.I am here before you.

Tere naam hamne kiya hai jivan apana saara sanam
Hooo jivan apana saara sanam
Tere naam… (3)

Shikar could’nt believe it.
Shikar:But now it’s your engagement.Right?
N:I left the engagement function for you.

Hamne kiya hai jivan apana saara sanam
Hooo jivan apana saara sanam

N:I came here to tell you an important thing.
Shi:What important thing you have to say other than you hate me or you don’t love me.
N:I want to say that i love you Shikar.

Pyaar bahut karte hai tumse, ishk hai too hamaara sanam

Shikar was surprised:What?
N:Yes Shikar.I love you.

Ho ishk hai too hamaara sanam
La la la la la la…

Shikar’s happiness had no bounds.
Shi:I knew that you love me and you will come to me.Because I could feel your love even when you said I hate you to me.

Tere ishk ne saathiya, tera haal kya kar diya… (2)
Nindo me aankho me pyaase khwaabo me
Too hee too hai yaara mehakee saanso me

N:I am sorry for hurting you a lot by blasting at you always with my lie that I don’t love you.

Shi:It’s ok Naina.The pain you gave me is nothing compared to the happiness you gave me now.

Har bechainee rah rah ke yeh kehatee hai
Har dhadkan me teree chaahat rehatee hai
Tere bina… (3)

They had a romantic embrace.

Naamumkin hai jindagee kaa gujaara sanam
Ho jindagee kaa gujaara sanam(Tere naam).

Neil looked at Avni Naina and Veer’s engagement tension,I could’nt tell you one thing.
Neil:That you look very gorgeous in this dress.
Avni blushed.

Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Neil:I thought when I give you compliment,you will give me compliment back.
Avni:What?Did you give me compliment only to get a compliment?
Neil:Yes.If not why should I say that you look gorgeous?
Avni frowned:It’s better to stay away from you.
She tried to go away.But Neil pulled her closer passionayely.
He looked at her eyes deeply:How can i let you go?I want you to stay with me for 24 hours.

Tu mera khuda
Tu hi duaa mein shaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Neil:Can anyone be more beautiful than my Avni in my eyes?
She blushed.

Mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
Junoon hai mera

They shared a romantic eye lock and got into a passionate embrace.

Banoon main tere qaabil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil(Ae dil hai mushkil).

Sanjana was walking.Her foot slipped.But Sameera caught her by her shoulders.

Pehla nasha
Pehla khumaar

Samir:Sanjana…walk carefully.
Sanj:Ok Samir.

Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar
Kar loon main kya apna haal

Samir:You wore saree for the function?
Sanj:Ya..I thought for a difference I will wear my mother’s saree.Is’nt it good?
Samir gave a serious look.

Then he smiled:First time I am seeing you in saree.So I was quite surprised.You look ravishing in saree.
She blushed.

Aye dil-e-bekaraar
Mere dil-e-bekaraar
Tu hi bata

They smiled at each other sweetly with romance.

Pehla nasha
Pehla khumaar(JJWS).

All the couples danced.

Dil kahe kahaaniyan pehli dafa
Armaano mein rawaniyan pehli dafa..
Ho gaya begana main hosh se, pehli dafa
Pyaar ko pehchana ehsaas hai yeh naya..

Suna hai, suna hai..
Yeh rasmein wafa hai..
Jo dil pe nasha hai..
Woh pehli dafa hai.. (x2)
Kabhi dard si
Kabhi zard si
Zindagi benaam thi

Kahi chaahtein hui meherbaan
Hath badke thaamti
Ek woh nazar
Ek woh nigah
Rooh mein shamil iss tarah
Ban gaya afsaana ek baat se pehli dafa
Paa liya hai thikaana baahon ki hai panaah

Suna hai suna hai..
Yeh rasmein wafa hai..
Jo dil pe nasha hai..
Woh pehli dafa hai..

Tara dreamt of dancing with Naksh.

Lage bewajah alfas jo
Woh zarurat ho gaye

Taqdeer ke kuch faisley
Jo ganimat ho gaye
She broke her dream and became shy.
She thought:How could I dream of having a romantic dance with Naksh?

