Kyun mujhe chod chalegi (os)

Hello its preeti I m here to write an another os.
OK so hope u all will like it.firstly thanks for ur comments on previous os .to silent readers if u don’t want to comment plz at least press the like button if u liked it.
So now I go.
A office is shown.there r some workers working.
1 man is shouting.
Man:u have gone mad really how could u be so careless.
Employee:sorry Sir.
Man:I hate sorries.u know.
Employee:sorry sir I will not repeat.
One person comes
Person:shravan sir !!!Mr verma has come..
So the man was the hero shravan.
Shravan:ok I’m coming .

It was evening
Shravan was with his four  employees.they all were discussing about some important matter.
After the discussion.
Shravo:do u all want me to take u all to let’s go(without listening any1 answer)
Shravo takes them to dinner.
One employee(karan):hey every1 abhi dinner ko time lgega.let’s tell about our special experiences to each other..
Jyoti(employee)good idea.
Yatin:chl karan tu start kr.
All of them told their stories now it was shravan turn.
Jyoti:sir now u pls.
Shravo:no not in mood.
All request shravo.
Shravo:ok .

Now here the story.
Shravan as a college boy is shown. He was with his friends talking .
Abhi(friend):shravan chl lecture
Shravo:oh ya bhag us khados budhe ne jaan nikaal deni hai.
They were running .
Shravo clash with a girl.
The girl was about to fall that shravo holds her.
They have an eyelock.
Abhi:ako ako.
They come back to their position.
Shravo:me shravan and u.
Girl:me suman
(The girl is our sum0)
Shravo:nice meeting u ur eyes r really beautiful.
Sumo:what??ahh thanku..
Abhi:ho gya thank u welcome late ho gye lecture ke liye Buddha aaj badke ga.
Shravo:chl bhag.
They go..
Sumo is still seeing shravo.
It was free period of shravo.He went to canteen.He sees sumo.
Sumo was drinking milkshake.
Shravo went to her and sit next to her.
Shravo:so u r in which year.
Sumo:in second year
Shravo: final.
Sumo:in which stream.
Shravo:business.and u.
Sumo:yes why not I want 2 become buisness woman.a tycone.
Sumo’s friend call her.
Sumo:excuse me.I have to go.
She goes.

Shravo:how sweet nakre.yaar yeh ladki ne dil jeet liya.
He was in dreams of sumo.
Abhi:shravan yaar tere ko kya ho gya.
Shravo:meri suman we.
Abhi:oh ho meri.abhi use jaana nhi pehchaana nhi and pyaar.
Shravo:tu pta lga iska koyi bf tph nhi.
Abhi:tu mujhe pitvayega.
In few days shravo was getting close to sumo.
Shravo and sumo were roaming in park.
Shravo:so sumo this year prom is coming.u r going with whom.
Sumo:prom.I don’t like these proms so boring.
Shravo:boring??means r u not coming.
Shravo:mai jaakr kya karonga??I m also not going.
Sumo:why???if u like u should go and njoy.
Shravo:if u r not coming not me.
Sumo:ok mai chalungi
Shravo:phir mai bhi chalunga.

It was prom night.
Shravan was looking handsome in the suit .He was waiting for sumo.
Sumo comes .she was wearing a red gown and was looking adorable.
Shravo:sumo u r looking sooo beautiful..
Sumo:thanks.u r also looking handsome Mr malhotra.
They went.
Shravo was drinking juice looking towards sumo.
Aa dil hai mushkil song plays.
Shravo ask sumo hands.sumo gives.they were dancing.shravo pull sumo close.
They both were very close to each other.
Shravan:sumo I want to say something.
Sumo:(hesitating)ah what
Shravo:I ….I..
Sumo:you…what r u saying
She stops dancing.
Shravo:do u .
Sumo goes from there. Shravo was standing there only.
It was morning.shravo went to coll he didn’t found sumo.
It had been many days sumo didn’t came.shravo lost her.
Shravan stops.
Naisha(employee)sir woh vapis nhi aayi.sir aap usko miss krte ho.
Shravo didn’t reply.
It was night.
Shrabo was in home.
Shravo:kaha ho tum sumoooo.
Next day.
One girl is shown coming to shravo office.
She went to a office where selections for employee is taken.
She sits.
Shravo comes there.
He came and sit without seeing the girl.
The girl face is shown.its sumo.she was shock seeing him
Shravo looks up saying:so what’s ur name.
He sees sumo face .
Suman was still in shock .
Shravan:sumo tum .
They both were looking into each other’s eyes.
Shravo:sumo tum kyun chale gyi kyun tumne jabaab nhi diya.kyun sumo kyun.
Sumo breaks her silence.
Sumo:mai kya krti mai aapna career bnana chti thi mai tumse pyaar nhi mRNA chahti thi pr kya kru kar bethi..
Shravo:tum mujhse puaar krti thi.
Sumo:aapne se zyada.
Shravo:itni c baat.
Sumo:shravan bhut bhadi baat I was not having strength to say this to mom and dad.
Shravo:sumo leave everything.u love me or not.
Shravo:no need to say anything else.he keepd finger on her lips.
Shravo:tum zitna time Lena chahu lo and become a successful business woman.I will wait.
Sumo was emotional.she hugs him.
Shravo hug her back.
Shravo:BTW tumne shadi toh nhi karvae.
Shravo:love u.
Sumo:love u too.

Sorry guys jldi jldi me likha isliye properly execute nhi kiya.sorry
Hope u liked it.
Love u all

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