Badla hua har pal hai
Rehti khumari har jagah
Pyaar tha anjaana
Hua saath mein pehli dafa

Yeh asar ab jaana
Kya rang hai yeh chadha
Suna hai suna hai
Yeh rasmein wafa hai
Jo dil pe nasha hai
Woh pehli dafa hai (x2)(singles)

Ranveer to Ishani:Shikar’s message came in my phone.Shikar and Naina have become a couple now.
Ishani:So Naina confessed her love.That’s so sweet.
Ranveer:Yes.Shikar has sent us their selfie of that precious moment.
Ranveer showed her the pic.
Ishani:So sweet.
Ranveer:I am so happy that true love won.So Naina is with Shikar and Veer is with Sakshi.
I can’t wait for our union.
Ishani:But we are already together.
Ran:But I am waiting for our wedding Ishani..the moment you get attached to my name.
Ishani blushed:I am also longing for that moment Ranveer.But now our hearts are attached to each others.
Ran:Yes..our hearts are already one.
Ishani:You love gives me confidence.Now I feel that I will live long and we will live happily in old age too.
Ranveer smiled:Yes,we will pamper our grandchildren together.
They both giggled.

Suddenly Ishani’s head started paining.
Ranveer:What happened Ishani?
Ishani fainted in Ranveer’s arms.She was unconscious.All were shocked.
Ish:Open your eyes Ishani…
Falguni cried:Ishani beta…why are you not opening your eyes.
Ranveer wept:Ishani…just now we said that we will be together in old age too.For that you have to get up.Get up Ishani.
Jas:Let us take her to the hospital.
They rushed to the hospital with Ishani.

Dr:Ishani is fine now.She will regain consciousness soon.
Ranveer:Doctor…how is Ishani now?
Dr:Sorry to say that her condition is getting worse.
All were shocked.
Falguni cried:My Ishani…
Juhi held Falguni:Falguni…please control yourself.Nothing will happen to Ishani.
Ranveer:Doctor..please treat Ishani.
Dr:We tried our best.But I feel the best treatment can be given only in abroad.
Falguni became upset:Abroad?

Jas:Don’t worry about that.Ishani is like our daughter.I will give her the best treatment.I will send her abroad for treatment.
Falguni folded her hands before Jas to thank him.
Ranveer:Ishani won’t be alone.I will go with her to any place.I will never leave her alone…even for one moment.
They all became emotional.

Ishani gained consciousness.Ranveer sat near her.
Ishani embraced Ranveer crying:Ranveer..I got scared.

Ranveer cupped her face in his hands:Don’t be scared Ishani.Nothing happened to you.And Jas uncle is arranging the best doctors and best treatment for you in the US.

Ishani was shocked:Treatment in the US?
Ran:Yes,so you are leaving for the US soon.
Ishani was nervous.
Ran:And I will be accompanying you.
Ishani was relieved:Really?
Ran:Yes..can i ever leave you alone?I will always hold your hand.Because you are my life and love.I can’t live without you.

Hum Tere Bin Ab Reh Nahi Sakte
Tere Bina Kya Wajood Mera

Ish:Even I can’t live without you Ranveer.I can’t be away from you.

Tujhse Juda Gar Ho Jaayenge
Toh Khud Se Hi Ho Jaayenge Judaa

They shared an emotional romantic eye lock.

Kyunki Tum Hi Ho
Ab Tum Hi Ho
Zindagi Ab Tum Hi Ho
Chain Bhi, Mera Dard Bhi
Meri Aashiqui Ab Tum Hi Ho(Aashiqui2).

Falguni packed Ishani’s luggage.Ishani was in tears.
Ranveer:Don’t worry Ishani.I am with you.Right?When you are with me,nothing will happen to you.I promise.

She embraced him crying.Ranveer controlled his tears.
Falguni became emotional seeing it.
Falguni,Ranveer,Ishani were in the airport.Kailash,Amba,Jas,Juhi,Naina,Shikar,Sanjana,Samir,Neil,Avni,Tara were also there to see off them.
Amba kissed Ishani’s forehead.
Amba:You will come back cured.
Kailash:We are praying a lot.

Ishani smiled emotionally.
Amba:Ranveer…take care of my daughter in law.
Ranveer smiled nodding emotionally.
Naina and Sanjana hugged Ishani:Take care baby.
They all bid good bye to Ranveer,Ishani and Falguni emotionally.
Ranveer,Ishani and Falguni left for the US by flight.


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